Top 100 Songs of the Year 2017 – The International Edition

One more ridiculously long year-end list before Christmas. I don’t think I have the time to do Finnish songs before early January. Sorry about that if someone was actually waiting for it. This one really got out of hand and I don’t expect anyone to actually listen to that six hours long Spotify playlist all way through. Just wanted to spread the love a bit wider this year, because there’s so much great music available that’s worth our time and money. Heck, I could easily pick another 100 songs from 100 different artist and there would not be a significant drop in quality. And I’m just one dude with a very limited knowledge about music.

The order is pretty insignificant, so don’t pay too much attention to the numbers. Music is life, not a contest. I did spend a little time choosing the top 20 or so, but after that just went through my vinyl collection, iTunes folder and the blog and wrote them pretty much in order they caught my eye. So it’s partly due to luck if something is 37 or 87. It’s just 100 songs from 100 different artists that matter to me and that are dear to me. I’m sure I forgot something important. Sorry in advance. There’s a Spotify link in the bottom, if you want an easy way to listen to all the songs. A few weren’t available. At least here in Finland. I embedded those from Bandcamp or Youtube as well as the top 10. Anyway, here it goes.

Top 100 Songs of the Year 2017 – The International Edition

100. Gifts or Creatures – Two Hearts (Two Peninsulas)
99. Mark Eitzel – Just Because
98. Allen Thompson Band – River City Blues
97. Last Leaves – The Nights You Drove Me Home
96. The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field
95. The Sweetback Sisters – I Got Lucky With You
94. Gold Star – Blue Sky To Blue Sky
93. Jeremy Squires – Water Signs
92. John Statz – Bad Man
91. Digger Barnes – Travelin’ Man

90. Aimee Mann – Lies of Summer
89. Porter & The Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes – Your Hometown
88. Ryan Koenig – Am I Still In Your Heart (Or Am I Just in Your Way)
87. El Goodo – It Makes Me Wonder
86. Grant Earl Lavalley – The In-Betweens
85. Mo Troper – Dictator Out Of Work
84. Jonas Lundvall – Borders
83. Alvvays – Dreams Tonite
82. Drew Beskin – Hold Me Down
81. Henry Black – Looked Like Eve

80. Simon Joyner – Atlanta Bypass
79. MAITA – Waterbearer
78. The Wild Reeds – Capable
77. Paper Beat Scissors – Didn’t Know
76. Turnpike Troubadours – Pay No Rent
75. John Andrews & The Yawns – Drivers
74. Hayley Heynderickx – Oom Sha La La
73. Michael Rault – Sleep With Me
72. Cale Tyson – Traveling Man
71. Enderby’s Room – Lakeside

70. Dawson Rutledge – Yours, Truly
69. Michael Nau – I Root
68. Ags Connolly – Do You Realise That Now?
67. Strand of Oaks – Radio Kids
66. Hinindar – Dime in the Dirt
65. Little Bandit – Pitiful Heart
64. Scott H. Biram – Righteous Ways
63. Nicole Atkins – Goodnight Rhonda Lee
62. Otis Gibbs – Sputnik Monroe
61. Fiver – Pile Your Silver

60. Caroline Spence – Southern Accident
59. Matt Paxton – Hunter Street Station Blues
58. Hurray For The Riff Raff – Pa’lante
57. Bedouine – One Of These Days
56. Caleb Caudle – Empty Arms
55. LUKA – Near Collision
54. Lincoln Barr – Desperate Tormentors
53. Margo Price – All American Made
52. Andrew Combs – Dirty Rain
51. Kashena Sampson – Wild Heart

50. Anna Burch – 2 Cool 2 Care
49. Ryan Oxford – Fa Fa Fa Fired
48. Matthew Ryan – (I Just Died) Like an Aviator
47. Danny & The Champions Of The World – Gotta Get Things Right In My Life
46. The Deep Dark Woods – Fallen Leaves
45. Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers – Way Down in My Soul
44. Chris Bathgate – Dizzy Seas
43. Sera Cahoone – Ladybug
42. The Country Side of Harmonica Sam – Cry Me A River
41. Julie Arsenault – Chain

40. Jon McKiel – Unknown Source
39. Dori Freeman – If I Could Make You My Own
38. Wharfer – Blue Lewis
37. Taylor Knox – Running Into Love
36. William Matheny – Blood Moon Singer
35. Justin Townes Earle – Kids in The Street
34. Lilly Hiatt – Records
33. Clay Parker – Queen City Blues
32. Kacy & Clayton – Just Like A Summer Cloud
31. Colter Wall – Codeine Dream

30. Taylor Kingman – My Lover’s Bed
29. Jeffrey Martin – October Dark
28. H.C. McEntire – A Lamb, A Dove
27. John Thumb – Nowhere Bound
26. Daniel Romano – When I Learned Your Name
25. Hand Habits – Book On How To Change
24. Joseph Huber – Diminished Things
23. Hiss Golden Messenger – Gulfport You’ve Been On My Mind
22. Ryan Driver – It Must Be Dark Tonight
21. Andrew Bryant – Robert Downey Jr’s Scars

20. The Burning Hell – The River (Never Freezes Anymore)
19. Tyler Childers – Whitehouse Road
18. Phoebe Bridgers – Smoke Signals
17. J.E. Sunde – Capsize and Sink
16. Frontier Ruckus – Gauche
15. BMX Bandits – Love Me Til My Heart Stops
14. Vikesh Kapoor – Down By The River
13. Erin Rae – Wild Blue Wind
12. Craig Finn – God In Chicago
11. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – If We Were Vampires

10. Jon Latham – Yearbook Signatures

I first had a different Jon Latham song here, because I’ve known this one since the Ourvinyl video back in 2016. So in that sense it’s a bit of old news, but damn if the news aren’t fantastic. I was doing the Christmas shopping in the city the other day and had the headphones on and when this came along it absolutely floored me and I had to stop everything for the duration of the song. Then I decided that Yearbook Signatures has to be the one from the excellent Jon Latham album Lifers.

9. Anna Tivel – Alleyway

Anna Tivel’s latest album Small Believer is full of magnificent songwriting and therefore it was hard to choose just one for this list. I think Dark Chandelier, Illinois and Saturday Night would be just as good picks. The characters of her songs don’t usually have luck on their side, but Anna tells their stories with heart and warmth.

8. Hip Hatchet – Burden of an Empath

Hip Hatchet’s protest EP Hellhound in the House probably went a little under the radar, but I think it’s great and important. This song in particular is incredible. It breaks my heart each time, but also reminds how important it is to stand up for what is right and spread love as much as you can.

7. Leah Senior – Pretty Faces

Australian folk songwriter Leah Senior was quite a big favourite this year. The album Pretty Faces was on my top 10 and All My Friends is my favourite music video of the year. This amazingly beautiful title track started it all and I’ve listened to it more times than I can count.

6. Twain – Dear Mexico (Song For Joyce)

There are a few far more soul wrenching and moving songs on the album, but somehow this one is still the dearest song on the wonderful new Twain album Rare Feeling. The last two verses are just pure gold. “There’s a hole inside my heart shaped just like the day we spent in portal park”. Irresistible.

5. Quivers – Pigeons

The pop song of the year comes from Tasmania. Well I think nowadays Quivers live in Melbourne. Anyway, I’m completely addicted to this song (and the music video). This is supposed to be a pop blog and I was a pop kid when I started this sixteen years ago. Now I’m an old dude who mostly listens sad country music, but thankfully every now and again something comes along that removes the wear and tear of those 16 years from my heart and I feel like that pop kid once again. A wonderful song and that “All my best friends are a little broken / all the best people are” line is just perfect and so true. The album comes out in early 2018 and I can’t wait.

4. Joan Shelley – Where I’ll Find You

Joan Shelley and Dwight Lightning ruled my 2017. This song Where I’ll Find You started it all and while there are several equally amazing songs on the album this one remains the dearest to me.

3. John Moreland – Latchkey Kid

John Moreland is one of the best songwriters at the moment. If it was just the songwriting, I think Big Bad Luv would have been #2 behind The Weather Station on the album list, but my own minor arrangement nitpicking dropped it a couple of places. That’s nonsense though. It’s one hell of a record full of incredible songwriting. This is another where it’s so hard to pick one favourite. At least No Glory in Regret, Old Wounds, Lies I Chose To Believe are equally perfect, but I’ll go with Latchkey Kid this time around.

2. Charlie Whitten – Balance

Charlie Whitten’s Playwright was the EP of the year and I love all four songs on it. I’ll go with the opener Balance on this little list. It’s such a beautiful song about falling in love. I really should finally buy the vinyl while he still has copies. I feel awful for only having the promo download and that I haven’t paid anything for a release that matter so much to me. The overseas shipping is just so expensive these days and it’s been difficult to justify paying $30 dollars for 4 songs no matter how dear they are. These songs are worth it though so maybe it’s time to do the right thing.

1. The Weather Station – Thirty

The song of the year 2017 is Thirty by The Weather Station. The self-titled The Weather Station is by far my favourite release of the year. I’m madly in love with it and the biggest struggle I had with this list was to choose just one song from it to this list. There’s at least five equally good choices and if I didn’t have this one song per artist policy, every song of the record would be on this list. Thirty is the most logical choice, because the song and the video started my addiction towards her new album and therefore it’s my favourite song of the year.

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Marie/Lepanto – Inverness

Temporarily moving on to the best of 2018 list. Marie/Lepanto is a new duo formed by Will Johnson (Centro-Matic and lots of other great things) and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars, solo). Their album Tenkiller is due out 26th of January on Big Legal Mess. The first single Inverness surfaced last week and sounds magnificent. This one is going to be a great album.

Marie/Lepanto at Facebook

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Top 30 Albums of the Year 2017 – The International Edition 10-1

Part One 30-21
Part Two 20-11

10. Tyler Childers – Purgatory

Tyler Childers released a stunning album that was co-produced by Sturgill Simpson. Hopefully Sturgill’s name there gave him a little bit more exposure and a sale boost, but it’s still just an interesting sidenote. Tyler’s stunning song material and passionate delivery should take all the spotlight. I was hooked the moment I heard Lady May and my affection towards the album is still continuously rising. An incredible run of songs.

9. Leah Senior – Pretty Faces

I was somewhat familiar with Australian folk singer-songwriter Leah Senior even before Pretty Faces, but I sure didn’t expect to fall so badly in love with her music. However, I was completely addicted to the moment I heard the title track Pretty Faces. She also released my favourite music video of the year. I’ve watched the video of All My Friends dozens of times, because both the song and the video are a work of art. Oh well maybe I would have put something else on the plate, but other than that it’s pure gold. Pretty Faces is such a beautiful album. Perhaps in some purely objective list it shouldn’t be quite as high, but that’s all nonsense. I love this dearly.

8. Frontier Ruckus – Enter The Kingdom

Frontier Ruckus has taken the first place a couple of times, but this time they have to settle for a place in the top 10. Nothing really to complain about though and I still love them as much as you can love a band. There just were a song or two that didn’t felt that special at least on the Frontier Ruckus standards. However, most of it is utterly wonderful. Especially Gauche, Gerunds, Enter The Kingdom and Our Flowers Are Still Burning are all perfect songs. Bonus points for the Sick of Myself reference in Gerunds, because it’s one of my favourite songs ever and using a Big Star T-shirt on this video below, because it’s one of the best bands ever.

7. J.E. Sunde – Now I Feel Adored

J.E. Sunde is a huge personal favourite and he didn’t disappoint with his new album Now I Feel Adored. Maybe there wasn’t a song that would match the brilliance of A Blinding Flash Of Light, but overall this is probably even better than the first solo album. J.E. Sunde isn’t just another singer-songwriter. He is a special talent whose music always sound unique and enchanting.

6. Joan Shelley – Joan Shelley

This was the year of the Shelley family. Joan Shelley released an incredible self-titled album full of beautiful and quietly mesmerizing folk songs and Dwight Lightning won the instagram. I’m not even sure which one of them brought more joy to my life. A huge thank you to both for being awesome and brightening up my life. We’d Be Home and Where I’ll Find You are so brilliant. Maybe not as brilliant as that photo of Dwight running on the beach, but hey nothing is.

5. John Moreland – Big Bad Luv

John Moreland is a magnificent songwriter and big favourite of mine. I can pretty much guarantee his record will be one of the finest of the year even before actually hearing it. There’s a giant cloud of guilt hanging over me, because I haven’t really praised Big Bad Luv here at all. Thankfully my few readers are probably already well aware how much I love the music he writes. Old Wounds, Lies I Chose To Believe and No Glory in Regret. Oh dear how great.

4. Craig Finn – We All Want The Same Things

Craig Finn released a remarkable solo album album We All Want The Same Things and it contains some of the finest storytelling I heard this year. God In Chicago, Be Honest and Rescue Blues are absolute magnificent. “Ain’t it funny how we all get by? / But not the way that makes us laugh” is one of my favorite lines. Maybe I’m a bit of sad case, but damn how I love that line and the way it hurts and heals at the same time.

3. Twain – Rare Feeling

Twain’s new album Rare Feeling is a little masterpiece full of heart and human warmth. I think his songs are just magical and there are some heartfelt purity in them that I just can’t properly describe with words. But I suppose music is meant to be felt and not described anyway and I sure feel every moment. Mt Davidson is an exceptional songwriter and Rare Feeling is an exceptional album.

2. Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked at Me

I’m not really sure is this an album that should be even reviewed or especially ranked on some worthless year-end list. I never even wrote about it during the year, because I didn’t find the words to make justice to the fragile, devastating honesty of this Mount Eerie album. It might be barely music as Phil said himself, but it’s definitely a powerful work of art and despite all the painfully real grief and hurt, the unconditional love he has for his late wife Geneviève shines through the dark leaving a lasting impression.

1. The Weather Station – The Weather Station

The album of the year 2017 is the self-produced and self-titled The Weather Station album. I think there was never any doubt after I listened to this album with headphones for the first time. I was immediately hooked and amazed how incredibly powerful it was all way through. There’s not a weak song on it and it’s as close to perfect as humanly possible. It’s a beautiful, courageous, mesmerizing and captivating work that demands to be heard. I’ve been fan of The Weather Station aka Toronto-based songwriter Tamara Lindeman for a long time and first wrote about her music back in 2011. I still admit that I wasn’t expecting to fall so completely in love with her album. I really like all the earlier work as well, but this new one is still on a whole another level. It’s an outstanding and phenomenal album and easily the best release I heard this year. The Weather Station by The Weather Station is available on Paradise of Bachelors (USA/Europe) and Outside Music (Canada)

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Top 30 Albums of the Year 2017 – The International Edition 20-11

Part One 30-21
Part Three 10-1

20. Fiver – Audible Songs From Rockwood

Canadian songwriter Simone Schmidt aka Fiver spent a few years going through the old case files (from 1854-1881) of patients at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane and turned her findings into fictional folk songs. The end result is an extremely powerful and breathtaking traditional folk album Audible Songs From Rockwood. Maybe not something that I listen to on a daily basis, but one that I still return to quite often and find it strong and captivating each time.

19. Mo Troper – Exposure & Response

Mo Troper released the power pop album of the year or at least the best one I heard. I admit that I don’t follow the genre nowhere near enough even though it’s the foundation that my music taste and this website is built on. Anyway, Exposure & Response is superb, catchy, melodic and hook-filled pop blast. I’m not sure should I smile this much while listening to it, because the lyrics are often far darker than the music. But it’s hard not to, because I love the music so much.

18. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – Nashville Sound

Eventually I will look like an idiot, because I have this masterpiece so far down. Yeah, I know I already look like an idiot, maybe just for different reasons. This just haven’t been that important to me so far and I haven’t listened to it that much so far. I think the reason is just that I’ve focused more on the unknowns and have let my trusted companion Jason Isbell wait a while on the sidelines, because I already know that someday I will fall badly for this. I don’t have anything bad to say about The Nashville Sound. I think it’s a damn fine album and If We Were Vampires is one of the songs of the year.

17. Jon Latham – Lifers

Nashville’s Jon Latham and his wonderful new album Lifers should have gotten far more love and exposure on this blog. It’s been a busy year and I’m not sure is there even a point to continue, if I can’t do this properly. Anyway, I’m a big fan of his songwriting and songs like Tennessee Dime, Last In Line, Yearbook Signatures and Lifers are among the very finest songs of the year.

16. Colter Wall – Colter Wall

Colter Wall is a young Canadian folk/country troubadour with a deep voice and a suitcase full of captivating traditional folk tales. Dave Cobb is responsible for producing some of the best americana albums of the last few years and thankfully knows when there’s no need for extra heroics from the producer. The sound is rather bare and the focus is on the voice and on the songs. In Colter Wall’s case that’s everything you can possibly need.

15. Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah Anyhow

I was rather slow to understand the greatness of Hiss Golden Messenger, but I’ve been onboard for a few years and these days he is one of my biggest inspirations both as a songwriter/musician and as a human being. His songs are remarkable and I love the way he continuously spreads love and tackles everything that’s wrong in the world. If only kindhearted people like him were in charge. Heart Like A Levee remains his masterwork in my books, but there’s nothing to complain about this one either. A remarkable and important album.

14. Clay Parker – Queen City Blues

I’m very fond of this new Clay Parker album. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (as if something is), but I think it’s superb. Probably no-one should ever be compared to Townes Van Zandt, but some of these songs reminds me of him. There’s nothing fancy or earthshattering. Just beautiful well-crafted songs gently delivered straight into my heart. That’s all I could ever want.

13. The Deep Dark Woods – Yarrow

The Deep Dark Woods from Canada is a long time favourite of mine and I’ve loved everything Ryan Boldt has released over the years. Yarrow is no exception to that rule and it’s filled with amazing songs. Damn it’s nice to hear that spectacular deep voice again.

12. Daniel Romano – Modern Pressure

Canadian music wizard Daniel Romano is continuosly changing his colours and sure doesn’t make it easy for his fans. My early thoughts with both this and Mosey were something like ”well is this really that great” and a couple of spins later I’m like ”oh hell it is and why I ever doubted”. Impressive musician that seems to be able to master everything.

11. Anna Tivel – Small Believer

Anna Tivel is a songwriter from Portland, Oregon and she writes tremendous lyric-driven folk songs. The stories she tells may be rather dark, but I think there’s also a lot of compassion and warmth in the air. It’s a very moving album and somehow she is able to make you really feel for the characters of her songs. Some of the finest songwriting of the year. These Dark Chandelier and Illinois that end this second chapter of this year-end list are a perfect examples of her talent.

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Top 30 Albums of the Year 2017 – The International Edition 30-21

Moving on to the albums of year – international edition in this quest of writing these way too long and entirely subjective year-end lists. It’s a list of one man, so there’s obviously lots of stuff I haven’t heard at all or not enough. For example I’ve only listened the Turnpike Troubadours a few times and haven’t bought it yet. So that’s not in here even though could easily have the quality. Bedouine is a recent addiction that I actually found from someone else’s year-end list (thanks Cale Tyson) and perhaps could be here, if I did this some weeks later. Oh and that Peter Perrett album always sound marvellous to me, but I haven’t picked up a copy yet. And countless of other things of course. However, somehow I do have a lot of time to listen as well. My first draft had about 70 albums that I had really enjoyed and thought are worthy of considering. It was painful to cut it down to 30, but probably nobody wanted a top 50 like last year. I think I take a little breather now, but there will be songs of the year lists at some point. Maybe before Christmas, maybe after. I’m not sure yet. Anyway, here it goes. Alphabetical order would probably make far more sense, because I love them all and music is life, not a contest.

Courtney Marie Andrews disclaimer – I had her wonderful Honest Life as #2 on the 2016 list, so it won’t be included this time around even though the euro release did take place in January 2017 on Loose Music. It would be in the top 3, if I would include it.

Part Two 20-11
Part Three 10-1

Top 30 Albums of the Year – The International Edition

30. Andrew Combs – Canyons of My Mind

Andrew Combs can do the honors and start the list with his latest groundbreaker Canyons of My Mind. He is a songwriter that always challenges my taste, but usually ends up winning. I never learned to love a couple of songs (especially Bourgeois King), but I could marry the most of them. Silk Flowers, Lauralee, Hazel, Dirty Rain, What It Means To You are all so magnificent.

29. Caroline Spence – Spades & Roses

People like John Moreland kept on saying that folks should listen to Caroline Spence. So I did and I owe them a big thank you. Spades & Roses is a marvellous album full of excellent songwriting.

28. Otis Gibbs – Mount Renraw

Otis Gibbs is a man that deserves some kind of culture award for a) keeping alive the work of old country legends b) casting spotlight on current folk troubadours. As an addition to all that podcast work he has done during the past years and of course even more importantly, the man is also a damn fine songwriter and the new album Mount Renraw is one of his best.

27. Jeffrey Martin – One Go Around

This one by Jeffrey Martin has some of the best storytelling of the year. I suppose it’s not surprise this is rather literate, because Jeffrey Martin was an English teacher up until taking a leap of faith and focusing solely on music. One Go Around is like a masterwork of songwriting. Short stories wrapped inside a sweet folk melodies.

26. Joseph Huber – The Suffering Stage

Milwaukee’s roots wizard, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Joseph Huber put out a strong new album The Suffering Stage. The best stuff is again out-of-this-world good. Diminished Things, Sons Of Wandering and You Showed Me especially, but everything else is very enjoyable as well.

25. Kacy & Clayton – The Siren’s Song

Canada’s finest folk duo Kacy & Clayton continue to impress and dropped a new Jeff Tweedy-produced album The Siren’s Song. Kacy is a phenomenal vocalist and the songs are mostly fabulous. Perhaps a few fall into “only nice” – category and therefore this is not yet the masterpiece I expect them to make one day.

24. Lilly Hiatt – Trinity Lane

This one by Lilly Hiatt has gathered a lot of year-end love and rightfully so. My Norwegian friends at Dust of Daylight even had it as #1 on their vote, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s indeed a great record that unlike many of my favourites also has a lot of energy, edge and rock’n’roll. Oh and Poppy is such beautiful cat and I highly recommend checking out the video for the title track. I love cats and I love Lilly and therefore I’ve watched the video countless amount of times and enjoy the bond she and Poppy have in that video.

23. Porter and the Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes – Don’t Go Baby It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You

Chris Porter and his bandmate Mitchell Vandenburg passed away in tragic accident a little over a year ago. Before his untimely and horribly unfair passing, Chris had recorded an album called Don’t Go Baby It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You. Thankfully his fiancée Andrea Juarez, friends and Cornelius Chapel Records teamed up together and released this amazing album, because the best way to remember this beautiful man, is to listen to the wonderful music he wrote.

22. Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in The Alps

I’ve been somewhat familiar with Phoebe Bridgers since the Pax Am 7”, but didn’t properly start listening to until early 2017 when my twitter started to get crowded with praises. They were absolutely right. The songs are mostly phenomenal and Stranger in the Alps is a wonderful album.

21. Zephaniah OHora with The 18 Wheelers – This Highway

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers created a wonderful traditional countrypolitan album. I can’t seem to get enough of Zephaniah’s timeless country balladry. Somehow he can make heartache sound so beautiful and comfortable. Extremely highly recommended if you have any interest towards classic country music. The last song of This Highway is a magnificent way to close this first chapter of this year-end list. For a Moment or Two it might make me feel like this listing makes some sense.

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Top 10 Finnish Albums of the Year 2017

This is a good day for the next chapter of the year-end lists. These are my favourite Finnish albums of the year. There might be some surprise omissions. At least to me and it sure hurts to leave out some of my favourite artists, but this is how it went today. Thankfully most of those will get their moment under the spotlight on the songs of the year list. As if spotlight and this little blog have anything in common. Alphabetical order would probably be better because I kept on changin the order several times while I was making this and even in general it’s a bit silly to rank albums in order. Music is life, not a contest. Anyway, here it goes.


10.The Lieblings – Let Them Have It

The Lieblings can do the honors and kickstart the list with a thoroughly enjoyable fuzzy pop blast Let Them Have It. It’s a damn good energy booster, when all the sad bastard stuff that I listen to way too much is bringing me down.

9. Pöllöt – Metsäpalo

When it comes to Pöllöt, I think I’ve always liked the songs Janne Kauppinen has written (or what I assume are his songs), but sometimes I’ve struggled a little bit with the work of the other two songwriters Jaakko Tolvi and Jukka Herva. I think the struggles are behind me now. The album Metsäpalo has been a real grower during the year and I’m beginning to understand the brilliance of the band.

8. Daisy – Ornament & Crime

Daisy returned from their long hiatus and released a brand new album Ornament & Crime. It’s definitely great to have them back, because they still know how to write brilliant pop songs.

7. Hullu Ruusu – Hullu Ruusu

Next some blissfully twisted folk songs from Hullu Ruusu whose debut album came out on Helmi levyt this fall. There were some moments that felt even somewhat annoying during the first listening sessions, but those days are long gone and it’s all love from now on. It’s unique, fun and captivating. I haven’t spent enough time with it yet and it might have claimed a higher place, if I had started listening to it sooner than just some weeks ago.

6. Koria Kitten Riot – Songs of Hope and Science

A long time favourite Koria Kitten Riot released their latest Songs of Hope and Science back in January and I carried it with me throughout the year and I have no intention of letting it go. There’s a giant cloud of guilt hanging over me, because I haven’t really praised this enough. This is high quality pop music and somewhere quite close to the foundation of my music taste.

5. Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit – Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit

This Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit album has been the surprise of the year for me. I think I’ve listened to this more than any other Finnish album and therefore I certainly could make a case for it being even the top pick. It’s just super catchy and despite some darker topics listening to it is a whole lot of fun. I probably should not listen to this in public places, because it’s impossible to hum-along during the choruses.

4. Salaliitto – Melankolia

Hurts a little bit to leave this beauty out from the top 3 and on another day it could be there. The new Salaliitto album wasn’t as instantly catchy as I expected after that incredible monster single Korpit, but after a few spins I loved the rest of it just as much.

3. Astrid Swan – From the Bed and Beyond

Astrid Swan created a remarkable album From the Bed and Beyond. The album was written in the aftermath of her breast cancer diagnose and it’s both fragile and powerful. I’m especially fond of the middle part of the album from Skeleton Woman to Special Ones. Incredible run of songs.

2. Vähäsarja – Uusi iloinen Petri

Vähäsarja continues to rip me apart, but I don’t mind because he does it so tenderly and is kind enough to put back all the pieces he tore out and in the process somehow is able to make me feel less damaged than before. Ok, the “vielä eilen pidit mua” line and the way he delivers it on the song Ajan autoa is just pure annihilation, but that’s still the moment I love the most on this record. A wonderful songwriter and a brilliant album.

1. Litku Klemetti – Juna Kainuuseen

The Finnish album of the Year 2017 is Juna Kainuuseen by Litku Klemetti. So obvious choice, but how could I possibly pick anything else. It’s not a perfect record though. I think there’s a few songs in the middle that aren’t anything that special, but I don’t really mind, because more than half of it is absolutely tremendous. Especially the ending trio Muurahaiset juhlii, Tähtiyö and Juna Kainuuseen is just whoa! and out of this world. It has also been fun to follow the rise of Litku. I’m a daily victim of the format radio and being forced to listen to it at work often makes me lose a) the will to live b) the hope that good music can be successful. Therefore I’m thrilled to see someone magnificent like Litku Klemetti beating the odds and getting a lot of recognition. Sure the level of her success might not actually be nowhere near as high as it looks like from my bubble, but I try not to think about it like that. She is absolutely wonderful and Juna Kainuuseen is the best Finnish album of the year.

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