Colter Wall – Colter Wall

Lately I’ve been very much addicted to the songs of Canadian country/folk troubadour Colter Wall. His rather stunning debut full-length album came out a few weeks ago. This self-titled album would be impressive effort for any songwriter let alone 21(?)-year old tunesmith who is just starting out. The producer Dave Cobb is letting Colter Wall’s deep voice and magnificent storytelling take the center stage and don’t use pointless extra gimmicks. I suppose I can understand if the album sounds a bit too bare for some, but I think it’s the right call and I love this just the way it is. It doesn’t work as just background music though, but it’s only a good thing that songs demand the listener’s full attention. Therefore I’m going to cut this worhtless rambling short and I’m gonna just put the headphones on and let Colter’s spectacular voice carry me into the world of traditional folk tales. I fully recommend doing the same. Check these two wonderful album outtakes below and then pick up the full album that came out Young Mary’s Record Company / Thirty Tigers on 12th of May

Colter Wall Website

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John Statz – The Fire Sermon

The last months flew by without any time or energy for the blog so there’s a huge amount of 2017 releases that haven’t been even mentioned here. Some of them even mean a great deal to me like the new John Statz album The Fire Sermon. I’m a long time fan of this Denver-based (but Wisconsin-raised) folk/americana songwriter and have featured his songs several times over the years. Let’s not make this an exception, because the new album is once again really good and full of gorgeous melodic love songs. This one below is my current favourite Long Time. The Fire Sermon is already out and available in Europe and North American release will happen next Friday 2nd of June.

John Statz Website

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Fiver – Audible Songs From Rockwood

Canadian songwriter Simone Schmidt aka Fiver spent a few years going through the old case files (from 1854-1881) of patients at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane and turned her findings into fictional folk songs. The end result is an extremely powerful and breathtaking traditional folk album Audible Songs From Rockwood. It’s mesmerizing in an unsettling manner. I’m not really able to do justice to such an incredible album, but it’s definitely an album you’ll need to hear. Audible Songs From Rockwood came out on April 21st on the great Canadian label Idee Fixe Records. This is the music video for excellent album outtake Mouser.

Fiver Website

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Leah Senior – You Were Not Fit For The Day (video)

I mentioned Australian folk singer-songwriter Leah Senior a few weeks ago, but a reminder is in order because a) her new album Pretty Faces came out today on Flightless Records b) There’s also a new music video for album cut You Were Not Fit For The Day. I love this one almost as much as the first outtake and now all that’s left to decide is whether I order a vinyl from Australia or just settle for buying a download.

Leah Senior Website

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Enderby’s Room – Enderby’s Room

Enderby’s Room is a London-based group led by fiddle player Dan Mayfield. Their self-titled album came out on 21st of April on the lovely UK-label Fika Recordings. The album is so incredibly charming, soft and beautiful. I’m one of the favourites to win the shyest person in the world contest, but if this is playing on my headphones while I’m walking around the city, I would strongly consider saying “hi” to a stranger. Heck, I might even hug them. I’m fairly sure there isn’t a person on the planet who can listen to this song Lakeside and say that they are not madly in love with the world at least for the duration of the song. I know I’m not able to say it even though my primary skill is to be miserable even with no apparent reason. The sweetest work of art.

And here’s a live version of the same song.

Enderby’s Room Website

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