Topi Saha – Lopunajan rakastavaiset

Finnish folk songwriter Topi Saha released his latest album Lopunajan rakastavaiset on the 16th of March (vinyl delayed until 6th of April). I’ve spent the weekend blissfully stuck in the comfort of the final song Valo tulee alhaalta. I’ve only skimmed through the rest of this most likely great album, because here I am rebuilding my heart and thought process with this song on repeat. There are few lines here that capture my daily inner feelings almost frighteningly precisely. Topi Saha sure knows how to write a perfect ending to an album. Helsingin taivas was a glorious end to the previous album Nykyaika and Valo tulee alhaalta does the same for Lopunajan rakastavaiset. I love this song wholeheartedly.

Topi Saha Website

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Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now

The new Nap Eyes album I’m Bad Now is now out on Paradise Of Bachelors / Jagjaguwar / You’ve Changed Records. They are a fabulous Canadian rock band and this is their third full-length. All of them are rather superb and I highly recommend listening to the whole catalogue. Random namedropping don’t do justice to the great Nap Eyes, because it’s blissfully abnormal indie rock. However, if you want some reference points, I guess it’s somewhere in the same ball park with The Only Ones / Peter Perrett, Lou Reed, Modern Lovers and The Rollstons. Here’s a couple of personal favorites from the new album. Allow them to lure you into the intriguing and fascinating world of Nigel Chapman. It’s a rewarding journey.

Nap Eyes at Facebook

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Evan Cheadle – Chasing Shadows

Evan Cheadle just released a new EP Chasing Shadows and it’s a rather special treasure if you have any interest towards things like psychedelic folk and baroque pop. And well who doesn’t. I’m all in and I’m thinking of re-subscribing the Shindig! Magazine while listening to this. I already really enjoyed the Make Your Way album I purchased a year or two ago, but I suppose in a way that was a rough sketch of brilliance and Chasing Shadows is the actual brilliance. On the new EP, his folk and country blues songs have taken further strides towards psych folk and baroque pop and the beautiful arrangements add a new charming layer to the music. Chasing Shadows was produced by Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods) and it’s now out and available on Big White Cloud Records.

Evan Cheadle Website

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Jennifer Castle – Crying Shame (single)

Canadian songwriter Jennifer Castle and her undeniable greatness are still pretty well kept secrets in this corner of the world. I haven’t helped the cause either, because I’ve only known her music for some years. Actually a reader of this little blog first introduced her to me by saying that Pink City is his/her favorite album of the year 2014. I can’t remember who it was, but I’m grateful because the name got stuck in my mind and eventually I bought the downloads of Pink City and Castlemusic and found them both rather amazing. So thanks for helping out a music blogger who always struggle to find the good stuff. Anyway, fast forward to 2018 and it’s finally time to start praising Jennifer Castle on these pages. Her new album Angels of Death is due out May 18, 2018 on Paradise of Bachelors (USA/Europe) and Idée Fixe (Canada). The first excellent outtake Crying Shame from the forthcoming album is now out and available. Sounds so good and I can’t wait to hear more in a few months.

Jennifer Castle Website

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Jessica Risker – Cut My Hair (video/single)

I’m very much into this first outtake Cut My Hair from the forthcoming Jessica Risker album I See You Among The Stars. It’s due out May 4, 2018 on Western Vinyl. The press release even namedrops Sibylle Baier and while that’s obviously not the most important thing, it definitely further sparks my interest, because Colour Green is a masterpiece. Anyway, this first outtake is a really beautiful folk song and I’m eager to hear more, because the forthcomig album might well turn out to be a captivating psych folk treasure.

Jessica Risker Website

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Andrew Bryant – Ain’t It Like The Cosmos

The long-waited new Andrew Bryant album Ain’t It Like The Cosmos came out on Last Chance Records on the 9th of March. Andrew Bryant is a huge personal favourite and his previous album This is the Life and this new album are both extremely important and dear to me. I’ve never met the man, but in some weird way I feel a deep-rooted connection with this songwriter from Mississippi. His song are just a direct hit to my heart and the most skilled surgeon couldn’t go as deep within me as these songs go. It’s a cliche-ish type of thing where I can just reflect to the songs on such an intense emotional level. It feels like I’ve felt that song or that line or that I would like to live my life like that line or that song. That I hope I could turn my passion, self-doubt and insecurity into something as beautiful, convincing and powerful. I guess that’s kind of what I’ve tried to achieve during this decade and half of Often failing miserably, but thankfully I have the songs of Andrew Bryant to give me courage to carry on. They hold me in line and make me proud of what I achieved. It might not be a whole lot, but that’s quite alright. Even if it doesn’t make a large impact to the world, in my world it is meaningful and worthwhile.

Ain’t It Like the Cosmos is a brilliant album. The beautiful rock and americana songs are delivered with loud riffs and compelling vocals. The songwriting is honest and heartfelt and filled with sincere reflections on humanity. I’m especially fond of the last three songs, but pretty much every song has left a mark on me and I will carry them with me whereever I roam. Here’s a couple of great examples, but please do follow the bandcamp link to hear/buy the whole beautiful thing.

Andrew Bryant Website

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