Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah Anyhow / Gifts or Creatures – Fair Mitten

I’ve been dreadfully slow with my blog writings and probably still haven’t featured some great records that came out something like half a year ago. However, I thought I make an exception and write a few words about brand new beautiful albums that just came out last Friday.

First we have the new Hiss Golden Messenger album Hallelujah Anyhow that is out now on Merge Records. To be honest, I’ve only spinned this once on Spotify so far, because I’m waiting for the vinyl to hit the local store. Therefore it might be a little too soon to praise it, but I’m sure I’m going to love it passionately. I’m ashamed to admit that I was a little slow in understanding the greatness of MC Taylor and Hiss Golden Messenger, but lately he has been one of my biggest inspirations both as a songwriter/musician and as a human being. His songs are remarkable and I love the way he continuously spreads love and tackles everything that’s wrong in the world. A true inspiration. If only we had kindhearted good people like him in charge. This is When The Wall Comes Down from the new Hiss Golden Messenger album Hallelujah Anyhow.

Hiss Golden Messenger Website

Gifts or Creatures from Michigan also dropped a new album into our hearts last Friday. It’s called Fair Mitten (New Songs of the Historic Great Lakes Basin) and it is a loving tribute to the Great Lakes Basin area and its rich history. Gifts or Creatures are a husband-wife duo of Brandon and Bethany Foote and they sing so beautifully together. The single Two Hearts (Two Peninsulas) and Green Gold are my early favourites and I could listen to such amazing singing all day long. Fair Mitten is a truly lovely record and it is now out on Earthwork music.

Gifts or Creatures Website

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Andrew Bryant – Robert Downey Jr’s Scars

The best music-related thing in my world at the moment is the new song Robert Downey Jr.’s Scars by Andrew Bryant. Popmatters premiered it earlier in the week and I’ve been listening to it over and over again. A monster of a song and I can’t wait to hear the full album. I already saw the tracklist and that it ends to the song Pay Your Rent and I can fully picture myself picking the pieces of my heart from the floor when the last notes of the record are floating through the speakers. Thankfully I’m also sure that while the record might momentarily break me, in the end listening to it will make me more whole.

Andrew Bryant is a songwriter from Mississippi who might still be better known as a member of Water Liars, but hopefully that will change sometime soon. Not because Water Liars aren’t any good. They are a wonderful band and I would definitely like to hear a new Water Liars album as well. It’s just that these solo outings of Andrew are out-of-this world great. The previous Andrew Bryant album This is the Life was a #2 on my albums of the year list and it’s still something that I hold very dear and even if I never heard those songs again, I would still carry them with me wherever I go. And yeah, Water Liars front man Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster also put out a gorgeous solo album last year, so things are going rather brilliantly in the Water Liars world even though it’s been three years since they released an album together.

Anyway, let’s end this pointless ramblings, because you could summarise everything I said with the words “I love Andrew Bryant”. Here’s the new magnificent song Robert Downey Jr’s Scars. I hope it’s already ok to post this. I always struggle to know what’s the proper netiquette when someone has premiere for a song. When is it okay for others to post it? As if my little blog ever took any readers from anybody.

Robert Downey Jr’s Scars is an outtake from the forthcoming Andrew Bryant album Ain’t it Like the Cosmos that is due out 27th of October on Last Chance Records. You can already pre-order it from their website.

And here’s an old amazing live version of another album track Pay Your Rent from the HearYa sessions.

Andrew Bryant Website

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Allen Thompson Band – Brace Yourself / Danny & The Champions of the World – Brilliant Light

I’m so far behind with all the great 2017 releases that I don’t even know where to start again, but here’s a couple of beautiful things from both sides of the pond that have given me shelter from the everyday stress during the last few months.

I’ve been somewhat familiar with East Nashville’s Allen Thompson for a few years, but I didn’t do the proper due diligence until last summer when I bought the new album Brace Yourself. Allen Thompson Band passed the process with flying colours and it turned out my heart and their songs were a rather perfect match. Actually with that gorgeous voice, even a not-that-good song would seem like a treasure.. and no, there’s nothing wrong with the song material either. This is River City Blues from the new album.

Allen Thompson Website

While Allen Thompson is a fairly new acquaintance, I’ve been a fan of UK-based Danny George Wilson since Grand Drive’s See The Morning In, which came out 15 years ago. He’s had a hell of a career and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, the new Danny & The Champions of the World album Brilliant Light could well turn out to be the brightest highlight of his career. Sure it takes quite a long while to properly introduce one’s heart to 18 songs and 80 minutes of wonderful soulful folk rock, but it’s well worth the effort. This one below Gotta Get Things Right In My Life is the song I love the most on the new album and it almost became like a theme song for my summer. I was extremely tired all the time and it started to reflect on everything and everyone around me. There was a clear danger that I was turning into someone that I would resent and therefore someone else singing simple words like “gotta get things right in my life” in such a beautiful manner was exactly what I needed at the time. Brilliant Light by Danny & The Champions of the World is now out on Loose Music.

Danny & The Champions of the World

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Twain – Solar Pilgrim & The Deslondes (This Ain’t A) Sad Song

Progress is still rather slow-mo, but I think I’ve relocated the spark and plan to continue at least a little more regularly than during the past 3-4 months. Here’s a couple of recent song addictions that fits nicely under the same post.

Twain aka Mt Davidson will release his new future classic Rare Feeling on the 20th of October. He is a superb songwriter and I’m so eager the hear this one. The first single Solar Pilgrim is out and available and it takes my breath away. Rare Feelings will be released by Keeled Scales. You can already pre-order either on their website or from the bandcamp page by clicking that song link below.

Twain at Facebook

The Deslondes from New Orleans is a pretty obvious post companion for Twain, because they are often touring together. The new Deslondes album came out already in June on New West Records and I bought it back then or thereabouts, but this blog has been standing silent so I still haven’t even mentioned it. Maybe Hurry Home is still not the home run I expect them to hit one day, but it’s a damn good record. (This Ain’t A) Sad Song is such a wonderful song.

The Deslondes Website

And as little bonus selection, I have to post The Deslondes and Twain performing a song called Run Wild together. I suppose this is why someone invented youtube. Incredible stuff.

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Onechord.net turns 16: Hayden – No Happy Birthday

This little blog/website turns 16 today. Lately there has not been a whole lot going on in here and therefore there’s maybe not a whole lot to celebrate. As if a so-called blog birthday would be significant thing anyway. Even though 16 strikes, I’m still not completely out. Maybe when 23 strikes, but I’m not ready yet and the title of the song I selected for this small post is not a reference to the latest blog activity. I just tried to think my favourite song in the world that had the word “birthday” on the title. Hayden’s No Happy Birthday is that to me and also one of the most moving songs of the last few years. Hayden wrote this for her non-verbal daughter whose favourite song in the world is Happy Birthday. Hayden tried to trick her daughter into liking his song as much by using the words happy birthday in his own song. Her daughter is too wise to completely fall for the trick, but the song No Happy Birthday is a beautiful treasure that holds inside a mountain of pure love and warmness. No Happy Birthday is an outtake from Hayden’s wonderful 2015 album Hey Love.

This whole Live at Massey Hall concert is wonderful and I fully recommend watching the whole thing even though I made it start from the No Happy Birthday introduction. So here it is. The most beautiful song in the world that contains the words happy birthday.

Hayden Website

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Quivers – Pigeons, The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field & Verandan – Short Dream

A couple of surprises for tonight. 1. There’s a new blog entry 2. It’s about pop music. A little pop goes the world type of thing. Maybe I should make a few more of these things down the road. I’m still a pop kid at heart. Ok, even I don’t believe that kid part anymore. I’m an old wreck, but one who will always love good pop music.

I kick things off with Quivers who are the inspiration behind this little blog entry. I can’t say I’m a big expert on the Tasmanian pop scene, but yesterday I stumbled upon a song called Pigeons by Quivers and instantly fell in love with it. A brilliant pop song and the chorus is so true. The other songs Chinatown and Ridin’ on the Hearses I’ve heard are also super good and I’m extremely eager to hear more.

Quivers at Facebook

Moving on to California. Shelflife Records will release the new album by The Luxembourg Signal on the 13th of October. There’s Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars, Fonda people in the band, so it’s really no wonder that I’m very much into this. Beth Arzy is a personal hero, who together with Bobby Wratten was the glue that kept my heart together back in the early 00s. Bobby also makes a guest appearance on an album track and I can’t wait to hear it. I’m getting little teary-eyed just by thinking of it. But hey, this was not supposed to be a nostalgic praising of the legendary Trembling Blue Stars. It’s 2017, The Luxembourg Signal sounds absolutely wonderful. This is the gorgeous title track of their forthcoming album Blue Field.

The Luxembourg Signal Website

Last stop Finland, but sticking with personal indie pop heroes. Verandan is a new group led by Ville Hopponen from Cats on Fire, Le Futur Pompiste, The New Tigers etc. Soliti will be releasing their EP sometime this fall. There’s a couple of tracks out there already and I like them a lot. Definitely shows that Ville also has the ability to write rather marvellous songs. Not that I had any doubts. This one is called Short Dream.

Verandan at Facebook

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