Idle Hands – Swarm of Fear

I often wonder why do I force myself to go through hundreds of promo emails each week on my spare time, because it seems like most of them are approaching a completely wrong blog. The reason is that every now and then something new comes along that is a perfect match with my heart. A month ago the band that caused that magical moment was an English folk rock band Idle Hands. Their song Swarm of Fear is a song about love, admiration, conflict, pressure, worry and the mental and physical strains of being a caregiver. Moving lyrics, beautiful harmonies, sweet melodies and that one part that reminds me of The Lucksmiths. I couldn’t ask for much more. Such a gorgeous song.

Idle Hands at Facebook

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Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Years

In case you are looking for a kick-ass country record, you can put the map aside for a moment and just hit play below or use that map to navigate to the nearest record store and purchase a copy of the new Sarah Shook & The Disarmers album Years. It came out on Bloodshot Records on the 6th of April and it’s one of my favorite records of the year. A lot of the songs revolve around toxic relationships, but even the downhearted moments of the songs have certain bite and fearlessness that kick out the misery from the heart of the listener. A damn brilliant and badass record and I can’t wait to see the band live at STHLM Americana festival in June.

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers Website

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Espanola – Outside Saskatoon (single)

Aaron Goldstein has worked with a lot of great Canadian artists/bands, including many of my personal favorites like Daniel Romano, Bry Webb & Matt Paxton (he was also here in Finland playing pedal steel on Daniel Romano’s first Finland tour a few years ago). Besides doing touring, recording and producing work with/for other artists, the man also writes excellent songs and releases them under the name Espanola. He just put out a new digital single. The lead track is an excellent countrified rock’n’roller Outside Saskatoon and b-side is a cover of The Tragically Hip song It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken. More to come hopefully later this year.

Espanola at Facebook

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Lac Belot – D ’n’ A (single)

Here’s some extremely highly recommended new Finnish music. This is also filed under biggest possible news on the OCTA scale. Solina Records signed Lac Belot aka Jarno Takkumäki, released his new single D’n’A and a debut full-length will follow in the autumn. I’m extremely excited about this all, because I loved his debut EP Elizabeth back in 2014 and the title track was also the Finnish song of the year on this silly little blog. During the following years I’ve thought about Lac Belot every now and then and hoped he would release something new. Now that day has arrived and this new single is able to live up to my sky high expectations. D’n’A is an enchantingly beautiful and thoughtfully arranged pop song. This is world class stuff.

Lac Belot at Facebook

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Future States – Heaven / Bugaboo (single)

One of my latest music obsessions has been this single by Future States and especially the song Bugaboo (Heaven is great too). I first heard it over at The Wild Honey Pie and instantly loved it. This beautifully arranged pop song is now out as digital single and was released by Golden Brown. I definitely need to investigate the back catalogue, because these Canadians seem to master this art of making rich and warm-sounding pop songs. Sort of takes me back ten years to the time when I was heavily into things like The Heavy Blinkers discography and the debut full-length Animal Bells from the Australian pop wizards The Crayon Fields. What a fabulous pop song.

Future States Website

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Matti Jasu – The Money Pit

Finnish songwriter Matti Jasu is working on a new full-length album that is due out later in 2018. The first single from the forthcoming album is called The Money Pit and sounds mighty good. Grab a name-your-price download of the new single from his Bandcamp. Oh and all the older (should-be) hit records are there as well, if you want to dig deeper into the Matti Jasu song vault.

Matti Jasu Website

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