OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #74

Another week, another weekly playlist.

Sorry for the lack of updates past week. It was busier than I assumed and non-blog related things took my time. But here’s at least the playlist for the week.

This week Mo Troper led the charge with the release of his new pop treasure. The week also brought new albums from Little Misty, Caitlin Sherman, Nathaniel Rateliff, Tami Neilson, Alexander, Personality Cult, Tracy McNeil & The Good Life and Robert Vincent. Plus then there’s an album from Ryley and a week old album from Alfie Firmin that I missed at the time.

Some Finnish ones this week too. I’m especially fond of the new Laura Moisio single. There’s also new singles from The New Magnetic North and Pelko along with album cuts from the new full-lengths by Lyyti, Pietarin Spektaakkeli and Puhelinseksi.

The new Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit single was the big event of the week. Some other personal favorites this week were the latest singles from Jess Jocoy, Ron Sexsmith, MAITA, Charlotte Cornfield, Witch’s Wall and Field Report, but as usual everything else could just as well be namedropped on this text too.

That’s it for this week’s new release round up. I hope I manage to do more blog things next week, but no definite promises.

1. Mo Troper – Your Boy (Natural Beauty, Tender Loving Empire, 2020)
2. Little Misty – Rain Won’t Wait (Little Misty, 2020)
3. Caitlin Sherman – Death to the Damsel (Death to the Damsel, 2020)
4. Nathaniel Rateliff – What a Drag (And It’s Still Alright, Stax, 2020)
5. Tami Neilson – Any Fool With a Heart (Chickaboom! Outside Music, 2020)
6. Jess Jocoy – Love Her Wild (single, 2020)
7. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Be Afraid (single, Southeastern, 2020)
8. MAITA – A Beast (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2020)
9. Field Report – Push Us Into Love (single, Fellesskap Records, 2020)
10. Ron Sexsmith – When Love Pans Out (single, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
11. Charlotte Cornfield – In My Corner (single, Outside Music, 2020)
12. Alexander – Care (Wonderland, Disposable America, 2020)
13. Witch’s Wall – Witch’s Wall (single, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2020)
14. Nicole Atkins – Captain (single, Single Lock Records, 2020)
15. Anna Burch – Party’s Over (single, Heavenly / Polyvinyl, 2020)
16. Maybel – Winter City (single, Vain Mina Records, 2020)
17. Laura Veirs – I Was a Fool (single, Bella Union, 2020)
18. Laura Moisio – Metsä (single, Texicalli Records, 2020)
19. Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Parhain päin (Siivet, Roihis Musica, 2020)
20. Lyyti – Ei pahalla (Meitä ei kutsuttu, Luova Records, 2020)
21. Puhelinseksi – Muista se hetki (Sydänkohtaus tanssilattialla, Svart Records, 2020)
22. Personality Cult – Weigh Down (New Arrows, Dirtnap Records, 2020)
23. Bacchae – Life Online (single, Get Better Records, 2020)
24. Ratboys – Anj (single, Topshelf Records, 2020)
25. Mr Husband – Really Really Really Really Hoping (single, Good Soil Records, 2020)
26. The New Magnetic North – Eyes on the Road (single, 2020)
27. Josh Farrow – Something I Can Feel (single, Southern Drag, 2020)
28. Tracy McNeil & The Good Life – Catch You (You Be The Lightning, 2020)
29. The Mastersons – Spellbound (single, Red House Records, 2020)
30. Van Darien – American Steel (single, 2020)
31. Robert Vincent – If You Were You (In This Town You’re Owned, 2020)
32. Deren Ney – Crown Shyness (Stay Home and Get HIgh) (single, 2020)
33. Audrey and Hugh – Witness (Hey Ho) (single, 2020)
34. Gabe Lee – Honky Tonk Hell (single, Torrez Music Group, 2020)
35. Swamp Dogg – Good, Better, Best (single, Joyful Noise Records, 2020)
36. Vilma Flood – End (single, Rusty Music, 2020)
37. Mark Fredson – To The Moonlight (single, 2020)
38. Anna Ash – Sister Golden Hair (single, 2020)
39. Molly Burch – Needy (single, Captured Tracks, 2020)
40. Juan Solorzano – Downpour (single, Tone Tree Music, 2020)
41. Ryley – My Disguise (Screamingscreaming EP, 2020)
42. Ben Seratan – Am I Doing Right By You? (single, Whatever’s Clever, 2020)
43. Sarah Gargano – Dear Juliet (single, 2020)
44. Alfie Firmin – Every Time (Waiting On, Idle Hands Records, 2020)
45. Trace Mountains – Lost in the Country (single, Lame-O Records, 2020)
46. Mara Connor – Wildfire (single, Side Hustle Records, 2020)
47. Lauren Ruth Ward – Water Sign (single, 2020)
48. Pelko – Tulva (single, Pelkolevy, 2020)
49. John Blek – Flame (The Embers, 2020)
50. John Moreland – A Thought is Just a Passing Train (LP5, Old Omens, 2020)
51. Stripmall Ballads – Valerie (Distant, 2020)
52. Christopher Paul Stelling – Goodnight Sweet Dreams (Best of Luck, Anti, 2020)

Playlist link

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #73

Another week, another weekly playlist.

There was so much albums this week especially in the americana circle that it was impossible to listen to all of them in time for this. So some good ones might well be missing from this one. However, I did listen quite a lot and here’s what caught my ear.

The highlight of the week is the new John Moreland album. Maybe a bit of a curve ball, but just let it spin a while and eventually it will hit you in the heart. That’s just a small part of it all and the week gave us new albums from Stripmall Ballads, Christopher Paul Stelling, Miss Tess, Isobel Campbell, Dropkick, Nada Surf, Arbor Labor Union, David Allen, Aubrie Sellers, Frazey Ford, John Blek, Chicago Farmer and Spanish Love Songs. There’s also some great EPs from Khruangbin & Leon Bridges, Babehoven, Corinne Sharlet and Ian Ferguson. The Haden Triplets album is a couple of weeks old, but I missed it when it came out.

The Finnish section only contains a revisit to the Muuan Mies album and a single from the latest Soit Se Silti signing Rohkeat kuvat. I’m sure there had to be more interesting stuff.

Plenty of great international singles like Logan Ledger, Talitha Ferri, Christian Lee Hutson, Whitney Rose, Amanda Shires, Sweet Megg, Lucinda Williams…. and then there’s the usual revisit to some of my favorite albums of the previous week.

That’s all for this week. Back again next Sunday for this and before that hopefully a couple of short blog posts. Love love love.

1. Stripmall Ballads – Susan at the Crossroads (Distant, 2020)
2. John Moreland – In Times Between (LP5, Old Omens, 2020)
3. Christopher Paul Stelling – Have To Do For Now (Best Of Luck, Anti-, 2029)
4. Miss Tess – The Moon Is An Ashtray (The Moon Is an Ashtray, 2020)
5. Logan Ledger – (I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day (single, Rounder Records, 2020)
6. Whitney Rose – Believe Me, Angela (single, MCG Recordings, 2020)
7. Amanda Shires – Deciphering Dreams (single, Silver Knife Records, 2020)
8. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun (Texas Sun EP, Dead Oceans, 2020)
9. David Ramirez – Lover, Will You Lead Me? (single, Sweetworld, 2020)
10. Talitha Ferri – Home (single, Soulpod Collective, 2020)
11. Christian Lee Hutson – Lose This Number (single, Anti, 2020)
12. Isobel Campbell – Counting Fireflies (There is No Other, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
13. Babehoven – Maybe I’m Bitter (Demonstrating Visile Difference of Height EP, 2020)
14. Gladie – When You Leave the Sun (single, Lame-O Records, 2020)
15. Mo Troper – I Eat (single, Tender Loving Empire, 2020)
16. Dropkick – For Too Long (The Scenic Route, Bobo Integral, 2020)
17. Nada Surf – Crowded Star (Never Not Together, City Slang, 2020)
18. Kyle Forester – Marigold (single, 2020)
19. Ian Ferguson – Dot Reinhardt (Junk EP, County Fair Records, 2020)
20. Arbor Labor Union – Lasso (New Petal Instants, Arrowhawk Records, 2020)
21. Aubrie Sellers – My Love Will Not Change (Far From Home, Soundly, 2020)
22. Lucinda Willians – Man Without a Soul (single, Highway 20 Records, 2020)
23. Frazey Ford – Let’s Start Again (U Kin B the Sun, Arts & Crafts, 2020)
24. David Allen – Trail of Broken Hearts (Regrets and Retribution, 2020)
25. The Dead Tongues – Strangers (single, 2020)
26. Dean Fields – Hell If I Know (single, 2020)
27. Sweet Megg – High On The Mountain (single, Dala/V2, 2020)
28. The Haden Triplets – Who Will You Love (The Family Songbook, Trimeter Records, 2020)
29. Nathaniel Rateliff – All or Nothing (single, Stax Record, 2020)
30. Pokey LaFarge – End of My Rope (single, New West Records, 2020)
31. John Blek – Haunting (The Embers, Celebration / K&F Records, 2020)
32. Chicago Farmer – Dirtiest Uniforms (Flyover Country, 2020)
33. Brian Johannesen – Somewhere Down the Line (Holster Your Silver, 2020)
34. Chatham County Line – Station to Station (single, Yep Roc, 2020)
35. Sammy Brue – Crast Test Kid (single, New West Records, 2020)
36. CJ Stranger – Outlaw (single, 2020)
37. Corinne Sharlet – Hail Mary (Deceiver EP, 2020)
38. Sharon Van Etten – Beaten Down (single, Jagjaguwar, 2020)
39. Lady Lamb – Arizona (single, Ba Da Bing, 2020)
40. Squirrel Flower – Slapback (I Was Born Swimming, Full Time Hobby, 2020)
41. Basia Bulat – Already Forgiven (single, Secret City Records, 2020)
42. The Little Hands of Asphalt – No Reception (single, Fika Recordings, 2020)
43. Muuan Mies – Pispala (rakkautta ilmassa) (Onni, Helmi Levyt, 2020)
44. Rohkeat kuvat – Bussi Nro. 4 (single, Soit Se Silti, 2020)
45. Spanish Love Songs – Optimism (As a Radical Life Choice) (Brave Faces Everyone, Pure Noise Records, 2020)
46. Drive-By Truckers – Slow Ride Argument (The Unraveling, ATO Records, 2020)
47. Possessed By Paul James – In the Dark of the Morning (As We Go Wandering, PPJ Records, 2020)
48. Tre Burt – Moth’s Crossing (Caught it From the Rye, Oh Boy Records, 2020)
49. Son Little – 3rd Eye Weeping (Aloha, Anti, 2020)
50. Phi-Psonics – The Cradle (single, 2020)

Playlist link

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom, Christian Lee Hutson, Dana Gavanski and A Girl Called Eddy

Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom from The Burning Hell fame are getting ready to release a new duo album Never Work. It’s coming out on BB*Island on the 3rd of April and it will explore the future of work and work songs. The wonderful lead single and title track is out and available and it has been a perfect soundtrack for this winter vacation week I’m currently having. Listen to single below and pre-order from the BB*Island page.

The Burning Hell at Facebook
The Burning Hell Website

I’m not usually able to keep up with the music news cycle, but for once I’m going to post the news of today. Christian Lee Hutson just announced that his long-waited new album Beginners comes out 29th of May on ANTI- Records. The announcement came with a brand new song and music video for album cut Lose this Number. I can’t wait to hear this one, because I really loved Northsiders last year and I Just Can’t Fucking Do It Anymore before it.

Christian Lee Hutson at Facebook
Christian Lee Hutson Website

Another record that I’m excited to hear is the forthcoming debut album Yesterday Is Gone from Canadian folk songwriter Dana Gavanski. I really liked all the songs she released in 2019 and in early 2020 arrived this latest single Good Instead of Bad. And well this is a total homerun and makes sure I’m gonna write her name on my release calendar with a highlight and a small run of exclamation points. Yesterday Is Gone will be released by Full Time Hobby on the 27th of March. Here’s the latest single along with a music video of another album song called Catch.

Dana Gavanski at Facebook
Dana Gavanski Website

Let’s wrap this little blog post with a special one that is already out and available. I stopped waiting for the follow-up to the great A Girl Called Eddy debut a long time ago. That beautiful album came out in 2004 (I think I bought my copy a year or two later), but what a lovely surprise it was to get a brand new A Girl Called Eddy album Been Around in 2020. I’ve only touched the surface of the album so far and just gave it a first full and proper spin tonight. However, it’s already quite clear that Erin Moran still has it and she has created a beautiful classic soulful pop album. Here’s a couple of early favorites, the lyric video for the title track and another wonderful album cut Jody. Been Around is now out and available on the legendary Spanish pop label Elefant.

A Girl Called Eddy at Facebook

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