Ryan Oxford – Fa Fa Fa Fired

A huge favourite during the past month has been Ryan Oxford’s forthcoming album Fa Fa Fa Fired that is due out on the 27th of January on Mama Bird Recording Co. Ryan Oxford is a songwriter from Portland, Oregon who has previously composed film scores and soundtracks, but this is his debut album. It was a long time in the making, but it was worth all the love and time he put into it.

I mostly feature the folk and country stuff these days and the pop site subtitle isn’t completely accurate anymore, but I don’t feel like changing it after 15 years of doing this. This one though is definitely for the pop kids as well. It’s got a lot of 60s pop and The Beach Boys influences and some Harry Nilsson and even AM pop too. It’s playful and enchanting and filled with beautiful melodies and lovely and lush sound. I’m not entirely sure how something so melancholic can be this much fun, but somehow this keeps me smiling all the time. I think it works best as a whole complete piece of pop magic, but sure these individual tracks rule my world as well. Here’s the awesome title track Fa Fa Fa Fired.

Ryan Oxford Website

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Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit : Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit

I planned to take the whole January off from blog duties, but it’s proving to be rather difficult because lovely people keep on releasing wonderful songs and albums. So what else can one do than at least shortly praise them here.

I’m still completely addicted to that Litku Klemetti solo I mentioned earlier in the week (especially the b-side of that record is fantastic). I’ve also begun listening to the new self-titled Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit album and it definitely looks like I will develop a similar addiction to this one. Hulda Huima is a Helsinki-based songwriter and together with the band Hitaat Sekunnit she has created a very impressive and captivating album. This beautiful thing came out on 13th of January on the always trustworthy Helmi Levyt.

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Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest Life (out now in UK/Europe)

I’ve praised this amazing album by Courtney Marie Andrews several times on this blog and now I have an excellent reason to do it one more time, because the album Honest Life finally comes out in UK/Europe tomorrow 20th of January on Loose Music. I really love her songwriting. Leuven Letters was the EP of the year in 2015 and this album Honest Life took the spot #2 on my albums of the year 2016 list. A monstrously highly recommend album. I also need to reserve a vinyl copy to the local store, because I only have the digital so far and I badly need the vinyl. The songs already filled a hole in my heart, but there’s definitely a hole in my record shelf ready to be filled by this beautiful record. This is Put The Fire Out from Honest Life.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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Litku Klemetti – Juna Kainuuseen

Litku Klemetti has been quite criminally ignored on this little blog. I really liked their concert at H2ö festival, but still didn’t pay enough attention to the album Horror ’15. Maybe for me the jury was still out a little bit, but Juna Kainuuseen brought the final verdict and opened the flood gates. I’ve been an idiot and Litku Klemetti is utterly wonderful. I listened to her outstanding solo album earlier today on my way from home to work and I instantly fell in love with it. The whole thing is absolutely gorgeous and then there’s the title track. Even my current excessive praising mode can’t find the correct words to properly describe such a fantastic song. Ok, maybe there’s a few only good ones in there as well, but don’t care at all. If I still wrote proper reviews, this would get five hearts every day of the week.

I’m perfectly aware that this post has been just love, love, love without any actual information, so I’ll close this by saying that Juna Kainuuseen came out on 13th of January on cassette (Viihdekasetit) and digital (Luova Records). Vinyl coming out in the spring. There’s also a new band album Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon numero scheduled to be released in 2017. This is the magnificent title track of the new solo album Juna Kainuuseen.

Litku Klemetti at Facebook

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Strand of Oaks – Radio Kids

That Genuine Fakes post and song took me on a nostalgic journey to my childhood and also reminded me that I still haven’t posted this monster of a song by the always stunning Strand of Oaks. Back in the 80s and 90s I was definitely one of those Radio Kids that listened to the radio with one finger on the record button in order to catch the songs that would shape my world. Radio Kids is a magnificent outtake from the forthcoming Strand of Oaks album Hard Love that is due out February 17 on Dead Oceans.

Strand of Oaks Website

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