Adeline Hotel – Habits (single)

Things are looking bright on the release front and lots of great albums will be coming out this fall. Away Together by Adeline Hotel is definitely in that group, because Dan Knishkowy, the man behind the moniker, has created something really special that will leave a lasting impression. The lead single Habits surfaced a couple of weeks ago and it’s full of delicate warmth that radiates into my heart. The album Away Together will be out on Ruination Record Co. on the 26th of October. You can pre-order vinyl/digital, if you hit the links on that bandcamp player below.

Adeline Hotel at Facebook

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Izaak Opatz – Mariachi Static

The latest addition to the Mama Bird family is the Montana mountain man Izaak Opatz. His album Mariachi Static first saw the light of the day in 2017, but Mama Bird Recording Co reissued it on vinyl on the 27th of July. Rightfully so, because it’s one hell of a record that deserves way more recognition than what it got the first time around. Mariachi Static is an extremely enjoyable collection of lighthearted storytelling from a heavyweight songwriter. Sure there’s heartbreak, actually a whole lot of heartbreak in there too, but it’s delivered with a charming smile. Maybe if Jonathan goes americana instead of country next time around, he would be hiking on the same mountains as Izaak on this lovely debut full-length. Here’s a couple of personal favorites from this lovely album. Hit the bandcamp link on the player to buy/hear the whole thing.

Izaak Opatz Website

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John Cathal O’Brien – These Borders

John Cathal O’Brien is a Dublin-born and NY-based folk songwriter. His latest album These Borders came out on the 10th of August and it’s a mesmerizing collection of quietly haunting folk songs. It can get quite melancholic, but even then, the brokenness and the confusion always dwells on soothing and comforting beauty. I’m not sure should anyone ever be compared to Leonard Cohen, because well, how could anyone live up to that comparison. Nevertheless, there’s definitely something here that reminds me of him. Maybe it’s the mood, maybe it’s the way the deceptively simple songs lure me in and slowly begin to reveal more layers about the song and the listener. In any case, These Borders is a great album full of beautifully melancholic and contemplative folk songs and it’s a treasure to behold.

John Cathal O’Brien Website

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Hadley McCall Thackston – Slow Burn (video)

One more late night video post. Hadley McCall Thackston’s Slow Burn has been my favorite song and music video during the last few days (ok, together with Fight by Vanessa Peters). I thought I share this a little bit later when I’ve spent more time with her debut full-length and can write a little bit about that too. But I love this too much to wait, so let’s share the video now and return to the album within a few weeks. This is such a beautiful and compelling folk song that leaves a lasting impression. My own reaction was complete opposite to slow burn though, because I instantly fell in love with the song. Oh and the video itself is also pure perfection. Especially the ending where the man at the back stands up, Hadley finishes the song with the striking last words, time stops for a split second and then the heartfelt smile and the reactions from the audience take away the pain. So brilliant.

Hadley McCall Thackston at Facebook

And thanks to Adam Wilson’s Quiet Revolution for tweeting this last weekend and bringing it to my attention.

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He Arrived By Helicopter – Cold Damn Truth

He Arrived By Helicopter is a new project by Christian Gibbs (Lucinda Black Bear etc). The debut album The Shiny Hostel will be co-released by Eastern Spurs and Very Special Recordings on the 14th of September. The lead single Cold Damn Truth it a really great folk-tinged beauty that reminds me a bit of Joe Pernice’s work. However, this sweetness is only a tiny fraction of the He Arrived By Helicopter story. The album is actually mostly instrumental and contains a lot of experimental sounds and ambient moods. Not an issue though even for a pop kid like yours truly, because it’s all intriquing and inspring. This is the gorgeous first outtake Cold Damn Truth from the forthcoming album.

He Arrived By Helicopter at Facebook

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Static Diary – Static Diary

Static Diary is the first solo album from Centro-Matic’s keyboard wizard Scott Danbom and it came out on Goliad Media on the 27th of July. The atmosphere carries me to a place somewhat similar to Grandaddy or Mercury Rev, but there’s also a lot more to this blissfully weird and endearingly beautiful adventure. I might not normally recommend records that contain experimental ambient moods, but this one has the magic to make my prejudices disappear. What an enchanting album to get lost into. Here’s a few of my own favorites, but you really need to get onboard and experience the whole journey. Preferably with good headphones.

Oh and thanks to Daniel Markham for introducing this record to me.

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