Charlie Whitten (feat Molly Parden) – Virginia

I’ll do a quick video post, because I don’t how I’ve managed to miss this one. I think I’ve said a couple times already that I’m madly addicted to Charlie Whitten’s Playwright EP. It’s my favorite EP of the year and well also one of my biggest favorites even all things considered. The only downside is that there’s just four songs and I would love to hear more. It’s sorta 70s folk singer-songwriter stuff that is beautifully written and sounds so warm and gentle even when other emotions take control in the lyrics. Virginia is the last song on the EP and I just saw this gorgeous Public Radio Sessions live version of it from 2015 where Charlie sings it with Molly Parden. Whoever is in charge with the English vocabulary haven’t yet created an adjective that is powerful enough to express how much I love this song and the way these two present it on this video.

And you’ll find the whole EP by following this link.

Charlie Whitten at Bandcamp

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Astrid Swan – From The Bed and Beyond

The year is soon closing in and I still haven’t featured the most powerful Finnish album of 2017 even though it came out fairly early in the year on Soliti Music. I’ve struggled to find the proper words that would even remotely do justice to the fragile beauty of this album. I still haven’t found the words, but I can’t hold this back any longer. From The Bed and Beyond by Astrid Swan is a work of art and demands to be heard. The album was written in the aftermath of her breast cancer diagnose and she binds together fear, grief and hope in such a convincing manner that holding back the tears turns out to be impossible. The fragility of being a human expressed with powerful clarity and deep-rooted honesty. I love this album, but I hate that there was a reason for it to be born.

Astrid Swan Website

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Vasas Flora och Fauna – Veneziansk Afton

Vasas Flora och Fauna released a new album Veneziansk Afton back in September and it’s a crime that it has not been mentioned here. I’ve loved the work of Mattias Björkas since the fairly early days of Cats on Fire and I don’t expect that to ever change. Listening to Vasas Flora och Fauna always make me want to work on my Swedish language skills, because I feel like I’m missing out on part of the magic, because I can only understand about half of it. Maybe a little more by reading the lyrics. This stumbling block that my rusty Swedish created thankfully isn’t strong enough to stop these beautiful melodies reaching my heart. My favourite one on the new Vasas Flora och Fauna album is the wistfully beautiful Min Förtvivlan. Bonus point that there’s a moment in the song that makes me think of Leevi & The Leavings. Minus point because it drives me crazy that I’m not able to pinpoint the exact Leevi song. Veneziansk Afton is now out on Startracks.

Vasas Flora och Fauna Website

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Hand Habits – Book on How to Change (video)

I had a couple of hours to write the blog, but somehow I just wasn’t able to start and now it’s too late, because it’s 1 am and dayjob is already lurking behind the corner. To not let the evening be complete waste, I’ll do a quick video post. I shortly wrote about the beautiful Hand Habits album Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) back in February when it came out on Woodsist, but I still haven’t posted the video of magnificent album outtake Book on How To Change. A reason to revisit the album is that next month there’s time to write those pointless end of the year lists and therefore I’ve been going through the albums I’ve fallen in love with during the year. Hand Habits album fall into that category. This is one of the highlights of the album.

Hand Habits at Facebook

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Taylor Kingman – My Lover’s Bed & Haley Heynderickx – Oom Sha La La

A couple of wonderful new things from the Mama Bird vaults. I’ve probably said it several times, but Portland-based Mama Bird Recording Co. has been the dearest record label to me during the past five years. It all started when I heard the first Barna Howard album and it has been all love ever since. I can wholeheartedly recommend pretty much everything they’ve ever released. Personal favorites are both Barna Howard albums, Honest Life by Courtney Marie Andrews and Not So Deep As A Well by Myriam Gendron. I would like to go on, but maybe I leave it that, because I guess it would be a little silly to list them all as favorites.

Let’s move on to the new music from the Mama Bird family. First we have Taylor Kingman who is getting ready to release his debut album on 17th of November. I don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but I’ve really liked both songs I’ve heard so far. Title track Wannabe earlier and now this one below called My Lover’s Bed that actually reminds me a bit of another Mama Bird artist Vikesh Kapoor. This is pretty much favorite song right now along with every song on the new The Weather Station and Twain albums. I’m looking forward to hearing the album next week.

The incredible Haley Heynderickx is also getting ready to release an album on Mama Bird Recording Co. It carries a title I Need to Start a Garden and will hit our hearts sometime in early 2018. The excellent first single Oom Sha La La is already out and available and they also made a music video for it.

Haley Heynderickx Website

Mama Bird Recording Co. Website

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Taylor Knox – Stars (video)

Just a quick video post. Canadian Taylor Knox dropped his debut album into our hearts back in June. I still haven’t posted the latest music video for excellent album outtake Stars, so better get that one out of the way and so I can take one of those guilt daggers off my back . I have placed quite a collection back there, because I neglected the blog for months and feel bad about it. Anyway, this is Stars from the new Taylor Know album Love.

Taylor Knox Website

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