Review: Drive-By Truckers – The Big To-Do

Drive-By Truckers: The Big To-Do (ATO Records, 2010)

Drive-By Truckers is still a great band. Yeah, it’s true that The Dirty South was a stunning album and Drive-By Truckers probably can’t ever reach the same level of perfectness. A Blessing and A Curse flew under my radar, but I really enjoyed Brighter Than Creation’s Dark even though it was a bit too long and some editing could and should have been done.  The new one called The Big To-Do isn’t entirely flawless either, but there’s still enough great songs to keep one interested. The album starts of brilliantly and the opening trio of Daddy Learned To Fly, Fourth Night Of My Drinking and Birthday Boy introduces the good old rockin’ Drive-By Truckers. Especially the latter two are fantastic songs.  Unfortunately the album took a little boring direction in the middle. Patterson Hood’s The Wig He Made Her Wear couldn’t keep me interested for almost six minutes and Shonna Tucker’s You Got Another ended up on a boring path right from the start. I do quite like Shonna’s other song (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So even though it’s not a big favourite and lacks some power. So I’m not as much against her songwriting and singing as some others are. Anyway, the  great first single This Fucking Job shooted the album back to the right path and rest of the album stayed on a high but not groundbreaking level (well The Flying Wallendas was a minor misshit). In overall, The Big To-Do is a really good solid album, but only a few times it rises into something really spectacular.


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