Album of the Month: Nopat – Kadun tuolla puolella

Nopat – Kadun tuolla puolella (Kleppari, 2012)

I’ve been looking forward to this album for a year or two, because Nopat is a big favourite at this household and I loved those little discs they released back in 2010. Therefore it was quite clear that Nopat has to take the album of the month spot, if the album will be as good as I hoped it would. And it definitely turned out to be just as good as I had hoped. Cosy sunday afternoon is actually a perfect time to write a few words about the new Nopat album Kadun tuolla puolella, because this is a great sunday album. Even some minor stomach bug can’t stop me from enjoying the subtle beauty of the everyday that Nopat injects to my heart. Kadun tuolla puolella is a comfortable place to be and these fairly simple but thoughtfully crafted easy-flowing folk pop songs are able to turn a vulnerable moments into something manageable. Something very Finnish is gently colliding with delicate 90s american indie (perfect soundtrack for painting a house red in the early hours). Gentle, warm and captivating. Well done.

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