Daniel Markham – Pretty Bitchin’


Daniel Markham from Denton, TX released his new album Pretty Bitchin’ yesterday 31.10.2014 and I instantly fell in love with it. Damn it feels good to be so ridiculously excited about a new album. It’s early days, but I think this is going to be an album of the year contender here at onechord.net. I have a bit of flu at the moment and playing this as loud as possible is the best medicine I can think of. I don’t really know the man, but it feels like I’ve listened to the same US 90s and early 00s indie rock and alternative rock albums when growing up. The wonderful Canadian The Weakerthans aslo comes to mind while listening to the opening track Make Believe and the record also reminds me of Finnish Penniless here and there (especially Coming Down). And that’s a high praise, because Penniless is one of the all-time greats. But enough with the pointless namedropping. This is Daniel’s show and he has created a damn impressive rock album. The whole thing was made in a couple of days, but why waste time in long and often pointless finetuning. This just let go and capture the moment thing certainly worked wonderfully for Pretty Bitchin’. Buy the album from Bandcamp and play it loud. I’m sure your neighbours will also be eager to hear such a magnificent record.

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