Top 50 Albums of 2016 – The International Edition (Part Two 40-31)

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40. Mount Moriah – How To Dance

I was only vaguely familiar of North Carolinian Mount Moriah when I saw the video for the song Baby Blue early in the year. Instantly loved it and later grabbed a vinyl copy of the album How To Dance from the local record store. That was one of my better decisions of 2016, because what I got was a mighty fine album.

39. Zachary Lucky – Everywhere A Man Can Be

I’m still in the very beginning of my journey with this new album Everywhere A Man Can Be from Canadian country singer-songwriter Zachary Lucky, but I’m really enjoying the road so far. I could see this one hitting pretty hard with his fellow songwriters that travel far and wide. However, it does hit pretty hard also with yours truly who spends way too much time inside the same four walls.

38. M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again

M. Lockwood Porter released his finest album How To Dream Again. Full of gorgeous songs that aren’t afraid to tackle difficult but important issues like social injustices.

37. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Special Night

We definitely need some romantic soul burners on this list. Lee Fields is a perfect man for the job and together with The Expressions he put together a thoroughly convincing soul album.

36. TUNS – Tuns

Tuns are Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, The Flashing Lights), Mike O’Neill (The Inbreds + great solo albums). After that I probably don’t need to even tell you that this is one of the finest pop albums of the year. Whole lot of fun, catchy melodies and great singing.

35. Turner Cody – Hiding in Plain Sight

A new Turner Cody album. Well count me in. This New York-based songwriter is criminally unknown at least in this corner of the world. I’ve been seriously addicted to his song catalog during the past three years or so. Hiding in Plain Sight is not his best album in my books, but still so wonderful.

34. Shuyler Jansen – The Long Shadow

The new Shuyler Jansen album The Long Shadow has a lot of variety. Folk treasures, pop melodies, country rockers, psych rock, experimental thingies etc. There’s not much variety on the quality of the songs. All nine are damn good.

33. Kent Eugene Goolsby – Temper of the Times

I’ve followed Kent Eugene Goolsby since the The Only Sons days and he is getting better all the time. Which is a lot said, because there was nothing wrong with that original starting point of the relationship of my heart and Kent’s music. Temper of the Times is his finest album so far and there are songs here that I really love. It sounds extremely naive, but there are lines on this record that make me want to be a better man.

32. Scott Nolan – Silverhill

I finally know more Scott Nolan songs than just Bad Liver and a Broken Heart and I’m so glad that I do. Silverhill is a magnificent album full of excellent songwriting and cosy laid-back atmosphere.

31. The Burning Hell – Public Library

The Burning Hell
has a new album Public Library. This one contains my favourite song of this current decade. I still love Fuck The Government, I Love You wholeheartedly. The only reason it won’t win the song of the year 2016 award is that it was already my song of the year 2015. The song Men Without Hats is also stunning and you’ll might find that one from forthcoming song list. Nothing wrong with the rest either, but now let me see.. Which song I will choose to end this second chapter on the albums of the year list.. Oh hell yes..

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