Micah Schnabel, M.Lockwood Porter, Leyla McCalla, Durand Jones & The Indications and VanWyck

Hey, another small round up post of songs that I love. This one was inspired by the brand new amazing Micah Schnabel single and contains powerful socially aware songs.

Micah Schnabel from Columbus, Ohio is a long time favorite and I’m a big fan of both his solo work and the Two Cow Garage catalogue (Oh and his novel Hello, My Name Is Henry is also really good). I love the fact that he is often fighting for what is right with his songs and the powerful new single is a perfect example of this. New Shoes is the first single from his forthcoming album The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century. While waiting for that album to make me a better person, I will keep on watching this lovely video starring Vanessa Jean Speckman.

Micah Schnabel at Facebook

Carrying on to Tulsa, OK for the new M.Lockwoord Porter album Communion in the Ashes that is coming out next week on the 29th of March on Black Mesa Records. This one is going to be a powerful americana / rock album that forces the listeners to think and hopefully inspires and encourages them to start working towards a brighter future. There is still time and that time is right now. Here’s the music video for the first single The Dream Is Dead and below that the latest outtake and title track Communion in the Ashes.

M. Lockwood Porter Website

Next up is a song from the tremendous album Capitalist Blues by Leyla McCalla. She is a songwriter from New Orleans, LA and this important album came out on the 25th of January on Jazz Village. Here’s the gorgeous music video for the song Money Is King. Hungry Hungry Hippos meets with capitalist greed.

Leyla McCalla Website

Moving on to Bloomington, Indiana for the brand new Durand Jones & The Indications album American Love Call that was co-released by Dead Oceans & Colemine Records on the 1st of March. A definite must for every soul music fan and well for every fan of good music. Durand Jones and Aaron Frazer are both so amazing and have a perfect chemistry. This is the album opener Morning In America that paints a dark, but painfully true picture.


Durand Jones & the Indications Website

Last stop this time around is Amsterdam, Netherlands and I will wrap up this little blog entry with a slightly older song that I’ve posted before. Due to reasons that a) I love this song Ballad of the Quiet Citizen by VanWyck and b) I wanted to end this little blog entry to the words but love speaks louder still.

VanWyck Website

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