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[28 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 389 views]
Aaron Lee Tasjan – Memphis Rain (video)

The release of Aaron Lee Tasjan’s new album and first one on New West Records is getting closer and there’s another magnificent song from the album out there. Silver Tears hits the record stores and our hearts on October 28th and this is the new music video for a song called Memphis Rain.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website
This latter half 2016 is going to be incredible for …

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[27 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 170 views]
Kirty – Kirty

Kirty is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and her new self-titled album came out on 23rd of September on Postwar Records. I found her 2012 album a year or two ago and I really liked what I heard. I never ended up buying a copy, because there was always so much new stuff to buy and I don’t have the money to buy everything I desire. However, …

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[25 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 241 views]
Tuns – Tuns

I think I have to live up to that pop part of the subtitle every now and then. Lately Canadian supergroup Tuns have been in charge of giving me the heavy dose of pop melodies that I need in order to function as a living being (and Teenage Fanclub too of course). Tuns are Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, The Flashing Lights), Mike …

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[21 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 416 views]
Kuparilinna – Kuparilinna

Lately I’ve been very fond of this self-titled debut album by Kuparilinna. I’m a little ashamed that it took me until that Flavour of the Month concert the other week to get to know their music, because it’s fair to say that the whole idea of this blog was (and still should be) to tell the world or the few regular readers about such an …

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[18 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 527 views]
The Needy Sons – Vis-A-Vis

I thought I should also share some new music that I love on this so called blog birthday (ok, it’s past midnight already so I’m a little late), because that’s what this blog is all about. Besides The Needy Sons fits quite well to this little 15 years celebration, because Bill Janovitz’s other band Buffalo Tom was quite a big thing to me around the …

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[17 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 699 views]
Onechord.net strikes 15 today: Viljami Kukkonen – Mörönsyötti

One Chord to Another is now 15 years old. Huge thanks for everyone who has been with me on this little journey through music. No matter whether you’ve red this blog the full 15 years or just browsed through a couple of post somewhere along the way. It means a lot to me that you’ve visited this and it makes the countless amount of hours …

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[14 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 743 views]
Wesley Randolph Eader – Highway Winds

I’ve lived the past couple of days under the guidance of the new Wesley Randolph Eader album Highway Winds. It’s been a good place to be, because this is rather spectacular songwriting. I think I’ll stick around here for a while and make this my home.
Wesley Randolph Eader is a Portland-based country-folk songwriter and Highway Winds is his second album. I completely missed the …

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[13 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 581 views]
Onechord.net turns 15: Freschard – Cheese and Crackers

This song was such a huge addiction couple of years ago and I still sometimes find myself singing the words Cheese and Crackers out loud in public places. Jesus Christ this song is one of the greatest and most pleasant earworms I can think of. It’s forever stuck in my head, heart and bellybutton and I don’t even want to get rid of it. I …

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[11 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 619 views]
Onechord.net turns 15: Barna Howard – Turns Around the Bottle

Sticking in Portland for the time being and could stay there for several entries on this anniversary thingy. The whole Mama Bird family could and should be here and then there’s Huck and Richmond Fontaine and ton of other things. Portland rules my world. Actually Adam Selzer from the previous entry produced and recorded Barna Howard’s second album Quite A Feelin’. While that one is …

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[8 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 666 views]
Onechord.net turns 15: Norfolk & Western – At Dawn or After Dusk

I have selected only fairly new crushes so far, so here’s one love affair from the early days of One Chord To Another. This affair turned into a lifelong commitment and this album is still very dear to me. Even though I know all songs by heart I still regularly listen to this 2004 album from Norfolk & Western. Adam Selzer has done a lot …