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[27 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 149 views]
The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide

Another old favourite is back in this ball game. I’ve loved Swedish Hello Saferide since her lovely debut album came out back in 2005. I kind of thought that she had stopped making music, because it had been quiet for a few years. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when a new single and music video surfaced a few weeks ago. I Was Jesus is …

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[26 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 229 views]
Comet Gain, Anthony Atkinson & The Running Mates

Somewhat legendary british pop band Comet Gain was one of my favourites in the early 00s. Sneaky, Tigertown Pictures, Realistes and City Fallen Leaves were all excellent albums and I played them a lot around that time. Since 2005′s City Fallen Leaves I’ve lost track a bit, but 2014 seems like the right time to get back on the right path. There’s a new Comet …

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[25 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 243 views]
Spencer Burton, Christopher Denny, J. E. Sunde

I have never properly listened to Canadian indie rock band called Attack In Black. I think I probably should, because I seem to love everything the band members have done since then. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that I’m a huge fan of both Daniel Romano and Ian Kehoe (the man behind Marine Dreams). They both played …

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[20 Aug 2014 | One Comment | 395 views]
Lac Belot – Elizabeth EP

Something rather special came out today. A few weeks ago I received an email that introduced Lac Belot to me. I didn’t know Jarno Takkumäki (the man behind Lac Belot) beforehand, but I was hooked like five seconds after I had pushed the play button. The song in question was the title track Elizabeth from Lac Belot’s debut EP. Further studies showed that the whole …

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[10 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 479 views]
Freschard & Stanley Brinks

As previously mentioned, my biggest musical obsession this summer has been Freschard. Cheese and crackers anyone. I don’t even like Cheese and Crackers, but Freschard still makes me want to buy them anyway. So freakin’ addictive stuff. I have her albums Boom Biddy Boom and Shh… and I could listen to them all day long. I really love to walk around the town and just …

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[10 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 472 views]
Nathan K. – Methodist Girls

I’m still way behind and have a lot of good summer releases to go through. One of them is Methodist Girls by Nathan K. Nathan K is a folk singer-songwriter from Michigan and this new album came out a month ago. Methodist Girls has gotten a lot of air time on my iPod during the summer. It has been rather magnificent dreamy indie folk for …

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[10 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 567 views]
Nopat, Pöllöt & Satan’s Fingers

Some fantastic Finnish music for a change. Sometimes I forget that this is a Finnish pop site and not a fan site for fairly unknown North American folk singer-songwriters. These days it should be a bit of both.

First we have major news on the One Chord to Another scale. There’s a new Nopat album hitting the stores and our hearts in early September. This most …

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[3 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 793 views]
Bob Stanley: Yeah Yeah Yeah and Croydon Municipal

I have never been the biggest Saint Etienne fan. I do have the first three albums and I do like them. Especially the album So Tough and the song Hobart Paving. Still as a band, it has never been that important to me. However, Bob Stanley as a compiler, writer and a music fan has been very important to me personally. He certainly is one …

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[3 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 947 views]
The Legal Matters & The Britannicas

Going back to the foundation of my music taste, which will always be melodic guitar pop and power pop. These two excellent releases have injected plenty of that sort of greatness into this surprisingly hot Finnish summer.

First we have The Legal Matters from Michigan. The cover might not be the most inspiring I’ve seen, but inside you will find a huge amount of melodic pop …

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[3 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 987 views]
Strand Of Oaks, Centro-Matic, Wooden Wand

I’m going through the music I’ve loved this summer. Hopefully I can get back up-to-date sometime soon (but I wouldn’t count on it). Anyway, these three were all part of my summer soundtrack.

First we have the new Strand of Oaks and his first one on Dead Oceans. I did struggle a bit with some of the songs early on. Mostly with that 80s-influenced stuff. …