Quivers – Pigeons, The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field & Verandan – Short Dream

A couple of surprises for tonight. 1. There’s a new blog entry 2. It’s about pop music. A little pop goes the world type of thing. Maybe I should make a few more of these things down the road. I’m still a pop kid at heart. Ok, even I don’t believe that kid part anymore. I’m an old wreck, but one who will always love good pop music.

I kick things off with Quivers who are the inspiration behind this little blog entry. I can’t say I’m a big expert on the Tasmanian pop scene, but yesterday I stumbled upon a song called Pigeons by Quivers and instantly fell in love with it. A brilliant pop song and the chorus is so true. The other songs Chinatown and Ridin’ on the Hearses I’ve heard are also super good and I’m extremely eager to hear more.

Quivers at Facebook

Moving on to California. Shelflife Records will release the new album by The Luxembourg Signal on the 13th of October. There’s Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars, Fonda people in the band, so it’s really no wonder that I’m very much into this. Beth Arzy is a personal hero, who together with Bobby Wratten was the glue that kept my heart together back in the early 00s. Bobby also makes a guest appearance on an album track and I can’t wait to hear it. I’m getting little teary-eyed just by thinking of it. But hey, this was not supposed to be a nostalgic praising of the legendary Trembling Blue Stars. It’s 2017, The Luxembourg Signal sounds absolutely wonderful. This is the gorgeous title track of their forthcoming album Blue Field.

The Luxembourg Signal Website

Last stop Finland, but sticking with personal indie pop heroes. Verandan is a new group led by Ville Hopponen from Cats on Fire, Le Futur Pompiste, The New Tigers etc. Soliti will be releasing their EP sometime this fall. There’s a couple of tracks out there already and I like them a lot. Definitely shows that Ville also has the ability to write rather marvellous songs. Not that I had any doubts. This one is called Short Dream.

Verandan at Facebook

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The Lieblings – Let Them Have It

Hey, it’s summer and everything. The weather forecasters might not entirely agree and keep on telling that it’s damn cold outside and that soon it might be raining all kinds of awful things. However, I’m not ready to believe them, because there’s summer in my heart and that means I need some pop music that is a perfect match with that summery feeling. So it’s The Lieblings to the rescue, because they are more than able to kick the clouds away with their fuzzy pop magic. Their second album Let Them Have It came out months ago and I still haven’t written a word about if I remember correctly. Ridicilous stuff on my part, but better late than never and all the other cliches. Anyway, Let Them Have It is a great pop record with fuzzy guitar, gorgeous melodies and awesome vocals. This is Spark from the new The Lieblings album that is out and available on Stupido Records.

The Lieblings at Facebook

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Daisy – Ornament & Crime

Major news alert! Stop the pop press. A new Daisy album Ornament & Crime will be released on the 26th of May by Karhuvaltio Records. It’s been a while since 2009’s Daydream, but oh my, they certainly haven’t lost their ability to create wonderful pop songs during their long hiatus. I’m just listening to the album for the first time, because it found its way to Spotify a day early and I probably have never been this excited about the band. Super good pop record and I can’t wait to spend the summer under the melodic guidance of this new Daisy album. Here are the magnificent singles Little Love and Haven’t Always Been This Way to get things started.

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Freschard & Is This Really Me Finland Tour 30.3 – 1.4

Something rather special is happening within a couple of weeks. A magnificent French born, but Berlin-based songwriter Freschard has joined forces with Finnish band Is This Really Me and together they’ll do a short Finland tour that includes dates in Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä. I’m super excited, because as you might have noticed I’ve been extremely addicted to her songs and albums during the past few years. Shh.., Boom Biddy Boom and Sunday Night are all awesome. You’ll find some personal favourites at the end of this blog post. Clemence Freschard will be touring with another great tunesmith Stanley Brinks who plays guitar on these Finnish dates.

I’m also very eager to see Is This Really Me live for the first time. Their album The Iron Door was one of the finest Finnish albums of 2016.

Freschard & Is This Really Me Finland Tour:

30.03 Tenho, Helsinki
31.03 Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre, Turku
01.04 Art Museum, Jyväskylä (notice early showtime 16.00)

Freschard – Tweet Tweet (from Shh..)

Freschard – Not Ready (from Shh..)

Freschard – Investigate (from Boom Biddy Boom)

Freschard – Eagle Eyes (from Sunday Night)

Is This Really Me – Folk Song (from The Iron Door)

Is This Really Me – Cave (from The Iron Door)

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Bone Moon – The Writer EP

Bone Moon released their debut EP The Writer on the 3rd of March. They are a new band from Tampere led by ex-Ochre Room frontman Lauri Myllymäki. I had extremely high hopes for this one, because I absolutely loved Ochre Room. They put out a couple of albums that contained some of the finest Finnish folk rock / americana released in recent years. It was sad to see them call it a day, but thankfully Bone Moon is at least equally wonderful. Sure I miss the male-female harmonies a little bit, but the new band is very convincing and Lauri is continuously getting stronger and stronger as a songwriter. The Writer is an absolute beauty of an EP and a perfect start for this new group. The release party will be held at Telakka, Tampere on the 10th of March (with Laura Moisio). Here’s the music video for the title track. Directed by Sami Pöyry.

Bone Moon at Facebook

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Painikerho – Lovelle lasken lauluni EP

Painikerho will be releasing their debut EP Lovelle lasken lauluni on the 10th of February. They are a Turku-based indie rock trio whose music video Mä voisin pilata sun koko elämän started to gather a lot of attention a week or two ago. I was at work at the time and couldn’t wait to get back home and hit play, because based on what my friends said I was pretty sure I was going to love it. This was indeed the case. Mä voisin pilata sun koko elämän is a superb pop song. It’s melodic, catchy-as-hell and has a lot of cool harmonies. A whole lot of fun. Monstrously highly recommended.

Their EP will be released by Karhuvaltio Records this Friday. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, so I have no idea is the rest of it equally amazing. The expectations sure are high after this first outtake

Painikerho Website

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