Fables – Portraits EP

Fables is a musical ensemble from Auckland, New Zealand and their debut EP Portraits came out on Second Hand Records on the 7th of September. Jess Bailey has written a fascinating collection of elegant and intriguing folk songs. The writing is so good throughout the record and there are so many moments that I love like the beginning of the lead single We Could Be All where she sings I was unaware of the ones who cared that I put my right foot first. In a way so simple, but still somehow unique and compelling way to deliver a sentiment. My own favorite song of the EP is this beautifully arranged How To Be Comfortable, but do hit the links on the bandcamp player below in order to buy/hear whole lovely EP.

Fables Website
Second Hand Records Website

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Charles Walker & Ben Trickey split 7″ EP

This is a pretty damn impressive split 7″ from songwriters that are still pretty unknown at least in this corner of the world. Charles Walker & Ben Trickey split 7″ EP came out on 27th of July on Anthem Breath Records. I had Sorted Out by Charles Walker on one of those weekly playlist that I’ve been making and the song has been stuck in my head ever since. It’s such a great song and the playing on the chorus always gives me early Songs-Ohia vibes and I love that. Here’s a song from each songwriter. If you want a physical copy of the single, travel to bentrickey.com.

Ben Trickey Website
Charles Walker Website

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Becky Warren – The Drake Motel (single/video)

Becky Warren’s new album Undesirable will be released on the 19th of October. It’s a gorgeous rock’n’roll record about humanity and the good in everyone. The new video The Drake Motel was shot at that exact location, The Drake Motel in Nashville, TN and tells the story of so-called motel homeless. These good-hearted folks earn enough money to afford basic housing, but aren’t able to meet other requirements needed to obtain an apartment. An important story and a brilliant song. That chorus has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it.

Becky Warren Website

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JP Harris – JP’s Florida Blues #1 (single/video)

There’s a new great JP Harris album on the horizon. JP Harris is a great country songwriter from Nashville and the album Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing is due out on the 5th of October on Free Dirt Records. The lead single JP’s Florida Blues #1 recently got a gonzo-style over the top inapproriate music video where JP Harris and friends are goofin around on the road. You might also catch some familiar faces in the cameo roles. Check it out below and then set up a camp outside the local record store and start counting days until the release.

JP Harris Website

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Jake Nicoll – Stone Arch

Canadian Jake Nicoll quietly released a pretty magical album called Stone Arch on the 3rd of September. Jake recorded the album in a cabin with Kira Sheppard. It’s just two lovely voices, a guitar and a harp, but together they create something really warm and beautiful. Listening to it is almost meditative and resting on its shoulder is a perfect way to ease into the night. These songs live on a land unknown to everyday stress.

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Extra Arms – Why I Run (single)

A long time favourite Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms are back with a new album Headacher that is due out on the 12th of October on Get Party Records. This time they are actually called just Extra Arms, because they are now a real and loud rock’n’roll band instead of Ryan Allen’s solo adventure. This is going to be such a treasure for the fans of loud and melodic power pop. I will return to this closer to the release date, but here’s the gorgeous first single Why I Run to get this party started. Damn this sounds good and it’s so much fun too. Why was it again that I mostly listen to melancholic folk and country music these days instead of stuff like this that is the pure foundation of my music taste. Beats me. Oh well. Thankfully I can still enjoy this wholeheartedly. This is Why I Run from the forthcoming Extra Arms album.

Extra Arms at Facebook

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