Quick review: Two Cow Garage – Lydia (single)

New Two Cow Garage single Lydia was released last friday and it’s freakin’ awesome. If you are a regular reader, you are well aware that I’m totally addicted to Micah Schnabel and Two Cow Garage and I’m eagerly waiting for their upcoming album Sweet Saint Me. I even went and bought this mp3 single and I’m not sure have I ever done that before (because I’m still an old-fashioned guy that prefers to buy records, but this time I couldn’t wait). Lydia is such a fantastic song and the ultimate punk rock Lolita. The lyrics are pretty marvellous altogether and that power pop chorus is stunning. Kind of like Elliot Smith meets The Replacements if we get into that scary and pointless namedropping. There’s no need though, because all that matters is that Two Cow Garage is one of the best rock bands out there right now and Sweet Saint Me is going to be one hell of an album.

Two Cow Garage Website
Two Cow Garage at myspace
Suburban Home Records at Bandcamp (you can listen to and buy the single in here, you’ll get a non-album b-side as well)

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Video of the Day #17: Hayward Williams

I’ve watched this video several times during the past week or two, so I suppose it’s time to make it the video of the day. I don’t know much about Hayward Williams, but I definitely should buy some of his stuff, because I really like this song. Both the voice and the melancholy reminds me of Jason Molina. Maybe more the early work under the name Songs:Ohia than Magnolia Electric Co.

Hayward Williams Website

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Video of the Day #16: Possessed By Paul James

This is a marvellous song from the new Possessed By Paul James album Feed The Family which is out right about now I think. It certainly looks like I’m gonna order that album tomorrow or thereabouts. This is such a fantastic song and I watched this clip more than ten times tonight. Thanks for ninebullets.net for posting it (I knew PPJ beforehand, but had not seen this video). Apparently it’s from a movie called The Folk Singer and it also looks like I’m gonna buy the DVD or the download of the film from the Slowboat Films website tomorrow or thereabouts.

Possessed By Paul James Website

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Video of the Day #13: The Genuine Fakes

This is the second single When Reality Hits You from the upcoming The Genuine Fakes album and it’s another great song. If you were into the 90’s swedish power pop scene and spent a part of your youth listening to bands like Popsicle, Wannadies, The Merrymakers, then you must check out this band. Actually if you just happen to love good pop music in general, you must check out this band. They are wonderful and I’m fairly confident that the upcoming album will be one of the finest albums of the whole year. I hope we don’t have to wait for it too long anymore, because I’ve been sketching my five hearts review of their debut album since the day I first stumbled on their myspace a couple of years ago.


The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at myspace

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Video of the Day #12: Micah Schnabel

Sorry for the little downtime. My old computer became a little too old and I thought it was time to buy a laptop. So the past couple of days I’ve been moving files and programs from the old computer to the new one, but most of that stuff is now done and I can get back to basics.

This video of the day thing must contain a little bit of Micah Schnabel. The seven regular readers know that I love this guy and rate his solo album When The Stage Lights Go Dim as one of the finest albums of the whole year. Micah is also a frontman of the fabulous band called Two Cow Garage. Their new album is due out later in 2010 and will most definitely be a major contender for the album of the year award here at the One Chord to Another headquarters. This live clip is further proof that the album will indeed be awesome. Lydia is certainly another fantastic song. Looking forward to hear the studio version, because that might be rather perfect Elliot Smith & The Replacements meets cowpunk and power pop type of thing.


Thanks to the wonderful ninebullets.net for the video.

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