Bobby Emmett

I got this Bobby Emmett album yesterday and I’m already completely in love with it. Bobby Emmett is a power pop singer-songwriter from Detroit (and used to play in a wonderful band The Sights) and this album Learning Love is just stunning. Recently I’ve been trying to put together my albums of the year list and this is a great contender for the top spots. I’m just so excited about this that it will definitely make the top 10, top 5 is also extremely likely and top 1 isn’t out of the question either. I think it’s a magnificent and truly enjoyable power pop album that stands firmly on his own yard, but also reminds me of other fantastic groups like Sloan, Cheap Trick, Big Star and Jellyfish. I’m in love.

Bobby Emmett at myspace

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New The Avett Brothers music video

I love it. I also listened to old The Avett Brothers albums (Emotionalism, Mignonette and Four Thieves Gone) in the car today and was thinking that if I needed to make a list of top 10 albums of the decade right now, it would probably contain four The Avett Brothers albums. That’s how badly I’m addicted to them. I think Emotionalism would take the top spot on that list though and I and Love and You would have to settle for the album of the year award…

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Stream I and Love and You at


The Avett Brothers album I and Love and You is already out as a vinyl. CD and Digital download will follow on 29.09.09. However, you can now stream the whole album at in case you don’t have a record player or don’t want to wait for a week. I think the album is just marvellous and I don’t mind that it’s very piano-driven. Surely I would also like to hear more of that bluegrass side of the band, but this new material is equally stunning. Easily my favourite album of the year and yet I still feel that The Avett Brothers might be able to make even a greater album than I and Love and You. Nevertheless, you can expect one of those way-too-emotional five heart reviews in a few weeks time.

The Avett Brothers album at

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