Freschard & Is This Really Me Finland Tour 30.3 – 1.4

Something rather special is happening within a couple of weeks. A magnificent French born, but Berlin-based songwriter Freschard has joined forces with Finnish band Is This Really Me and together they’ll do a short Finland tour that includes dates in Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä. I’m super excited, because as you might have noticed I’ve been extremely addicted to her songs and albums during the past few years. Shh.., Boom Biddy Boom and Sunday Night are all awesome. You’ll find some personal favourites at the end of this blog post. Clemence Freschard will be touring with another great tunesmith Stanley Brinks who plays guitar on these Finnish dates.

I’m also very eager to see Is This Really Me live for the first time. Their album The Iron Door was one of the finest Finnish albums of 2016.

Freschard & Is This Really Me Finland Tour:

30.03 Tenho, Helsinki
31.03 Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre, Turku
01.04 Art Museum, Jyväskylä (notice early showtime 16.00)

Freschard – Tweet Tweet (from Shh..)

Freschard – Not Ready (from Shh..)

Freschard – Investigate (from Boom Biddy Boom)

Freschard – Eagle Eyes (from Sunday Night)

Is This Really Me – Folk Song (from The Iron Door)

Is This Really Me – Cave (from The Iron Door)

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Little Bandit – Breakfast Alone

Little Bandit from Nashville and their new album Breakfast Alone are big personal favourites at the moment. A whole lot of traditional country music & gospel-flavoured rock balladry with some modern twists as well. It’s just an extremely enjoyable album. Sometimes it even circulates the cliches of classic country tearjerkers, but does it exceptionally well and actually those songs turn out to be the ones that I love the most. The delivery is just so beautiful and perfect. The aching for lost love and somewhat dry humour go hand in hand on the album and my mood keeps on changing from crying to smiling. Breakfast Alone came out on Yk Records in February. Here are the video for Bed Of Bad Luck and another wonderful heartbreaker called Pitiful Heart.

Little Bandit Website

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Craig Finn – God In Chicago (video)

One more for tonight. I was a little skeptical of this new Craig Finn song God In Chicago when I started to listen to it and Craig begun the spoken word thing-y. But hey it was Craig and I love this man, so I let my guards down and sunk into the story. Turned out to be the right thing to do, because I was so hooked by the time it finished that I listened to it several times during that night and have continued during the following days. God In Chicago is an outtake from the forthcoming Craig Finn album We All Want The Same Things that is due out March 24 on Partisan Records.

Craig Finn Website

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Eric McEntee – Say It’s Not Over (Val Stöecklein)

It’s hard to keep up with the inbox because is just a little hobby and not a full time job. Therefore I usually have hundreds of unread emails and it’s often very tempting to just hit delete all. The reason I keep on going through them is that a few times in a month I stumble upon a treasure that makes it all worthwhile. Some weeks ago the music of California-based songwriter Eric McEntee was such a treasure. Hitting play instead of hitting delete was a damn fine decision, because I kind of instantly fell for the songs. Warm and beautiful folk songs that take the listener to the late sixties and early seventies. The first outtake from his forthcoming album that is due out later in 2017 is called Say It’s Not Over. This is not an Eric McEntee original though. It’s a song by Val Stöecklein that appeared on his 1969 album Grey Life. I love the song and I definitely need to introduce my heart to Grey Life. So thanks to Eric for bringing Val to my attention. Anyway, here’s Eric’s excellent version of Say It’s Not Over. I can’t wait to hear the full finished album, because Eric’s own material is also excellent.

Eric McEntee Website

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Jon Mckiel – Memorial Ten Count

Another week kind of flew by without enough time to even listen to music, let alone write about it. When you add that the fact that hockey playoffs will begin next week, things aren’t looking very good for the progress of this blog. I still try to make a few quick posts every now and then, so I don’t lose the last few people that still might care. I still buy music even if I don’t seem to find enough time to listen to it. Today I picked up the new J.E. Sunde vinyl from the local record store and last week I downloaded Jon Mckiel’s latest album Memorial Ten Count. Jon Mckiel is a Canadian songwriter that I probably should have been listening to for several years by now, but this is actually my first proper introduction to his music. I really dig the new album though and therefore I’m happy that I finally filled this hole in my music education. I’m especially fond of these songs Brothers and Unknown Source that you’ll find below. Memorial Ten Count was co-released by my favourite Canadian labels You’ve Changed Records and Headless Owl Records on 10th of March 2017.

Jon Mckiel Website

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