BMX Bandits – BMX Bandits Forever

Again a few weeks flew by without any posts. Lately I just haven’t had what this takes, but tonight I’m listening to a new BXM Bandits album and this is all love. Albeit often the hurting kind, because BMX Bandits have created a beautifully sad pop album. The hurt never gets unbearable though, because even when there’s heartache in the lyrics, there’s heartwarming smiles in the music. I’m probably smiling even more than I should, but I just can’t help it. Even a sad BMX Bandits song is a warm smile, a gentle hug and a shoulder to lean on and always a complete match with my overly romantic heart.

BMX Bandits has been creating wondrous pop magic for 30+ years and long may it continue. BMX Bandits Forever indeed. No Matter What You Say and Love Me ‘Til My Heart Stops are perfect pop songs on all accounts and the whole new record is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again Duglas T Stewart, you beautiful man. Even though I don’t know him personally, this BMX Bandits front man is also sort of a pop mentor to me. Over the years, I’ve spent hours listening the songs he has shared on his twitter or TFC boards and he has introduced me to a lot of songs that I probably would have never found without him. Thanks for that too Duglas T Stewart, you beautiful man.

BMX Bandits Forever was released on the 19th of May on the classic Spanish pop label Elefant Records.

BMX Bandits Website

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Kashena Sampson – Wild Heart

I don’t know too much about Nashville-based songwriter Kashena Sampson at the moment. In fact I first heard/saw her name earlier today when I saw Erin Rae’s FB post about Kashena Sampson’s new single. I followed up on Erin’s recommendation half an hour ago and listened to the single Wild Heart. It took my breath away and I’ve had the song playing on repeat for a while now. Such a great song and a beautiful and powerful voice. Wild Heart is the first outtake and title track of her forthcoming debut album that is due out August 18th, 2017. I can’t wait to hear more.

Kashena Sampson Website

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Drew Beskin – Cha-Ching Machine

The last couple of months flew by without hardly any updates, so most of these forthcoming blog entries are news from the past. A long time favourite Drew Beskin from Athens, GA released his solo debut Cha-Ching Machine on the 24th of March. Drew Beskin is the mastermind behind such gorgeous indie rock groups as The District Attorneys, PURSES, Party Dolls. Actually it’s been somewhat difficult to keep tabs on Drew, because there’s like a new band name or new project every year. Some things don’t change though. His songwriting is always top-notch and the new solo record is an excellent addition to the Drew Beskin songbook. Cha-Ching Machine is out now on Laser Brains. This is my early favourite Hold Me Down. Such a brilliant song. The kind of pop music that I love.

Drew Beskin Website

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Craig Finn – We All Want The Same Things

I haven’t really thought about it a lot, but if I had to pick the greatest album of the year so far, I think I would choose Craig Finn’s new album We All Want The Same Things. I did already share the God In Chicago video a while back, but needed to quickly praise this again, because it’s such a special record and half of these songs could also be candidates for the song of the year award. The songs God In Chicago, Rescue Blues, Be Honest go above any kind of rating scale I can set up. I really enjoyed the earlier solo albums too, but maybe I still felt that they didn’t completely reach the level of The Hold Steady. I don’t have any doubts anymore. This is just as brilliant as The Hold Steady if not more. Craig Finn is a magnificent songwriter and We All Want The Same Things is a spectacular album.

Craig Finn Website

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Joan Shelley – Where I’ll Find You

One more recent song love affair while we are at it. There’s dozens, because I’ve only updated a few times during the past couple of months. This one is from the new self-titled Joan Shelley album that is due out very soon on the 5th of May. A stunning folk song from most likely wonderful album. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but I fully trust the talent of Joan Shelley and the guidance of executive producer Dwight Lightning. By the way, I wholeheartedly recommend following her dog Dwight on instagram. Checking out if Dwight is up to something is like a daily routine to me these days and I also tell about Dwight’s actions to my wife and my cat. Sure I loved Joan’s music before I knew about Dwight, but somehow that marvellous dog has made me even a bigger fan of Joan Shelley. A great supporter for her. This is Where I’ll Find You from the forthcoming Joan Shelley album.

Joan Shelley Website

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