Turner Cody, Jim Bryson and John K. Samson

Hey another round-up post of songs/albums that I’ve fallen in love with during the fall.

Starting tonight’s journey from Queens, NY with a song from the new Turner Cody album The Duke of Decline. I’ve loved his storytelling for years and I’m just waiting for the world or the seven regular readers of this blog to follow my lead. If you want an introduction, there’s also a brand new compilation The Great Shadow 2007-2017 available on b.y_records. Here’s The Morning Sun from the new album and my all-time favorite I Know How I Feel About You from the combilation.

Turner Cody Website

Next up is Jim Bryson from Ottawa, Canada and his latest EP Tired of Waiting that is out and available Coax Records. Definitely one of my favorite EPs of the year. This is the music video Leslie Marshall directed for the song Labor Drive.

Jim Bryson Website

Last one for tonight is the new song from one of my all-time favorite songwriters John K. Samson and a song that I’ve listened about 78 times during the past week. This one isn’t an original though. It is a cover version of a song by Christine Fellows. Saturday Night On Utopia Parkway first appeared on her 2007 album Nevertheless. This cover version by John K. Samson is from a forthcoming split single with Kevin Devine that is due out later in November on Bad Timing Records. Oh and I just noticed that there’s actually a new Christine Fellows album coming out this Friday. So more of her music in the blog very soon.

John K. Samson Website
Christine Fellows Website

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Kristina Murray, JP Harris, Jamie Lin Wilson & Joshua Ray Walker

I shall continue with the quick round-up posts of songs/albums I’ve fallen for during the past few months. This time I’m taking a bit more country approach. These would all deserve a long detailed review, because they are all superb and I love them to bits. Unfortunately this blog doesn’t pay the bills and there’s limits how much time I’m able to give to this dear hobby.

I think I’ve praised this Nashville-based songwriter Kristina Murray and her great album Southern Ambrosia a few times during the past months, but maybe not after it was released which happened on the 21st of September on Loud Magnolia Records. Anyway, it’s a damn good country/americana record that deserves several revisits so here’s another go and my current favorite from the album. Tell Me is a gorgeous country ballad that Kristina Murray co-wrote with Logan Ledger (you will hear more of him in 2019, so remember the name).

Kristina Murray Website

Staying is Nashville, Tennessee for the time being. The honky tonk hero JP Harris dropped a new fabulous record on the 5th of October. It carries the name Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing and it came out on Free Dirt Records. Extremely enjoyable album that ranges from classic beautiful country ballads to insanely catchy rootsy rock’n’roll songs. Difficult to pick just one for this little blog posts, because everything is so freakin’ good but let’s got with When I Quit Drinking this time around.

JP Harris Website

Moving on to Texas for the rest of this blog entry. First stop is D’Hanis, TX that is the home for americana songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson. Her latest album Jumping Over Rocks came out on the 26th of October. If you follow the weekly playlist, you’ve heard almost half of these songs already because the album has been such a big part of my autumn. She is such an incredible songwriter and storyteller that I also ended up buying the earlier album. The highlights of the new album for me are Oklahoma Stars that she co-wrote with Evan Felker (Turnpike Troubadours) and this brilliant song called Death & Life. Everything else works too.

Jamie Lin Wilson at Facebook

The final stop tonight is Dallas, TX and the new Joshua Ray Walker single Canyon from his forthcoming album that is due on the 25th of January. He is a Dallas-based country songwriter and definitely one to keep an eye on. This is a tremendous song and it’s been a big favorite of mine during the past couple of weeks. Gripping, honest, moving and powerful songwriting. I can’t wait to hear the whole album in early 2019. Here’s a live version from Sofar Sounds, you’ll find the studio version from Spotify.

Joshua Ray Walker Website

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The Genuine Fakes, Stoner Control, Steady Hands & Mahonies

Continuing with these round-up posts. This time we are circling around the foundation of the blog, so instead of sad country songs, here’s some great melodic alternative rock, power pop, folk rock for your listening pleasure.

Let’s kick off with the Swedish power pop heroes The Genuine Fakes. The days when Swedish pop music ruled the world might be long gone (referring to the golden age of Popsicle, The Wannadies, The Merrymakers etc, not ABBA. Not that I have anything against ABBA either. On the contrary, but hey it still ain’t no Popsicle), but things aren’t looking so bad now either. Popsicle played a few shows and the classic albums were reissued, David Myhr already gave us a super catchy pop album earlier in the year and now we have a new The Genuine Fakes album Issues that came out on Pristine Music / Rock Indiana on the 26th of October. If you need an extra namedrop to spark an interest, Jon Auer of The Posies also appears on the album. Here’s a melodic treasure called My Very Best. I’m sure your head, heart and bellybutton will enjoy this slice of pop heaven.

The Genuine Fakes Website

I just stumbled upon this Portland-based band Stoner Control and their album Alone In The City yesterday and I really like it. I’d like to say that I found it from some cool mag or blog, but actually it was the damn spotify algorithm that had this as the first recommended album to me. This one falls more into the 90s and early 00s US indie rock / alternative rock instead of power pop, but it does have its fair share of great melodies too. This song Local News in particular is really awesome, but everything else works too.

Next up is the new Steady Hands album Truth in Comedy that came out on the 19th of October on Lame-O Records. They are a folk-punk band from Philadelphia led by Sean Huber and they have written a damn catchy record. Actually maybe not the closest thing to my taste, but I’m too old to have any prejudices and I just enjoy every second. Especially New Tattoo and Indiffirent Belushi are just magnificent.

And last stop this time is Tampere, Finland and the debut full-length album from Mahonies that came out on Iso Pinkki on the 21st of September. Pouring From an Empty Cup is an impressive debut that bounces around the fields of alternative rock, americana and power pop. This is excellent For the Hundreth Time from the album.

Mahonies at Facebook

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Anna Tivel, Michael Nau, Adeline Hotel and Juan Solorzano

Continuing with these sort of round-up posts in my desperate attempt to catch up before the end of the year. So it’s time of another collection of songs/albums that I’ve loved during these past few months.

Portland-based songwriter Anna Tivel recently recorded a new album with the help of Shane Leonard and Brian Joseph. The album called The Question won’t be out before April, 2019, but the incredible first single Fenceline was just released by Fluff and Gravy Records. It’s a deeply affecting song about immigration and humanity. An important story beautifully told. I can’t wait to hear the full album, because Anna Tivel is one of the finest songwriters at the moment and I fully trust Shane Leonard’s vision to make her dark songs shine even more brightly than before.

Anna Tivel Website

I’ve enjoyed all Michael Nau albums, but this latest Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread feels like the most complete and definitely will appear on those year-end lists in December. It came out on the 3rd of August on Full Time Hobby and has been on heavy rotation ever since. Michael Nau has this talent to make music that sounds gentle, warmhearted and comfortable and his records are a perfect soundtrack for lazy Sunday afternoons. However, the end result is still always way more than just lovely. There’s depth and power in his soft words and the record stays with you long after the sweet sounds has drifted away from the headphones.

Michael Nau at Facebook

Next stop New York and the new Adeline Hotel album Away Together that came out on the 26th of October on Ruination Record Co. Songwriter Dan Knishkowy again teamed up with co-producer Will Stratton and a cast of talented musicians and together they made a really charming, well-written and beautifully arranged album. Isn’t That Love and Looking For The Same Thing are my early personal favorites, but there are no weak links. In fact, the best part about the album is that it’s so strong and compelling as a whole.

Adeline Hotel at Facebook

Last visit this time around is Nashville, Tennessee and the new Juan Solorzano album Time Machine that came out on the 3rd of August. It was a pretty low-key release and I haven’t heard a lot of talk about it at least in this corner of the world. Which is a shame, because especially all the singles Time Machine, Take It From Me and Should’ve Been You are timeless and endearing. I think he is better known as a producer at this point, but I hope he keeps on making his own music as well. There’s so much to love here and it’s difficult to pick just one song, but let’s go with the gorgeous title track.

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Laura Gibson, Anna St. Louis, Julia Jacklin and The Weather Station

I have about a month left before it’s time to start making those pointless but fun year-end lists, so I better start writing some blog posts if I want to be able to cover even a tiny fraction of the wonderful 2018 releases before that. This one is basicly just a quick video post though, because it’s late, I’m lazy, worn out and a sorry excuse of a music blogger. However, I’ll try to do a bunch of this kind of round up posts of 2018 songs/albums that mean the world to me between now and the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll write a few more words as well, but no definite promises. This is just a hobby and often the day job and other things take all the time and energy.

I will begin with the lyric video Goners from the new Laura Gibson album that came out on the 26th of October on Barsuk (USA) / City Slang (Europe). This particular album is actually the prime candidate to take away the #1 place on that forthcoming albums of the year list, because I love this album madly. Sure it’s quite sad and dark, but it’s not an issue for me. After all, my moderate happiness is built on devastatingly sad songs and without them that still somewhat shaky structure would fall apart. Thankfully music is always on my side. Goners is a phenomenal album and a treasure that I hold dear. This is the gorgeous title track, but you definitely need to hear the whole beautiful album.

Laura Gibson Website

Next up LA-based folk songwriter Anna St. Louis. Her album If Only There Was a River came out on Kevin Morby’s fairly new Woodsist imprint Mare on the 12th of October. Here’s a couple of great songs from her captivating debut full-length (I know the First Songs release from 2017, but I think this is still considered as the proper debut studio album).

Anna St. Louis at Facebook

Moving on to Australia. Julia Jacklin’s latest single Body is brilliant, powerful and moving. The next Julia Jacklin album is going to be something very special if this is any indication. An important song too and one the finest songs of the year.

Julia Jacklin Website

And finally we have the new polaris collaboration single from Canada’s finest songwriters The Weather Station and Jennifer Castle that came out on Paradise of Bachelors on the 18th of October. Here’s a video of the Weather Station song I Tried to Wear the World. Jennifer Castle’s song is equally stunning so leave this blog for a minute and listen to / buy the whole beautiful release here. Oh and while you are at it don’t forget Jennifer Castle’s wonderful 2018 album Angels of Death or last year’s self-titled The Weather Station album that is still my favorite album of the current decade. You’ll find both from that same link above, because they are also out on PoB.

The Weather Station Website
Jennifer Castle Website

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