Pickering Pick – Tiger Balm

The latest release from my new favourite label, Yer Bird Records, is Pickering Pick’s wonderful new album Tiger Balm that came out on june 21st. Mr. Pickering Pick is able to write both heartbreaking and heartwarming songs and he has created a stunningly beautiful folk album that has the quality to go deeper than where any doctor could reach. The whole thing is a sweet work of art. If you don’t take my word for it, just listen to this amazing song called Like A River.

Pickering Pick Website
Pickering Pick at Facebook

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The Deep Dark Woods – The Place I Left Behind

I’ve finally accepted the fact I will never have the time to “properly” review all the great albums that are coming out. Therefore I thought I will start writing small news bits about foreign releases as well. Because even though no-one else probably cares, it’s heartbreaking to me when I notice that I haven’t even written one word about some albums that I really love. I will still try to review the stuff I end up loving the most (at least the album of the month), but this way it doesn’t matter too much will it take me two days or two months.

Let’s begin with The Deep Dark Woods from Saskatchewan, Canada. Their new album The Place I Left Behind will be released by Six Shooter Records on 2nd of august. I just recently stumbled upon them and don’t even own any of their albums. I’ve only listened to their previous album Winter Hours on Spotify and watched a bunch of videos. But oh my. This is totally my kind of band and I’m pretty excited about the upcoming album. Just wonderful folk rock and americana songs. And plenty of vocal harmonies which is always a plus. This first outtake from the new album is entitled West Side Street and it sounds absolutely marvelous to me.

And here’s a great video of Two Time Loser. It’s from the previous album:

The Deep Dark Woods Website
The Deep Dark Woods at Facebook

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News: Burning Hearts, Epilä, Puskii! & Tolbiac


The new Burning Hearts EP Into The Wilderness was released on 21st of june by Shelflife Records. Listen to the excellent title track Into The Wilderness below.

Burning Hearts at Facebook


Epilä is currently working on their second album due out in the spring of 2012. The first outtake from the upcoming album Pakko tehdä väärin was released as a digital single on the 22nd of june. Sami Sänpäkkilä also directed a music video for the song. Check it out below.

Epilä: Pakko tehdä väärin from Exogenic Music Group on Vimeo.

Epilä Website


Puskii! have added some songs from their upcoming album Sun sydän paukkuu ku bassorumpu to Soundcloud. I still love these. For example this song called Mä haluun bändin is just so good. Simple but perfect. Check out three others on their soundcloud.

Puskii at facebook


Mr. Tolbiac has written some Finnish pop classics like Purkkaa and Model. Here’s a new pop treat from Tolbiac called (I Don’t Want To) Hurt You.

and the classic Purkkaa:

More on Tolbiac’s soundcloud

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Marty The Random Guy & Devil Box

After writing that Patrick Sweany review I thought I make this a blues night here at onechord.net and quickly wrote about a couple of somewhat blues-related great artists that have gotten criminally little amount of love on this blog even though I really like both of them.


Marty The Random Guy is a blues/country/rock singer-songwriter from Turku and have played some great concerts around here. I’m not sure how well-known he is elsewhere, because I don’t really follow the roots music circle too well. Anyway, at least he should-be-well-known everywhere, because he is pretty damn good. He released a wonderful little disc called Hooks a couple years back. It’s got some fantastic stuff on it. I especially like the country-flavoured tunes, because that’s closer to my taste. However, the blues stuff is also pretty convincing. I hope he manages to release some new stuff soon. You can check out songs from Hooks at myspace, if you aren’t already completely fed up with that site. Below is a pretty new live clip courtesy of Telmu RY.

Marty The Random Guy at Facebook
Marty The Random Guy at myspace
Marty The Random Guy Website

Marty photo by Sandra Nyberg.


Devil Box has to do something right, because they are able to make instrumentals that I do enjoy. That’s a tough task, because usually I hate those things. Vocals and harmony vocals are by far the most important instrument to me and Devil Box have none of them. But they do have as much style and substance as Chazz Michael Michaels and are able create pretty magical bluesy instrumentals. I think some kind of release is coming up soon, but meanwhile you can listen to them at Soundcloud. Here’s one sample entitled (Gonna Be a) Feast On the Patio. You’ll find a couple more if you hit that soundcloud link.

The Devil Box at Soundcloud
The Devil Box at Facebook

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News: Soliti – A new record label

The big news of the day was that Nick Triani launched a new label Soliti and signed Astrid Swan, Cats On Fire, The New Tigers, Black Twig and Big Wave Riders. Nick Triani did some excellent work as an A&R guy at Johanna Kustannus and I was far from pleased when I heard the news that Universal bought the label and made some big changes. Therefore it’s a wonderful thing that Nick Triani launched a new label and gave home to five indie bands that really deserved a record contract. Things will kick of with Astrid Swan’s Pavement cover album Hits (Pavement For Girls) late summer / autumn.

Soliti Website

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News: Kim Curly Band

One of the finest Finnish americana bands Kim Curly Band just released the first single New York from the upcoming second album (due to be released in september). Oh and Passerby from the excellent debut album recently featured in a Hollywood movie 5th Quarter. Which is pretty cool even if you concider the fact that the movie itself probably isn’t a brilliant work of art like Zerkalo or Fletch and Kim Curly Band’s wonderful song is pretty much the only reason you might want to watch that film.

This is New York:

This is Passerby:

Kim Curly Band Website

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