Haley Heynderickx – Untitled God Song

Singer-songwriter Haley Heynderickx from Portland, Oregon is getting ready to release her debut album. The first single Oom Sha La La already appeared a few months ago. It took a little while for that song to win my heart over, but eventually I was fully convinced that I need to start a garden. The second single Untitled God Song surfaced yesterday and this song is just exceptional and outstanding. My jaw fell through the floor on first listen and after I picked it up from the cellar, I had the song on repeat for half an hour. Profoundly captivating and beautiful song that describes the appearance of God in an unconventional manner. It’s both moving and amusing. I can’t wait to hear the full-length album I Need to Start a Garden that will be released by the always excellent Mama Bird Recording Co on the 2nd of March.

Haley Heynderickx Website

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The Olympic Symphonium – Glory Of Love & Comedy

Canadian songwriting quartet The Olympic Symphonium is getting ready to release their new full-length album Beauty In The Tension. It’s a beautiful and lush folk album that I hold dear and I plan to return to it here on the release week or thereabouts. However, they’ve already shared three captivating songs from the forthcoming album that demand to be heard, so I better get started and post a couple of them. The single Glory of Love surfaced in December and it’s a Chicago-inspired love song directed to the songwriter’s 1991 Honda Accord. While that may seem a tad ludicrous in writing, the song is actually very beautiful.

The latest song to surface from the forthcoming album is a music video for the song Comedy, where all members took a bit of a hit for the team by eating habaneros and such, because crying on demand was otherwise a difficult thing to achieve. I bet that’s a moment when one regrets not taking at least a few drama & acting lessons in the open college. Beauty In The Tension will be out on Forward Music Group on the 6th of February.

The Olympic Symphonium Website

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Sam Moss – Flowers

This year is already looking pretty great, because during the week several of my personal favourites announced new albums. One of them is Boston-based folk singer-songwriter Sam Moss whose new album Neon will be released on the 2nd of March by Lost Honey Records. The excellent lead single Flowers is now out and available. I’m very fond of it and look forward to hearing the full album in a couple of months.

Sam Moss Website

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H.C. McEntire – A Lamb, A Dove

H.C. McEntire, the singer and songwriter of the great North Carolinian folk rock band Mount Moriah will release a solo album Lionheart on the 26th of January. The lead track A Lamb, A Dove surfaced in November and therefore I took a bit of a head start and already selected it among the best songs of 2017. However, this magnificent gospel-tinged song deserves far more attention now when we are approaching the release of this excellent album. So here it goes. The stunning opening track of the forthcoming solo album that will be released by Merge Records.

H.C. McEntire at Facebook

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Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

One of my most anticipated 2018 releases is the new Courtney Marie Andrews album May Your Kindness Remain that is due out 23rd of March on Loose Music (UK & Europe) and Fat Possum Records/Mama Bird Recording Co. (USA). The lead single and title track of the album May Your Kindness Remain surfaced earlier in the week and it sounds absolutely brilliant. She is phenomenal and her songs always move me deeply. I can hardly wait to hear the full album.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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Daniel Romano – Human Touch & Nerveless

Hey, it’s 2018 and Canadian Daniel Romano kick-started it beautifully by dropping two surprise full-length albums on the 4th of January. Human Touch and Nerveless will only be available until the end of his current Canadian tour, so better act fast in case you don’t want to miss out. I suppose it’s possible that these albums or songs will appear again on a later date in some shape or form, but why take the chance because they might not. What I can say is that these are wonderful albums and not just an act of cleaning up the cupboards from old second rate tunes before moving on to new horizons. At least, these aren’t second rate by anyone else’s standards. As for Daniel Romano, who really knows. It sure seems like this man can write a great record every month if he so wishes. Anyway, I’m thrilled that he dropped a couple of them into our hearts, so we don’t have to wait for that 2030 box set that contains dozens of unreleased Daniel Romano albums. I would go with Human Touch if I would have to choose just one. Thankfully I don’t have to, because I love them both and both are extremely highly recommended. Just like everything else in his song catalogue.

Daniel Romano Website

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