Simon Joyner – Step Into The Earthquake

Simon Joyner from Omaha, Nebraska is one incredible songwriter and he is now back with a new album Step Into The Earthquake that is out now on Ba Da Bing Records (USA) and BB*Island (Europe). I completely fell in love with his previous album Grass, Branch & Bone and these days it’s one of my favourite albums of this current decade. Step Into Earthquake probably doesn’t become as important to me and quite frankly that’s pretty much impossible. However, this new double is also a magnificent album and a master-class of songwriting. I’ve had most of these songs on rotation for months, because I bought the Phoenix demos during the ACLU benefit on Bandcamp, but they’ve kept their magic throughout the year. This is Earthquake from the new Simon Joyner album.

Simon Joyner at Facebook

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Fiver – Audible Song From Rockwood

I shortly featured this one back in May, but I thought a revisit is in order because a) I still love it b) I just saw that it’s on Bandcamp these days. Back then I couldn’t find it anywhere else than on the Idee Fixe Records website where I bought it.

Canadian singer-songwriter Simone Schmidt aka Fiver spent a few years going through the old case files (from 1854-1881) of patients at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane and turned her findings into fictional folk songs. The songs found a home on her new album that is mesmerizing in an unsettling manner and one of the most powerful and breathtaking albums of the year. It might not be an ideal choice as background music for lazy afternoon, but I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this traditional folk album. This is Pile Your Silver from Audible Songs From Rockwood.

Fiver Website

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The Rubs – Impossible Dream

I haven’t really followed power pop and garage rock circles that closely during the recent years. Kind of a shame, because that’s the foundation of my music taste and everything I have going on in here is still more or less built on that. One thing that did caught my ear was the new album Impossible Dream from Chicago-based The Rubs that is out now on Hozac Records. I bought a download a while back and have been listening to this a lot on my way to work and back. That sentence doesn’t sound very rock’n’roll and therefore wrong on many levels, but hey being caught in the treadmill of adult life doesn’t stop me from being young at heart. The Rubs helps the task by taking a few years off the clock with their insanely infectious late 70s type of power pop songs. The label recommends it to fans of The Nerves, The Toms, Nick Lowe, The Real Kids etc so that should get you on the correct ballpark. I couldn’t personally think of a much better ballpark. This is Why Did Your Love Run out? from the new Rubs album album Impossible Dream.

The Rubs at Facebook

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Salaliitto – Ollaan nuorii & Is This Really Me – Sun

This one will probably be a rather slow blog week, because waking up at 4am takes away all the energy and my head will be a foggy mess all week long. Of course the whole year has been slow here and the latest Salaliitto album Melankolia that came out early in the year is a prime example of that. I love the band, I love the record, but I’ve barely mentioned the album here. Thankfully at least based on my social media bubble, promoting them isn’t all that necessary anymore, because everyone already knows them and loves them. And don’t you go on bursting my bubble, if you have not heard them yet. Just watch their fairly new music video Ollaan nuorii below and join me in this beautiful dream where Salaliitto rules the world.

Salaliitto at Facebook

The Iron Door by Is This Really Me was one of my favorite Finnish albums of 2016. Recently Ice Will Melt Records released this wonderful folk album in Germany, Austria & Switzerland and the band put together this gorgeous music video for an excellent album outtake called Sun.

Is This Really Me at Facebook

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Ryan Driver – Careless Thoughts (& The Weather Station)

A while back The Weather Station did a playlist of her favorite lyricists for The Dowsers. I highly recommend listening to it, because it’s a beautiful collection of songs. There was a lot of my personal favorites like Michael Feuerstack, Marine Dreams, Nap Eyes, Jennifer Castle and Fiver, but also a few that I had not heard before. Out of those new-to-me songs, the one I loved the most was Blue Skies Don’t Care by Ryan Driver and after a few spins I ended up buying the download of the album Who’s Breathing. I’m even a little suprised how easily Ryan won my heart over, because beforehand I hadn’t really spent a lot of time laying in the arms of experimental jazzy ballads. So besides releasing an incredible self-titled album, The Weather Station carried me into new musical horizons and for that I’m grateful. Finding new music through artists that I adore is actually a thing I really love and one of my favorite ways to find new music. If I had some courage I’d start doing interviews and I would always ask my favorite artists to recommend a song as a part of the interview or even as the only feature. Probably won’t ever happen though, because the self-doubt remains too strong and I don’t believe I would be able to find a unique or even remotely interesting angle to them.

Tonight I saw on my Bandcamp feed that there’s a new Ryan Driver album coming out on Tin Angel Records in late November. The first outtake from the forthcoming album Careless Thoughts actually features The Weather Station and it’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album when it hits the stores and our hearts on the 24h of November. This is It Must Be Dark Tonight

Ryan Driver Website

I also have to use this opportunity to post the brand new The Weather Station video You and I (On The Other Side Of The World) from her self-titled masterpiece that’s out now on Paradise of Bachelors.

The Weather Station Website

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The Deep Dark Woods – Yarrow

Major news alert! A new The Deep Dark Woods album Yarrow came out today 27th of October on Six Shooter Recordings. I’ve been a huge fan of this Canadian folk rock band since 2011 when The Place I Left Behind stormed into my heart and ended up as the album of the year on this little blog. I’ve only heard a few songs so far from Yarrow, because I wanted to wait until I pick a copy from the local store. So hopefully I’ll find the time to return to this one with a little more detail when I’ve actually spend a little time with it. If not, I’m sure you’ll eventually find it from my top 10 when it’s time to make those pointless but fun albums of the year lists.

This is stunning Fallen Leaves from the new The Deep Dark Woods album Yarrow.

The Deep Dark Woods Website

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