The Weather Station – The Weather Station

One more for tonight as I desperately try to go through most of the music that I’ve fallen in love with during the time I didn’t really have anything to give for the blog.

Self-titled The Weather Station album came just few weeks ago on Paradise of Bachelors, but have already claimed a place among the finest and most breathtaking albums of the year. Canadian Tamara Lindeman has been an incredible songwriter for a long time, but still this one feels like it’s a level or two above all her gorgeous earlier albums. It’s a beautiful, courageous, mesmerizing and captivating work of art that everyone should hear. It reveals something new with each listening session and it leaves me completely speechless for a long time. Ok, those who know me are well aware that I’m ridiculously shy and insecure and hardly speak anything at all. So it might not be that big of an achievement. Anyway, it’s better that I just step aside and let The Weather Station’s thoughtful songs carry you to a new day. This is Thirty from the new self-titled, self-produced and absolutely wonderful The Weather Station album.

The Weather Station Website

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Jeffey Martin – One Go Around

There’s a small danger that this blog will become a chain love letter to the Portland-based Fluff and Gravy Records, but I suppose that’s not really a bad thing. Their year has been rather phenomenal. Anna Tivel, The Parson Red Heads, Son of the Velvet Rat albums are all awesome (and most likely The Harmed Brothers too, haven’t listened to that one yet). The most recent addiction to their catalogue is the new Jeffrey Martin album One Go Around that I’ve had on heavy rotation lately. It’s a masterwork of songwriting. It’s like short stories wrapped inside a sweet folk melodies. A while ago, Jeffrey was an English teacher by day and a songwriter by night, but recently decided to follow his dream and took a leap of faith to become a full time musician and songwriter. I hope he find success on his new path. Unfortunately it doesn’t really guarantee anything, but there’s one thing he doesn’t have to worry about. It’s the quality of his songs. Any song would do just fine, but let’s go with October Dark for obvious reasons. It’s October and the length of day is getting shorter every day and soon the only time I can see the daylight is through the factory window. Thankfully I have these songs to carry me through the dark, because despite all the heartache I can feel a small glimmer of light glowing somewhere in the songs.

Jeffrey Martin Website

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Jonas Lundvall – Signs of Life

The few readers who have followed this tiny blog throughout the years may remember a Gothenburg-based Klifton Filente who released sweet and beautiful pop records back in the day. The good news is that the unheralded bedroom pop wizard behind those lovely songs Jonas Lundvall just released a new album full of warmhearted folk-tinged pop songs. Signs of Life is such a beautifully arranged album that adds much-needed colour to these dark autumn nights. The album is now out on Rexius Records. Here are the magnificent first singles Borders and Many Short Breaths.

Jonas Lundvall at Facebook

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El Goodo – By Order of the Moose

Some sweet pop music this time around. The Welsh psych pop maestros El Goodo are also back in this ball game with a new gorgeous album By Order of the Moose. I’ve followed them since the beginning and therefore I was thrilled to find out that there’s finally a new album out on Strangetown Records. My early favourite is this one called It Makes Me Wonder where girl groups and 60’s pop meet early TFC in the chorus or something like that. How could I not love such a song.

El Goodo at Facebook

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Vähäsarja – Uusi iloinen Petri

Helmi Levyt released the new Vähäsarja album Uusi iloinen Petri a few weeks ago and it’s again a triumph of beautiful and rather minimalistic folk. Petri Vähäsarja is one of my favourite Finnish songwriters these days and his songs always hit me hard and right to the core. Especially these solo albums are absolutely amazing and I love them wholeheartedly. This is the opener Tennistä from the new one.

Vähäsarja at Facebook

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Twain – Rare Feeling

The new Twain album Rare Feeling came out yesterday on Keeled Scales and I’m madly in love with it. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this turned out to be my favourite album of the year. It’s a shoulder to lean on when the self-doubt tries to kick me down. It’s an antidote against all the everyday stress, I’m way too good at creating. It’s a beautiful album full of human warmth. Mt Davidson is an incredible songwriter and you need to listen to Rare Feeling. This one is Dear Mexico (Thank You for Joyce) from the new Twain album.

Twain at Facebook

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