The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You


The album of the year 2009 was released today on vinyl (CD / Digital / Deluxe box set will be released 29.9.2009). I bought my copy from 8raita record store today and I’m already completely in love with the new album. It’s just as stunning as I expected. It’s the first one on a major label, so obviously there were minor worries, but the band and producer Rick Rubin have done an excellent job. It just sounds brilliant and it’s not overproduced or overpolished. It’s The Avett Brothers. The greatest band in the world at the moment. A full review will follow later, but you already know the thrill. This is worth all the hearts in the world and if anything extraordinary doesn’t happen it will be my album of the year, if not the album of the decade.

The Avett Brothers Website
The Avett Brothers at myspace

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Indiaanikesä II reminder and Runt Runt


See you there.

Tonight I’ve been mostly listening to albums by Mark Eric, Shaun Harris and Rodriguez. All wonderful reissues that I bought from Stockholm. I can highly recommend the store Runt Runt (Odengatan 90) where I bought them. It was great to end up in a record store that has a wide selection of great reissues. I don’t think I’ve ever before been in a record store that for example has Bergen White’s album in stock. And these were also on display. Not just buried in some corner. Those guys at the store must have a great taste in music.

Runt Runt Website

Runt Runt at myspace
Mark Eric at myspace
Rodriguez at myspace
Bergen White at myspace

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