Bob Sumner, Charlie Shafter, Jacob Furr, Matthew McNeal and Jake Paleschic

I’m not sure will there ever be a time when I manage to write longer posts, so I guess I’ll stick with these short round-up posts at least for the time being. After all, I don’t want this to became just a playlist thing either. Anyway, here’s a few 2019 albums and singles that I’ve loved during this first month of the year.

Canadian songwriter and storyteller Bob Sumner sings Wasted Love Songs and does it ever so beautifully. You may know Bob Sumner from The Sumner Brothers, but this gently mesmerizing collection of folk/americana ballads is his solo debut. My personal favorite is this album closer Ticket to Ride that you can watch/listen below, but everything else is equally captivating and I highly recommend listening to the whole amazing album. An early treasure from the 2019 music vault.

Bob Sumner Website

I wanted more than a song out of you, the new Charlie Shafter album When I Was Yours & You Were Mine grapped my attention with the first line and didn’t let go until the last note had drifted into the air. Charlie Shafter is a Texas-based singer-songwriter and he has written a really strong album full of gorgeous americana songs. I really love the lyrics on this one. He is such a good storyteller and able to write lines that instantly gets stuck in the heart of the listener. One of my big favourites is this one called Chainsaw. Such a great album.

Charlie Shafter Website

And a small run of great new singles to end this little round-up post. Staying in Texas for all of these. We start with Return, which is an excellent outtake from a forthcoming EP release by Jacob Furr.

Jacob Furr Website

Next up is Matthew McNeal who released a beautiful single on the first week of the year. The song Michael is a moving and soulful tribute to his father who passed away a year ago.

Matthew McNeal Website

And finally the latest single from Jake Paleschic. I’m not exactly sure if and/or when there is an album coming out, but what I do know that both this new single Bad Memories and the previous single Some Days are wonderful.

Jake Paleschic Website

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Laura Gibson, Leah Senior, The Wild Reeds, Sharon Van Etten and Ylva Haru

Hey, it’s 2019. I think it’s time to start again and do some other kind of posts too and not just the weekly playlist. Kicking things off with just a quick video post though. I’m still a little bit stuck in 2018 and therefore I have to start by posting the new music video from my favorite album of last year. I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me is the ending song of Laura Gibson’s phenomenal album Goners. A gorgeous music video to accompany a deeply moving song.

Laura Gibson Website

This is another one that came out in 2018 and just got a music video. Graves is the latest single from Australian folk singer-songwriter Leah Senior. Her album Pretty Faces was in my top 10 back in 2017 and I’ve been eagerly waiting for more. I hope there’s an album on the horizon, because this new single is again so gorgeous. Graves came out on Flightless Records on the 14th of December 2018.

Leah Senior Website

Moving on to the best songs of 2019. Sharon Van Etten’s new album Remind Me Tomorrow came out on the 18th of January on Jagjaguwar. The highlight of that album is this brilliant song Seventeen. “Began as Lucinda Williams-esque, but wound up as more of an upbeat nod to Bruce Springsteen” says the press release. That’s some high level namedropping, but this time the song can actually live up to that.

Sharon Van Etten Website

New The Wild Reeds album Cheers is coming out on Dualtone on the 8th of March. A couple of outtakes are already available. I love this latest one Don’t Pretend. It’s a bit more relatable to me than what I would like to admit. I should learn from it, because I master at crawling into my self-inflicted misery. I can’t wait to hear the whole album in March.

The Wild Reeds Website

The Delines album is probably the best album I’ve heard this year, but this one by Ylva Haru is the one that I’ve loved the most and the one I’ve listened to the most. Ylva Haru aka Finnish folk singer-songwriter Lotta Jääskelä has created an endearingly beautiful and deeply moving album. I hope I manage to write something a bit more detailed about it during the coming weeks. If not, I still want to let the world and/or the seven regular readers know that I love this. The album Linnut came out on the 11th of January on Soit se silti. This was a bit of video entry so let’s go with the live version of the title track on this blog entry, but you should definitely listen to the whole amazing album.

Who am I really kidding? I have to post another song too. Going through this one without shedding some happy tears is an impossible challenge. It’s also a challenge that I don’t want to win. This is Oikeiden luona by Ylva Haru. That’s it for tonight. Now I will cry myself to sleep with this song and my loved ones on my side.

Ylva Haru Website

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Colter Wall, William Alexander, John Prine and Kashena Sampson

Still a few more quick round up posts before the end of the year lists. Mostly just music, not a whole lot of words.

Starting with a song from the new Colter Wall record Songs of the Plains that is available on Young Mary’s Record Company. This singer-songwriter from Saskatoon maybe don’t need an introduction anymore, because I’m pretty sure that everyone that has any interest towards traditional country music have already spent hours listening to that deep baritone voice singing stories of the past. Here’s the opening song of his great new record.

Colter Wall Website

Travelling across the ocean to Melbourne, Australia to find The Kid From Bourke, the new album from Australian folk singer-songwriter William Alexander. This came out on the 27th of October on Green South Records and I found it just little over a week ago. I haven’t yet really investigated the man and his story, but I’ve done the most important part and I’ve listened to his music. I’ve had this on heavy rotation lately and it’s such a great record. Here’s a video of William Alexander singing the gorgeous album closer Sorrow, Your Only Friend.

William Alexander Website

Well if Colter Wall maybe don’t need an introduction, John Prine definitely doesn’t need one. The legendary songwriter is still writing wonderful music and his latest full-length The Tree of Forgiveness is a magnificent addition to his record vault. This is Summer’s End from the album that came out in April on Oh Boy Records.

John Prine Website

Let’s wrap up this small blog entry with a song by Kashena Sampson. I think I first shared this song something like a year and a half ago, but I don’t think I’ve shared this music video. Plus the album was also released in Europe in 2018, so it’s still relevant too. And of course something as beautiful as this is timeless and therefore always relevant. This is the title track of Kashena Sampson’s album Wild Heart.

Kashena Sampson Website

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Julie Arsenault, Daniel Romano, Foxwarren, Bob Sumner and Ian Daniel Kehoe

It looks like I’m running out of time and will fail to feature all the music that matters to me before this 2018 chapter will become part of the history. I’m already in the midst of writing the year end lists, but before them a couple of quick roundup posts in the next few days. Starting with a Canada special tonight. Mostly just great music/videos, not a whole lot of words.

Kicking off this Canada special with some Mom Rock from Toronto-based songwriter Julie Arsenault. I loved her Softness EP a year ago and actually I think it’s the only 2017 release that has survived a year on my iPod. I’ve had to remove everything else to make room for 2018 stuff, but I haven’t been able to let go of Chain or Monsters. This new transparently feminist EP is equally impressive and very powerful. Extremely highly recommended.

What’s a year without one or four Daniel Romano albums. Latest work of art Finally Free came out on the 30th of November or New West Records / You’ve Changed Records. One of the best things about Daniel Romano is that you can never know what to expect. Except that it’s going to be unparalleled in its quality. This is my favorite from the new album. All The Reaching Trims by the mystical genius Daniel Romano.

Daniel Romano Website

Next up is Foxwarren from Regina, SK and their self-titled debut album that is out and available on Anti- and Arts & Crafts. Foxwarren is a project of Andy Shauf, Darryl Kissick, Avery Kissick and Dallas Bryson. It feels great to hear that voice again, because I’m big fan of Andy Shauf (The Party was the album of the year on this blog back in 2016). This is To Be from the brand new Foxwarren album.

Foxwarren Website

Let’s wrap up this blog entry with a couple of gorgeous singles. Bob Sumner (The Sumner Brothers) is getting ready to release his debut solo album Wasted Love Songs. The album is due out on the 25th of January, but the gorgeous first single Riverbed is already out and available. Check it out below and start counting days to the album release.

Bob Sumner Website

And last but definitely not the least, the new Ian Daniel Kehoe single Secret Republic that is out on Tin Angel Records. I don’t normally listen to synth pop with 80s vibes, but hey, how could one not love this. This is inconceivable! (sorry went a bit 80s in that word choice). If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Ian used to operate under the moniker Marine Dreams and have released several great records on You’ve Changed Records. And lots of other cool things too. Attack in Black in the day, playing drums for The Weather Station, Andy Shauf and so on. Anyway here’s the gorgeous Secret Republic to end tonight’s Canada feature.

Ian Daniel Kehoe Website

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Swearin’, Bad Moves, Alien Boy and Screaming Females

Again one of these round-ups while I try to feature most of the music that matters to me before focusing on the pointless year-end lists in mid-December. This time just a quick video post and surprisingly it isn’t the same old country/folk stuff. I hit the 40 year mark yesterday, so maybe I desperately try to convince myself that I’m not too old to rock. Just kidding of course. I might be old, but I’ll never be too old to rock and I love this kind of stuff too.

Kicking off with a song from the new excellent Swearin’ album Fall Into The Sun that came out on Merge Records on the 5th of October. I could basicly pick any song for this, but let’s go with the awesome album closer Future Hell.

Swearin’ at Facebook

Next up is some upbeat power pop from Washington D.C. The new Bad Moves album Tell No One hit the stores and our hearts on the 21st of September via Don Giovanni Records. It’s super catchy and especially Spirit FM and Cool Generator should be hits. Everything else works too. A damn good album.

Bad Moves at Facebook

Moving on to Portland, Oregon and to the new Alien Boy album Sleeping Lessons. The album was released by Tiny Engines on the 31st of August. 600 Days is probably my favorite song, but this album opener Somewhere Without Me is also a winner. Bonus points for the Oasis shirt and Stone Roses reference.

Alien Boy – Somewhere Without Me (Official Music Video) from Long Drive Films on Vimeo.

Alien Boy Website

Last stop for tonight is New Brunswick, New Jersey and the latest Screaming Females album All At Once. I had missed this when it came out on Don Giovanni Records on the 23rd of February and actually just found it today thanks to Laura Jane Grace who shared her favorite albums of 2018 with Brooklyn Vegan. So thanks Laura for bringing this to my attention. I’ve just a spent a couple of hours with it, but I’m already loving it. This is I’ll Make You Sorry from the album.

Screaming Females Website

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