Zephaniah OHora, Philippe Bronchtein, Jesse Daniel and Daniel Romano

Another vacation round up post of country songs that I’ve loved during the first half of the year. I’ll start from Brooklyn, NY, because one of the most anticipated album releases of the fall is the new Zephaniah OHora album Listening to the Music. It was produced by Neal Casal and will come out on the 14th of August. The wonderful lead single All American Singer is already out and available. Check it out below and then follow my lead and pre-order a copy.

Zephaniah OHora Website
Zephaniah OHora Website

Then it’s time for some pedal steel magic in Nashville with long time favorite songwriter Philippe Bronchtein. He released a great double single on the 5th of June and this lead track I’ll Let the Steel Do the Crying is such a perfect classic country song.

Philippe Bronchtein at Facebook
Philippe Bronchtein Website

Next some compelling California country with Jesse Daniel. His second album Rollin’ On came out on the 27th of March on Die True Records. One of the finest country albums of the first half of the year. Here’s one of my personal favorites called St. Claire’s Retreat.

Jesse Daniel at Facebook
Jesse Daniel Website

And last but definitely not least, one of the many fabulous albums Daniel Romano has released during these weird times. This lovely man released an album every Wednesday for a rather long time during the spring. Check them all out on his Bandcamp, because they are all damn good. Here’s If Words Can’t Express It from the album called Content To Point the Way. If you have been missing the country side of Daniel Romano, this beautiful record is for you.

Daniel Romano at Facebook
Daniel Romano Website

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Lilly Hiatt, Whitney Rose, Caitlin Sherman and Abby Hamilton

Another small round up of 2020 releases that I’ve loved during the first half of the year. Kicking off from Nashville, Tennessee with a couple of songs from the new Lilly Hiatt album Walking Proof. I’m a huge fan and love this new record that came out on New West Records on the 27th of March. Here’s a couple of personal favorites, but hit the links on the Bandcamp to hear / buy the whole gorgeous record. Or better yet, order a copy from your local store, if you are lucky enough to still have one in your town.

Lilly Hiatt at Facebook
Lilly Hiatt Website

Moving over to Austin, Texas, but sticking with the finest country / rock’n’roll records of the year. The new Whitney Rose album We Still Go to Rodeos came out on the 24th of April and sounds mighty good. Here’s a couple of magnificent examples, Just Circumstance and Believe Me, Angela.

Whitney Rose at Facebook
Whitney Rose Website

While the first two songwriters were long time favorites, these next two are new 2020 finds for me. I love these records just as much though. Caitlin Sherman is a songwriter from Seattle, Washington and her awesome solo debut Death to the Damsel came out on the 14th of February on Small Batch Records. Here’s the remarkable title track from this dark and beautiful album.

Caitlin Sherman at Facebook
Caitlin Sherman Website

Last stop on this roundabout is Kentucky and the new Abby Hamilton EP Afraid of the Dark that just came out on the 12th of June. All four songs are excellent, but my personal favorite is probably this one called Change Things. I had to include the acoustic video too, because that’s how I found the song. This is just great songwriting. A captivating story with a plenty of instantly memorable lines.

Abby Hamilton at Facebook

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Twain, Damien Jurado, Sea Below and Junior

Another small round of songs and releases that I love. First a new Twain album that is always something to love and cherish. Days of Effort and Ease came out on the 19th of June and you’ll find it from Bandcamp. Here’s the quietly exceptional opening song Love, Go Lightly.

Twain at Facebook

The same applies to Damien Jurado. A new album is always a treasure vault of beautiful and moving songs. His wonderful new album What’s New, Tomboy? was co-released by Mama Bird Recording Co and Loose Music on the 1st of May. Here’s my own favorite song Ochoa, but make sure you listen to / buy the whole amazing album.

Damien Jurado at Facebook
Damien Jurado Website

A long time readers of this little music blog might remember German folk singer-songwriter Susanne Stanglow who released captivating albums as Haruko. The good news is that she is again releasing new music. This time under the name Sea Below. The first release, a beautiful EP called Sleeplessness came out on Bandcamp on the 6th of May. Here’s softly mesmerizing What’s Left from the new EP.

Sea Below at Facebook

Wrapping this little round up of songs and releases that I love in Missoula, Montana. If you followed the anniversany online festival of this music blog last September, you have heard this gorgeous song called Goddamnit. Back then it was performed by Hermina Jean who has since formed a band with Caroline Keys, Jenny Lynn Fawcett. Together they are called Junior and Goddamnit is the first single from their forthcoming album Warm Buildings. Check out the beautiful socially distanced music video below and pre-order the album from their Bandcamp.

Junior at Facebook

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Le Ren, Luka Kuplowsky, Julie Arsenault and Brigid Mae Power

The blog has been standing still for various of reasons, but I’m on vacation now and try to post a few songs I’ve loved the most during the recent times. First off to Montreal, Quebec for the new Le Ren song and EP announcement. Love Can’t Be The Only Reason To Stay was one of my favorite songs (and music videos) of 2019 and I’m thrilled that Secretly Canadian signed her and will release a new EP Morning & Melancholia on the 31st of July. Here’s the beautiful new song and video If I Had Wings.

Le Ren at Facebook

Moving over to Toronto, Canada for a double beauty from Luka Kuplowsky. Le Ren joining Secretly Canadian roster and Luka Kuplowsky becoming a part of the Mama Bird Family has been some of the best music news of this horrible year. We already got the cover EP Judee Justin Arthur Mary in April and it’s followed by an album full of own material on the 2nd of October. Here’s a Judee Sill cover There’s a Rugged Road from the EP and the first single Never Get Tired (of Loving You) from the forthcoming album Stardust.

Luka Kuplowsky at Facebook

Sticking in Toronto, Canada for a while, but briefly celebrating the finest music of 2014. The great Spanish label Son Canciones reissued and extended edition of Julie Arsenault wonderful album The Creature That I Call Myself. Here’s Island Girl from the original album along with a Southern Souls live video of Prochoice that can be found from the Mom Rock EP and from the extended edition of this album.

Julie Arsenault at Bandcamp

Last station on this roundabout is Galway, Ireland and my favorite song from the marvelous new Brigid Mae Power album Head Above the Water that was released by Fire Records on the 5th of June. This captivating and powerful song is called Wearing Red That Eve.

Brigid Mae Power at Facebook
Brigid Mae Power Website

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