Leah Senior – Pretty Faces

Another huge song addiction during this flu-ish vappu weekend has been Leah Senior’s Pretty Faces. It’s the amazing title track of her forthcoming album that is due out 26th of May on Flightless Records. Leah Senior is a marvellous Australian folk singer-songwriter and Pretty Faces is her second album. The debut full-length Summer’s On The Ground is also rather spectacular. Unfortunately yours truly was an ignorant fool when it came out and it took me until 2016 to find that treasure. However, since then I’ve been looking forward to hearing more music from her and now that wait is over. The first outtake from the new album is available, I’m badly in love with the song and have listened to it a few dozen times during the weekend. This is Pretty Faces from the forthcoming Leah Senior album.

Leah Senior Website

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Taylor Knox – Running Into Love (video)

Lately I’ve let things slide and haven’t done anything blog-related. Unfortunately this doesn’t pay the bills and I just haven’t found the energy for this after coming home from the dayjob and I’ve spent the little spare time I’ve had just lying on the couch watching hockey games. Somewhere along the way I also lost the spark a little bit and have really struggled to convince myself that it’s worth it to still carry on. I’m sure I’ll get things back on track again, but no idea will it take me days, weeks or months. Maybe a little tongue-in-cheek worst case scenario for the blog is similar to the break up of my all-time favorite band The Posies. So that onechord.net as an active way of life might be over, but it won’t completely disappear and I will keep on writing whenever I feel like it.

On the other hand. F#&= everything I just said. There’s still the songs and the love I have for the songs. So let’s do this. Today I found out that huge personal favourite Canadian Taylor Knox is getting ready to release his debut album and I again felt the need to share this news with the world or the seven regular readers that I still have. Lines EP that came out a couple of years ago was brilliant and I have huge expectations for this new Afie Jurvanen-produced album. The first outtake Running Into Love is a really wonderful pop song and I can’t wait to hear the rest when the album Love drops into our hearts on 9th of June. This is Running Into Love. Thanks Taylor for giving back the spark.

Taylor Knox Website

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Caroline Spence – Spades & Roses

It’s past midnight and I really should be sleeping, but first I need to quickly praise singer-songwriter Caroline Spence and her new album Spades & Roses. I heard her name several times a couple years back when the debut came out, but I’m a slow blogger and even slower man so it took me until 2017 to properly listen to her songs. This new one came out in early March and this time I didn’t make the same mistake. I bought a download and fell in love with this marvellous record. I have a huge stack of new stuff to listen to, but I’m a little bit stuck on this at the moment. But hey, this is a rather good place to be blissfully stuck. Wrapped into folk and country songs that are extremely easy to get into, but keep on revealing more depth and beauty with each listening session. Here’s the video for album outtake Hotel Amarillo.

Caroline Spence Website

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Our First 100 Days: Courtney Marie Andrews & Bonnie Prince Billy – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Our First 100 Days is a project that aims to protect the important causes that are under threat by the policies of Trump’s administration. One rare and/or exclusive song will be released every day during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency and all the money raised will go to organizations who are fighting the good fight. Participating in this project is like a win-win situation for a music fan. You’ll get a lot of amazing new songs to cherish and at the same time you are doing a small part in supporting human rights, preventing climate change etc.

We are in day 74 now and it would be easy to pick a couple of dozens outstanding songs. Perhaps my biggest personal favourite is this duet by Courtney Marie Andrews & Bonnie Prince Billy. They make a stunning rendition of 60s civil rights anthem I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free.

Our First 100 Days Website

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Aimee Mann – Goose Snow Cone (video)

The songs of Aimee Mann and cats are both so very dear to me. Cats even more so of course, but that’s not taking anything away from Aimee Mann whose music has been on my side since the nineties. Cats just are more important than music could ever be. The reason for this intro was that Aimee Mann has a new music video and an absolutely beautiful cat is the true star of the video. Goose Snow Cone is an outtake from Aimee Mann’s new excellent album Mental Illness that came out on 31st of March. A mighty good album too based on the first few spins, but I guess that goes without even saying. I think there’s better songs on it than this Goose Snow Cone, but this one is also awesome. And the video of course is just love, love, love.

Aimee Mann Website

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