John Moreland – It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)

An early shout out of great things to come. There’s a new John Moreland album Big Bad Luv coming out on May 5th on 4AD. I think it’s pretty damn cool to see such a classic label expanding their catalog into new territories by signing one of the finest current country songwriters, poets and storytellers. May can’t come soon enough, because I’m extremely excited to hear a new John Moreland album. An album of the year contender even before hearing a single word or note. Oh wait, actually I have heard a little bit. This first outtake It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before) surfaced a few weeks ago and sounds mighty good to me.

John Moreland Website

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Digger Barnes – Near Exit 27

Today I’ve been mostly listening to the new Digger Barnes album Near Exit 27 and I’m loving it. Digger Barnes is a Hamburg-based country songwriter. I first heard his name some years ago when he played in Finland with another great troubadour Austin Lucas. I didn’t see the show, but I listened to the music enough to know that Digger Barnes is pretty damn good and someone that I need to keep an ear on. The new album came out on 10th of March on Barnes & Quincy and it’s rather brilliant based on a first couple of spins. Here’s the new music video for a wonderful album outtake called Travelin’ Man. The video was directed by Pencil Quincy.

Digger Barnes “TRAVELING MAN” Music Video from Pencil Quincy on Vimeo.

Digger Barnes Website

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Bill Botting and The Two Drink Minimums – Better Friends

It’s only March and I’m already so far behind and have a dozen or so releases that I would like to feature on the blog. Sometimes I’m too lazy, sometimes I’m too busy and sometimes I’m just making art out of excuses. That doesn’t stop me from buying more and more music though and drag myself deeper into the hole. The always great UK-labels Fika Recordings & Wiaiwya Records co-released Bill Botting and The Two Drink Minimums album Better Friends on the 10th of March. I had been waiting for this one for a couple of months, because I really enjoyed the first outtakes from the album. Therefore I downloaded it on the release day and the album turned out to be just as wonderful as I had hoped.

I can’t say that I’m very familiar with Bill’s musical adventures before Better Friends. He was the bass player in an awesome pop group called Allo Darlin’ and he is also one half Moustache Of Insanity that is criminally unknown to me. Actually I probably would have completely missed this gorgeous album, if it hadn’t been released on Fika / Wiaiwya. I fully trust their taste and check out everything they put out. Anyway, this Australian songwriter has put together a really lovely and instantly enjoyable debut album. Somehow it keeps me smiling even during the sadder moments of it. It’s a folk-tinged pop companion that will keep you warm during these last winter days. My early favorite is probably Burning Bridges. A great song and Bill Botting and Hannah Botting sing it together so beautifully. Better Friends is a gorgeous album.

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums at Facebook

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Courtney Marie Andrews – Put The Fire Out (video)

There’s a new Courtney Marie Andrews music video for the song Put The Fire Out. It’s an outtake from her stunning album Honest Life that is out now on Loose Music here in Europe. She is also currently touring around Europe, so go and see her if you can. I’m sure it will be a spectacular concert. She will hit the Nordic countries in a week or so. Unfortunately not Finland this time around, but Stockholm date is in the calendar, if you want to take a boat cruise to Sweden. This is the excellent new music video Put The Fire Out.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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Bone Moon – The Writer EP

Bone Moon released their debut EP The Writer on the 3rd of March. They are a new band from Tampere led by ex-Ochre Room frontman Lauri Myllymäki. I had extremely high hopes for this one, because I absolutely loved Ochre Room. They put out a couple of albums that contained some of the finest Finnish folk rock / americana released in recent years. It was sad to see them call it a day, but thankfully Bone Moon is at least equally wonderful. Sure I miss the male-female harmonies a little bit, but the new band is very convincing and Lauri is continuously getting stronger and stronger as a songwriter. The Writer is an absolute beauty of an EP and a perfect start for this new group. The release party will be held at Telakka, Tampere on the 10th of March (with Laura Moisio). Here’s the music video for the title track. Directed by Sami Pöyry.

Bone Moon at Facebook

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