Will Johnson – Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm

I was lazy all winter and spring and therefore there’s still lots of gorgeous records that have not been mentioned. This one sat a while on that right column, but I haven’t written anything about it or shared a song. Time to do that, because it’s a damn good album and I keep on returning to it on a regular basis. Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm is Will Johnson’s new album that came out in March on Undertow Music Collective. Will Johnson is a musician that probably doesn’t need an introduction, if you have been even a little bit interested in American indie rock and alt.country during the past twenty years. Will has been making wonderful music at least since the mid-nineties. Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel, a collaboration with Jason Molina, gorgeous solo albums and a lot of other things. The new album is a magnificent addition to that impressive discography. I’m blissfully lost in the beautiful surroundings of this last song Hatteras and I have absolutely no intention of finding a way out.

Will Johnson Website

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Micah Schnabel – Your New Norman Rockwell

A long time favourite Micah Schnabel dropped a new solo album yesterday. Your New Norman Rockwell is a great addition to the Micah Schnabel collection that contains both excellent solo albums and bunch of albums with his rock’n’roll band Two Cow Garage. The new album contains a lot of passionate spoken word songs that turn out to be just as impressive as Two Cow Garage’s energetic rock anthems. The only possible issue that might rise in the future is that the albums spoken word folk poetry side might not stand the test of excessive repetitive listening as well Two Cow’s (should-be) hits. I’m not going to worry about what will happen in a few months time though, because at the moment the album feels and sounds extremely powerful, thought-provoking and impressive. Here’s the first single Jazz and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the video for album cut called The Interview. The album is now out on Last Chance Records in the states (probably on At The Helm in Europe).

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Gold Star – Big Blue

Why haven’t I been properly listening to Gold Star until tonight? Gold Star aka L.A. based country-folk musician Marlon Rabenreither is a pretty damn good songwriter and vocalist. His latest album Big Blue came out on 24th of March on Autumn Tone Records and I’m thoroughly enjoying it at the moment. Lucinda Williams also seem to think highly of him and his songs and well who am I to disagree with Lucinda. This is rather brilliant west coast americana. I need to buy either a download or physical copy asap and let myself sink deeper into the songs of Gold Star. Here’s a couple of songs that first caught my ear, but any of the album cuts would do equally well.

Gold Star Website

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Callan Furlong – What’s Left Of Me / Out On The Town

Callan Furlong is a young Toronto-based troubadour who delivers warmhearted and charming old-timey country sounds. I enjoyed his debut EP The Fool I Was Before several years ago and therefore every now and then I’ll check out if he has released something new. It’s been rather quiet, but a few days ago my email alerted about a new Callan Furlong release. So I went, listened, loved and downloaded the two new songs What’s Left Of Me and Out On The Town. These utterly lovely songs are available on his Bandcamp for name-your-price deal.

Callan Furlong at Facebook

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Cha Cha Cha – The Songs of Shotgun Jimmie

Cha Cha Cha is a 30-song tribute to the great Canadian indie rocker Jim Kilpatrick aka Shotgun Jimmie. I’m not usually that much into tribute albums, but I’m really enjoying this one. I’ve been following Shotgun Jimmie since the Transistor Sister album came out and know the last three albums extremely well, but the tribute shows that I definitely need to go all the way back into the Shotgun Jimmie and Shotgun & Jaybird song vaults and fix some holes in my Jimmie education. There’s a bunch of excellent songs that I haven’t even heard before and I need my heart to be familiar with the originals as well. The line-up of the tribute album is rather impressive. Several of my Canadian music heroes are doing their own gorgeous versions of Shotgun Jimmie’s (should-be) classics. Frederick Squire, Michael Feuerstack, Woodpigeon, Jon McKiel and Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom just to name a few.

Cha Cha Cha – The Songs of Shotgun Jimmie is now out on Comin’ Around Records.

Shotgun Jimmie Website

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