Newsflash – Future Gravity & Janne Laurila

1. There’s a new Future Gravity song Sweet Libertine available. In case you don’t know Future Gravity, it’s the new project by former ultrasport member Juho Kosunen. Päivi Kankaro from TV-Resistori is sharing the lead vocals on Sweet Libertine. It’s a great song and you can download it from Future Gravity website

Future Gravity Website
Future Gravity at myspace

2. Janne Laurila’s album Kultaisia pisteitä is coming out on 23rd of september. More about the album next week, the reason for this news entry was to mention that he now has a website. Check it out.

Janne Laurila Website
Janne Laurila at myspace

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The Broken Family Band: Please and Thank You

broken family band

The Broken Family Band: Please and Thank You (Cooking Vinyl, 2009)

The Broken Family Band has been one of the best british country-tinged rock bands over the last few years. Unfortunately they have decided to call it a day and break up after their current tour. I’ve always liked them, but for me none of their albums has been perfect. I think I just expect too much, because it’s totally my kind of band. I love the style, I love  Steven Adams’ voice and I love his lyrics that can turn from beautiful to witty in a second and you ended up laughing before getting worried that what if he is being serious. So I’m kind of unfairly expecting that album of the year from then and can’t be totally happy with the solid really good albums they give every time. After all, I could just quit whining and pick those 3-4 songs from every album and make my own the best of The Broken Family Band record that would turn up being like the greatest album ever.

The only problem with their latest album Please and Thank You is that it’s getting even further away from their country roots and closer to typical indie rock. Sure their blissfully twisted indie rock is far more interesting than the indie rock of some average band, but it’s not as appealing to my tastes as their earlier work. The not so rockin’ stuff like Borrowed Time, Old Wounds and Mimi is still truly excellent, but as a whole this is a little bit weaker than their previous albums.


The Broken Family Band Website
The Broken Family Band at myspace

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The Blackeyed Susans Box Set

Räkärodeo mailing list provided some great news yesterday. Australian The Blackeyed Susans is about to release a box set in late october. It looks like it will be two dics of their greatest songs, one disc of rarities and a DVD. A must have box set even though I have most of the albums (I dont’ have Shangri-La, missed it when it came out and soon after that the prices in places like amazon have been ridicilous). It’s a really amazing band like fellow Räkärodeo listeners all know. If there ever was a contest of who has the greatest voice on the planet, Rob Snarski wouldn’t need to go through the qualifying stages. The organizing panel would give him a guaranteed place in the final before the whole thing would have even started.

The Blackeyed Susans on Australian Music Week after the release of Mouth To Mouth (1995)

The Blackeyed Susans Website
The Blackeyed Susans at myspace

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The Wigs: File Under Vocal Pop


The Wigs: File Under: Pop Vocal (2009)

File under pop heaven. I’m always interested in power pop reissues and therefore I picked this up from The Wigs was a Milwaukee-based power pop band and their only album File Under: Pop Vocal came out in 1981. It’s strong and catchy skinny-tied power pop album. Especially the first four songs are pure gold. After listening to a song like 180 Degree or Tell It All one needs a forklift to pick up his jaw from the floor and keeps thinking “what the hell was that pure pop bliss” and “why the hell I hadn’t heard that one before”. Just fantastic late seventies power pop and the vocals are just magical. After the first four songs, everything remains enjoyable but the quality does drop a tiny bit. Not much, but it doesn’t reach the same heavenly heights anymore. I think this is mostly because it gets a lot closer to basic rock’n’roll. Nothing really wrong with that, but I just think that there are better rock bands out there. They couldn’t get even get close to that angelic pop bliss that The Wigs provided in the early stages of the album, but in their own game they are unbeatable. Therefore Popular Girl and It’s Over are the only ones that match the perfectness of the starting quartet during the later stages of the album. However, these six songs are so freakin’ good and could be compared to any pop classic of the era that it makes this a must have album. A minor complaint about the simple packaging and lack of liner notes, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that these wonderful pop tunes are out and available on CD for the first time.


The Wigs at myspace

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Rodriguez: Coming From Reality


Rodriguez: Coming From Reality (Light In The Attic, 2009)

Sixto Rodriguez is an american folk musician who made two studio albums in the early seventies. The debut Cold Fact was released in 1970 on Sussex Records and this Coming From Reality a year later on the same label. Neither sold much which is again a crime against good music. Thankfully both of these have now been reissued by Light In The Attic and hopefully more people will find these jewels this time (I’ve learned that he is big in South Africa though, but the rest of the world should follow). At least these reissues have done the trick in my case. I didn’t know him before the amazing Shindig! magazine introduced him and his albums to me. I still haven’t heard Cold Fact, but it’s definitely on my shopping list after spending some quality time in the arms of this wonderful second album (if you want to know the reason why I choose to start with this one, it’s just that I liked this cover art more. That’s how much I know about music and how I make the selection of what to buy).

This is lyrically powerful folk music that also has a pop sensibility.  Rodriguez is a great storyteller and his poetic lyrics are a big part of the charm and keeps my interest high even during those 2-3 songs that aren’t that appealing to me melodically. Usually there’s no need for the lyrics to carry the songs through. Usually the composition and the lyrical side are both equally wonderful and together they create a little bit of magic in form of a thoughtprovoking folk tale or a sensitive pop song. Coming From Reality is a great album full of stunning songs like I Think Of You, Halfway Up The Stairs, Sandrevan Lullaby-Lifestyles and To Whom It May Concern. Now I need to go and buy the debut.


Rodriguez Website
Rodriguez at myspace

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The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You


The album of the year 2009 was released today on vinyl (CD / Digital / Deluxe box set will be released 29.9.2009). I bought my copy from 8raita record store today and I’m already completely in love with the new album. It’s just as stunning as I expected. It’s the first one on a major label, so obviously there were minor worries, but the band and producer Rick Rubin have done an excellent job. It just sounds brilliant and it’s not overproduced or overpolished. It’s The Avett Brothers. The greatest band in the world at the moment. A full review will follow later, but you already know the thrill. This is worth all the hearts in the world and if anything extraordinary doesn’t happen it will be my album of the year, if not the album of the decade.

The Avett Brothers Website
The Avett Brothers at myspace

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