Review: Snowbirds – Snowbirds

Snowbirds: Snowbirds (Self-released, 2011)

This was one of those instant love affairs. Great power pop blog Absolute Powerpop reviewed this the other week. I red the review, checked out a couple of song samples I found and instantly knew this is my kind of band and my kind of music.

Snowbirds comes from Wisconsin and just released their self-titled debut album. It’s a fabulous album full of pop melodies, mellow country sounds and beautiful singing. The music reminds me of such fantastic heroes like The Jayhawks and Grand Drive (and the verse of the song Lila Nae sounds like Jellyfish going country). Especially The Jayhawks comes to mind a couple of times and one could certainly picture Gary Louris & Mark Olson singing the chorus of Dirty Streets Of Downtown. The song material is strong throughout the record and there’s only a couple of songs that I’m not that thrilled about. The last track Shakedown is the weakest one for me. That’s an ok rocker, but nothing earth-shattering especially when compared to their wonderful americana songs that are heavy on the pedal steel and light on useless nonsense. The lyrics wouldn’t win a poetry competition, but when they are wrapped around warm country-tinged pop melodies and are injected into your veins with such a beautiful voice, they are bound to find the core of your heart. A cynical mind probably could find some kind of minor flaws, but my romantic heart loves the sound, the style and the songs. A really strong debut.

Snowbirds Website
Snowbirds at Facebook

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Video of the Day #55: Stephen Ambrose

Ok, I’m going with a song of the day once again and this one is also an old treasure. Thanks to Fading Yellow guru Jörgen for this one. He posted this on his facebook feed and I instantly fell in love with this song. Previously I had never heard of Stephen Ambrose and what a big loss that turned out to be. This song called Friend is the opening track of Stephen Ambrose’s album Gypsy Moth that came out in 1972. Some reissue label should pick it up and introduce it to the world, because it seems like this is a stunning folk album and a real lost gem.

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News: Mummypowder

Today I’ve been mostly listening to one song. It’s called A House and it’s the first outtake from the upcoming Mummypowder album Centuries Later. I’ve listened to it over ten times and I absolutely love it. Mummypowder are still able to write some of the finest guitar pop in this country and therefore it’s so great to have Janne Lehtinen & co back in this ball game. It has not been centuries, but it’s been way too long time since the previous Mummypowder album. Centuries Later is their fourth album it will be released on 11th of may according to their twitter account. Listen to A House below:

A House by Mummypowder

And here’s an old favourite Don’t Hold Your Breath from the previous album that came out back in 2004.

Mummypowder at Facebook

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News: Heartbreak Ranch

Blog favourite Natuson changed name to Heartbreak Ranch and also changed his style a bit. Natuson was quite close to tender and beautiful indie pop, but Heartbreak Ranch gallops towards darker folk and americana sounds. The quality of the songs is equally great as before. Here’s a couple of samples. You’ll find more demos from the links below.

Brother Don’t Steal My Wife DEMO by Heartbreak Ranch

Eight got gunned DEMO by Heartbreak Ranch

Heartbreak Ranch at myspace
Heartbreak Ranch at Soundcloud
Heartbreak Ranch at Reverbnation

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Video of the Day #54: Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas’ new album A New Home In The Old World came out last week and it is absolutely wonderful. Hopefully I will find the time to review it within a couple of weeks, because I really love the album. The album was also released in Finland by Combat Rock Industry and Austin Lucas will play a concert at Bar Loose, Helsinki on the 14th of may. This is the first single Thunder Rail from the new album.

Austin Lucas Website

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