The Pearlfishers, Randolph’s Leap, Lenzie Moss

Still playing the catch up game. This time I’m looking at Scotland. I’ve had a soft spot for Scottish pop music ever since I heard Grand Prix for the first time. Here are some fairly new Scottish pop treasures.


The legendary or at least should-be legendary The Pearlfishers return to this ball game with a new album Open Up Your Colouring Book. It is so great to hear David Scott and co making wonderful pop music once again. David hasn’t lost his magic touch and this seems to be as magnificent as those late 90’s pop classics like The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies & The Young Picnickers. This is To The Northland from the new album Open Up Your Colouring Book that came out on Marina Records in april 2014.

The Pearlfishers Website


Another Scottish pop guru Lenzie Moss (also known as Finlay Macdonald) released a new single Let’s Take the Day Off on the last day of march 2014 (yeah, I’m slow at posting these). Hopefully we’ll get a new full-length as well, because that debut album was really good. This is the new single Let’s Take the Day Off (and below you’ll find a Son Of Unicorn from the debut album. I had to include it, because I love that chorus).

Lenzie Moss Website

randolphs leap

Moving on to the younger generation. I’ve been following Randolph’s Leap from the start. My pop mentor Duglas T. Stewart probably pointed me towards their direction a couple of years ago. Their new album Clumsy Knot came out on Lost Map in April 2014. I haven’t added a copy to my record collection yet, but I really should. I mean listen to this Foolishness Of Youth for example. Just adorable and irresistible.

Randolph’s Leap Website

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Michael Feuerstack, The Harry Heart Chrysalis, Freschard

You might assume that I only like country & western, but it’s not completely true. Here are some other fairly recent favourites.


Michael Feuerstack’s previous album Tambourine Death Bed was a late entry to my best albums of 2013 list. Follow-up Singer-Songer came out on record release day. This time Michael isn’t charge of the lead vocals. Instead he has written songs for bunch of Canadian music heroes. There’s Jim Bryson, Devon Sproule, Leif Vollebekk, the almighty John K. Samson etc. This thing also works surprisingly well as a whole album. It doesn’t seem to be just a loose collection of songs with different lead vocalists. It’s not a big surprise that I will post the one that is sung by John K. Samson, because.. well…I love that man. This is Friday Night Guard. Singer-Songer is a co-release by Headless Owl and Forward Music Group.

Michael Feuerstack Website


This song came to my attention in January or February and I’ve really felt bad that I never wrote about it. I only included it on one of those Spotify lists. The song in question is You Are Not A Rarity by Sydney-based The Harry Heart Chrysalis. I’ve listened to it dozens of times during the past few months. It’s so brutal in a kind of a cute way. It’s the first single from his latest EP Bodensee and Other False Stories, which you can download for free at Bandcamp. He already posted another single from this EP, but I’m kind of slow so I’ll post this favourite of mine, You are Not a Rarity.

The Harry Heart Chrysalis at Facebook


This is music that makes me smile. I can see myself getting completely obsessed with Freschard in the not-too-distant future. This is a beatiful drug. If you see me making little dance moves in public and singing out loud with french accent, I’m not going insane or trying to invent a new silly walk. It’s just a little overdose of Freschard. Here are a few magnificent examples.

Freschard at Facebook

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Lydia Loveless, Nikki Lane & Jessica Lea Mayfield


It’s rather criminal that I haven’t mentioned this one yet. At least I think I haven’t. Anyway, the new Lydia Loveless album Somewhere Else has been in heavy rotation for several months and it’s one of my favourite 2014 albums. Bloodshot Records released it in February 2014. Sometimes I feel like they could have gotten even more out of these fabulous songs, but what the hell am I complaining. Somewhere Else is a great album full of excellent countrified rock songs. This is Really Wanna See You.

Lydia Loveless Website


This album is one of my current obsessions. I just found this a few days ago, but I’ve been spinning it a lot since. I don’t even have a physical copy yet, but I asked the local record store to order me a copy the same day I heard this. Nikki Lane is a new New West Records recruit and her new Dan Auerbach-produced album All Or Nothin’ came out in early may 2014. At first I thought it should have even a bit more classic country on it, but Nikki Lane didn’t need much time to win my heart over. Such a magnificent record. This is Good Man from Nikki Lane’s new album All Or Nothin’.

Nikki Lane Website


I’ve been Jessica Lea Mayfield fan since the debut album, but I wasn’t entirely convinced when I heard the first outtake Oblivious from her new album Make My Head Sing a few months ago. It was a little too damn loud for my personal preference. I finally gave the album a spin on my way home from work today and actually liked it quite a lot. Some of the songs definitely leave my comfort zone, but I suppose that can be seen as a good thing as well. This one is called I Wanna Love You. It reminds me a lot of Don’t Fear The Reaper, but also my all-time favourite band stole bits from that song (twice). So I don’t mind at all.

Jessica Lea Mayfield Website

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