Drew Danburry: Lynette I Love You

Tonight’s favourite song and music video is Drew Danburry’s Lynette I Love You. I have some of his older material and noticed his myspace bulletin about Weezer cover I Do. I enjoyed it a lot (you can watch video of it here or download it for free…read his myspace blog and you’ll find the link) and therefore I went to see what other things he has done recently and found this beauty. It’s a really lovely bit of “Jonathan Richmanesque” pop music.


Drew Danburry at myspace

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Top of the Week 23


1. V/A: D.i.Y. Come Out And Play – American Power Pop I
This is a great series of compilations. Unfortunately I found them so late that they were already out of print. Still I found American Power pop II and UK Power pop I & II quite easily, but it took a few years to find a reasonably priced copy of this. Even now I paid something like 17€ which is quite a lot for a used cd, but this one is definitely worth it.

2. Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers: Songs In The Night
This one got most air time in this household during the week. It’s not the best thing ever, but it does have a lot of really good songs and I like it a lot. A good start is to watch this minidocumentary at youtube, if you want to get to know her.

3. Gene Clark & Carla Olson: So Rebellious A Lover
I’m a huge Gene Clark fan but it took me a long time to buy this one. It’s not his finest work, but it’s still pretty damn good. Oh and someone please release Two Sides To Every Story. It would be about time. I would love to buy it, but it’s been out of print for a long time.

4. King Khan & The Shrines: The Supreme Genius Of..
A bit of rock’n’roll is sometimes okay.

5. A Camp: Colonia

Also started listening to this beauty. No final verdicts, because I’ve only just begun…


1. Janne Laurila: Tauti ilman hoitoo
2. Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers: Devils In Boston
3. Nopat: Yksi joukossa
4. Scott H. Biram: Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue
5. King Khan & The Shrines: Welfare Bread

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Janne Laurila: Tauti ilman hoitoo

Janne Laurila’s album Kultaisia pisteitä will be released by Ranka in september. While waiting for this beauty, watch this great live performance of a song called Tauti ilman hoitoo. I think that’s just absolutely wonderful. I’ve seen him play live huge amount of times, but I’m still amazed and I love every second of it. Unfortunately I’ve missed a couple of his latest concerts in Turku due to hockey related issues.


More songs on his myspace:

Janne Laurila at myspace

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The Avett Brothers live in a gondola

The Avett Brothers’ major label debut I and Love and You will be released in august. The Avett Brothers has been my favorite non-finnish band since I first heard their previous album Emotionalism about 18 months ago. Tonight I (again) ended up watching their videos and thought I’ve never mentioned this one at onechord.net. It’s The Avett Brothers playing St. Joseph’s from their Gleam II EP in a gondola.

Oh. And while I’m at it. Here’s the music video of Paranoia In B Flat Major. This is the song that started my The Avett Brothers addiction. This is the song I heard first. This is the song I fell in love with.

I’m guessing that you will see a lot of The Avett Brothers news and songs here in the autumn when the Rick Rubin produced major label debut hits the store. I can hardly wait.

The Avett Brothers at myspace
The Avett Brothers Website

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Nopat, The Wonderminers & Beacon St. Radiants

Your blogger made a huge mistake, went to nostalgic mode and installed CM 01-02 back to his computer. If you know the game, you are aware that it has a tendency to destroy one’s social life and take control of all your spare time. While I’m trying to quit and become more active blogger, you can listen to these great bands below.

Nopat, The Wonderminers and Beacon Street Radiants have all added some new songs to their myspaces. They are wonderful bands and eventhough these are only demos or unfinished mixes, they sound bloody great to me.

Nopat at myspace
The Wonderminers at myspace
Beacon Street Radiants at myspace

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