News: Ove Ritola

Ove Ritola’s new EP Sunday Morning is available for free download. It was originally recorded for a project trying to bring more life with a means of art to a hospital ward for the long term ill. The result of the recordings is very beautiful and stylewise reminds me a bit of Album Leaf’s album In A Safe Place. You can download it for free from the website below.

Ove Ritola Website

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Video of the Day #44: Koria Kitten Riot

I’ve been a bit busy during the last couple of days. Therefore it took me a while to post this new Koria Kitten Riot video, but let’s get it done now even though I’m too tired to write much about it. Antti Reikko is currently working on his second album under the name Koria Kitten Riot and this song called Mother is the first outtake from the upcoming album.

Koria Kitten Riot Website

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Flavour of the Month – Graceskull, The Soft Rabbit, Marty The Random Guy

Flavour of the Month is once again just around the corner. I’m pretty excited about this one, because Vaasa boys Graceskull and The Soft Rabbit are hitting the stage along with local roots guru Marty The Random Guy. It will be a great evening. Make sure you visit those links below, if you don’t know these guys. They are all wonderful. Here’s the information in finnish:


Turkulaisen indieklubi Flavour Of The Monthin maaliskuun iltamiin 4.3. saapuu vieraita Vaasasta, tuosta Klamydian, Sportin ja pohjalaisen vaatimattomuuden kehdosta. Pääesiintyjänä kuullaan tummasävyistä ja tyylitajuista Graceskull-yhtyettä, joka tekee paluuta sekä levytys- että keikkarintamalla monivuotiseksi venahtaneen tauon jälkeen. Bändin johtohahmo, matalaääninen solisti ja biisintekijä Ove Ritola tunnetaan myös monesti Flavourin alkuvuosina klubilla vierailleesta The Sugarrushista sekä mm. The Conquistadorsista. The Sugarrush-miehistöä pyörii illan aikana lavalla sekä Graceskullin että Sugarrush-basisti Timo “Coma” Silvennoisen sooloprojektin The Soft Rabbitin taustalla.

Illan avaa ei-vaasalainen vahvistus, kun Turun oma Marty The Random Guy saapuu paikalle akustisine soittopeleineen ja juurevan folk/blues/songwriter-materiaalinsa kanssa. Illan henkeen sopivaa, tosin vähemmän vaasalaista, levymusiikkia tarjoilee Flavour Of The Monthin oma DJ-komppania.


pe 4.3.
“Vaasa By Night Special”
The Soft Rabbit
w/ special non-Vaasa guest Marty The Random Guy
+ FOTM DJ team
liput 3€
Graceskull Website
The Soft Rabbit at myspace
Marty The Random Guy Website

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Video of the Day #43: Caitlin Rose & Rowan

Two videos for today. First we have a country singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose from Nashville, Tennessee. The song is called Own Side and it’s from her debut album. I must admit that I don’t really know Caitlin very well. I heard a couple of songs from her earlier EP sometime last year and since that she’s been on my list of artists/bands that I need to pay attention to. But I never really properly listened to her until a little promoter called Rowan entered the picture…

And here’s that little promoter I was talking about. Rowan is a 5-year old girl and she is singing that same song on the video below. Ok, proud parents filming their kids singing their favourite songs. There’s probably thousands of similar kind of videos on youtube. Most of them are probably nice, but it’s very often just the parents, relatives and friends that find these videos really cute and adorable. However, Rowan singing Caitlin Rose’s Own Side Now is pretty much the cutest and most adorable video on the internet. She looks so cute and sings so well. I’ve watched this probably twenty times during the past two days and this just makes me happy every time. Thanks Rowan for introducing Caitlin Rose’s songwriting talent to the world. I will buy her album just because of you.

Caitlin Rose Website

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Video of the Day #42: Summer Fiction

Back to Philly. Summer Fiction is a Philadelphia-based pop group led by Bill Ricchini. Their previous music video Chandeliers also featured in this video of the day section. I loved that song, but never properly checked out the full album. I really need to do that now, because this seem to be totally my kind of stuff. Throw Your Arms Around Me is another wonderful and oh so charming song from their debut album.

Summer Fiction Website

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