Julie Arsenault & Callan Furlong


I don’t know much about Julie Arsenault, but somehow I found her Bandcamp page a few months ago. I seem to find myself returning to that page quite often and tonight that happened once again. Her album The Creature That I Call Myself is something rather amazing and it sounds so incredibly lovely. I’m especially addicted to the opening song called Bad Words, which you can hear below. Listen to / buy the whole beautiful album at Bandcamp.

And music video for the song The Things I Do.

Julie Arsenault at Bandcamp

I also found a fairly new Callan Furlong video from Julie Arsenault’s Facebook. I can’t remember did I ever wrote about Callan Furlong’s The Fool I Was Before EP, but at least I should have because I have a digital copy and I really enjoyed listening to his lovely old-fashioned songs sometime last year. Very highly recommended if you are into those first Pete Molinari releases for example. Anyway, here’s the new video Don’t Get Cute. Directed by Tisha Myles and Jack Phelps. The EP is available on his Bandcamp and it’s a name-your-price deal.

Callan Furlong at Facebook

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Flannelmouth – Forgotten Tapes


The Finnish masters of melodramatic guitar pop Flannelmouth are back in this ball game and released a new single and music video a few weeks ago. The song is called Forgotten Tapes and it was released by Bianca Pop Music. A full-length album should follow later this year. You can buy the single from iTunes and/or watch the video directed by Finn Andersson below.

Flannelmouth Website

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The Souvenirs – I Ain’t Happy Yet


The Souvenirs album I Ain’t Happy Yet came out on 30th of August. I had been eagerly waiting for this one since I found them a few months ago. Corinne Gentry, Kiki Buehner, Marie Bradshaw aka The Souvenirs from Salt Lake City already sang their way into my heart on those magnificent albums by Jay William Henderson and Ryan Tanner and now their own album is out and available. I Ain’t Happy Yet is actually produced by Jay William and Ryan, so these people are helping each other out and in a way have released three great records together in just a few months. I haven’t really had much time to listen to The Souvenirs album yet, because I was busy getting married last weekend. The first great excuse I’ve had for not writing the blog. Anyway, based on a few short listening sessions this thing is living up to my extremely high expectations. Beautifully sang vintage country music. Emmylou Harris, early Gillian Welch and that sort of stuff comes to mind. I think this sounds absolutely wonderful, but I can’t agree with that title after marrying the girl of my dreams yesterday and listening to such a great piece of classic country music today. You can listen to / buy this album album at Bandcamp.

The Souvenirs Website
The Souvenirs at Facebook

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