Myriam Gendron – Not So Deep as a Well


This album is worth all the hearts. Not So Deep as a Well by Myriam Gendron came out just two days ago (March 4th), but it feels like it has already been my companion for a really long time. I started today by listening to it on my way to work, I kept it on the whole 9 hour work day, because I never felt like I wanted or needed a change, I listened to it on my way to home from work and now I’m listening to it at home while writing this little blog entry about this beautiful piece of art. So I kind of like this.

Myriam Gendron is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter and on Not So Deep as a Well she turns Dorothy Parker’s beautiful poetry into magical folk music. This was recorded and mixed in her bedroom, but the end-result still sounds perfect to me. Warm and lovely. And so effortlessly beautiful. It’s kind of a mystery that something so simple and bare can be as captivating, memorable, timeless and striking as this is. The music finds every corner of your body, even the parts that can’t be located from an anatomy chart. Ballade of a Great Weariness and The Last Question especially hurt and heal me simultaneously every time I listen to them. I would easily believe you, if you told me that this is a lost folk masterpiece from the 70s like Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green. It’s that good. Actually Not so Deep as a Well is the most impressive record of the year so far.

Not So Deep as a Well is a co-release by Feeding Tube Records and Mama Bird Recording Company. Limited vinyl edition is available from Feeding Tube and one of my favourite labels, Mama Bird Recording Company takes care of the digital side. This is Solace from Not So Deep as a Well.

Myriam Gendron at Facebook
Myriam Gendron Website

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Nathan K. – Most Birthdays


These days we are hardly up-to-date around here, but let’s make an exception and post a new song almost immediately after hearing it. Michigan-based folk singer-songwriter Nathan K. just released the first single from his forthcoming album. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past half an hour and I think it’s a great song. I Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. You can buy/listen to the new single Most Birthdays on his bandcamp page. And while you are at it, check out his earlier albums Dishes and Newspapers & Prayers. These albums are name-your-price downloads, so you can even get them for free. But that always makes me want to pay a few dollars. So even though I’ve had Dishes on the iPod since the release year, I just paid a couple dollars (well I had a selfish motive and wanted these beautiful records to appear on my Bandcamp collection). Anyway, this is the new Nathan K. single Most Birthdays.

Nathan K. at Facebook
Nathan K. Website

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For All The Girls – 70 Love Songs


This idea is ludicrous.. in a beautiful way. Every pop band has songs with a name of a girl in the title. So why not make a whole album of them. And well.. if The Magnetic Fields had 69 Love Songs, let’s do one more and call it 70 Love Songs. And because the man behind all this is Drew Danburry, this idea actually somehow makes sense. How did he make that happen?

70 songs is a lot to digest on one go, but there’s a lot to like in here. I’ll put a few great ones below. Listen to / buy it the whole thing on his bandcamp.

For All The Girls / Drew Danburry at Bandcamp

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