Album of the Month: Ted Lucas – Ted Lucas

Ok, the real reason to start this album of the month category was that this wordpress theme I’m using had a place for ads there on the right. I didn’t want ads and I didn’t know how to remove that section. Therefore I replaced that ad picture with a self-made album of the month picture. That’s how it started and if I keep on choosing albums of the month, I suppose I better write a couple of words about those albums and tell people why I love them so much.
Ted Lucas still remains as the great unknown, but many have heard him play, because he was “exotic instrument specialist” for Motown and played on several late 60s records by groups such as The Temptations, The Supremes and Stevie Wonder. The bigger reason to love him are his fantastic solo recordings.Ted Lucas’ self-titled album (also known as The Om Record) originally came out back in 1975, but has recently been reissued by Yoga Records and Riverman(and it’s a wonderful vinyl replica reissue).
The A side of the album is just brilliant. Totally captivating psych-folk that grabs your attention. The album feels like a) So completely carefree, laid-back and easy sunday morning recording b) Very carefully crafted, detailed and thoughtful piece of folk music. I know  those things almost rule each other out, but maybe that’s what makes this so magical. The B side enters into other dimensions and shows more of his indian influences and classical guitar background. My level of musical education hasn’t reached those heights yet and therefore I’m not that thrilled about the b-side. Maybe one day I understand indian guitar raga, but meanwhile I can just keep on listening to the amazing first half of the album over and over again. That stuff is totally worth all five hearts.



Ted Lucas at Yoga Records

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Video of the Day #33: Binoculers

After blogging about the new Finnish live music video blog Off The Record, I got an email that had a link to Musikmob that is a similar kind of blog from Leipzig, Germany. I really enjoyed many of their videos, but I’m not going to post all of them. It’s better to go and watch them where the action is. This beautiful Binoculers video can serve as a lovely introduction, because it’s a) the first Musikmob video b) one of my own favourites. Binoculers is Nadja Rüdebusch from Hamburg and that’s pretty much everything I know about her. I just started to listen to her album at bandcamp and based on the first couple of songs it seems to be a great minimalistic folk album.

Musikmob #01: Binoculers – “Easy In The Morning Sun” from Musikmob on Vimeo.

Binoculers at bandcamp
Musikmob Website

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Video of the Day #32: Wilcox Sullivan Wilcox

Well this is actually a song of the day, because there’s no moving pictures here. Just the cover of the album. However, this is a song that I’ve been slightly obsessed with during the past couple of weeks and therefore I wanted to post it. This song is an outtake from a rare folk album by Dennis Wilcox, Michael Sullivan and Judy Wilcox. It was recorded back in 1971, but has just recently been reissued. I don’t have the album yet, but it’s definitely on my shopping list. After listening to this amazing folk song below, check out more info about the group (and another song) on the Yoga Records website (also home of the amazing Ted Lucas reissue that is the current album of the month here at the headquarters).

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Flavour Of The Month – Lady Escape, Carmen & The Devil

February’s Flavour Of The Month takes place on 4th of february at Pikku-Torre, Turku. Lady Escape and Carmen & The Devil will share the stage. See you there.

Flavour Of The Month-klubin helmikuun esiintyjiksi ovat lupautuneet helsinkiläinen Lady Escape sekä paikallinen Carmen & The Devil.

Lady Escapen musiikissa kohtaavat kitaraindien vinksahtaneemman laidan eri alalajit ja vuosikymmenet. Agent Kooper-yhtyeen Robin Pahlmanin uusi akustinen duoprojekti Carmen & The Devil puolestaan möyhii amerikkalaisen populaarimusiikin syvimpiä juuristoja, kuten on todettavissa YouTubesta löytyvistä Hank Williams– ja Gillian Welch-tulkinnoista.

Illan levymusiikista vastaa Flavour Of The Month DJ:t

Lady Escape Website

Carmen & The Devil Live Video

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