One Chord to Another Playlist Volume 1

I still prefer physical records, but because I have this Spotify premium for the time being, I thought I make at least one playlist. The good thing was that I ended up listening to old songs that I love. I kind of never actually listen to the records that I own. Listening to new music just takes all the time I have. So doing playlists like this one might be good for me. Does anyone else care? Well that’s very questionable, but I still might do these once a week or once a month. That’s why I didn’t (try to) make a top 30 songs ever list and saved a lot for later use. There’s some of those top songs ever as well like San Diego Serenade by Tom Waits.

This playlist doesn’t really have a theme. Except that these are all songs that I love. It might make more sense to make a power pop list, soul list, Finnish pop list etc separately, but sense is so overrated (ok that Finnish pop playlist might happen). The last five songs are all new 2014 releases. So it’s basicly 25 old favourites and 5 new favourites.

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Zachary Lucky Finland Tour 16.4 – 20.4


Canadian country/folk singer-songwriter Zachary Lucky will be heading over to Finland next month. Big thanks to Fredrik Johansson for making this happen. I’ve been following Zachary Lucky for a few years and I’m really looking forward to see him perform at Bar Kuka on the 17th of April. You can check out the full tour schedule below.

Zachary Lucky Finland Tour 16.4 – 20.4

4/16 – Helsinki (Tavastia)
4/17 – Turku (Bar Kuka)
4/18 – Loimaa (Bar Edgar)
4/19 – Turku (8raita instore)
4/19 – Parainen (PIUG)
4/20 – Vaasa (O’Malleys)

I first got into Zachary Lucky a few years ago through Slowcoustic, which was my primary source of music information at the time. I bought the beautiful folk ep/mini-album Saskatchewan back then and have been a fan ever since. Last year Zachary Lucky released his latest album The Ballad Of Losing You. He took a turn towards country music with the new album, but it wasn’t a wrong turn. The song material is excellent and I love the way the album sounds. Even my digital download sounds incredibly warm. I need to buy a vinyl copy after the concert. You can stream Zachary’s music over at Bandcamp, Spotify. also has the CD in stock already and vinyl later. Here are a few examples.

Lawrence High School Classroom Sessions: Zachary Lucky – Leaving pt 1 (from Saskatchewan)

Zachary Lucky – “Ramblin’ Man’s Lament” on Exclaim! TV (from The Ballad Of Losing You)

Zachary Lucky – Waitin For The Day (from The Ballad Of Losing You)


Zachary Lucky Website

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Video of the Day #147: The Hotel Alexis


How did I miss this completely? Nobody told me that The Hotel Alexis released a new album last year. I just found out 10 minutes ago. I know what I will be listening to for the next few days. I really loved The Hotel Alexis years ago and truly adored the first two albums. If I’m not mistaken, The debut album The Shining Example Is Lying On The Floor got the full five hearts here at back then in 2004 or 2005. I was revisiting that album today and saw the news that a new album Raised On Fire came out in 2013. I haven’t listened to the full-length yet, but based on this video song Gold Tonight, Sidney Lindner is still able to create wonderful music.

The Hotel Alexis – Gold Tonight from Hotel Alexis on Vimeo.

Hotel Alexis at Facebook
Hotel Alexis at Bandcamp

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