Erin Rae – Wild Blue Wind

One more for tonight as I desperately try to catch up on everything I haven’t featured on the blog. I’ll leave you with something out-of-this world good. Nashville-based folk singer-songwriter Erin Rae has released a couple of singles during the past month. Both Like The First Time and and this one Wild Blue Wind are wonderful. Hardly a surprise though, because the previous album Soon Enough was already rather gorgeous. Maybe not my biggest favourite as a whole, but especially the best songs like Clean Slate and Monticello were perfect on all accounts. If she can keep the level of her songwriting on the level of those four songs mentioned above on the next full-length I need to start expanding by English vocabulary, because my normal excessive praising mode won’t be nowhere near enough. Erin Rae also has one of the finest voices in the folk/americana/country circles and besides doing her own beautiful thing, you can hear her singing beautiful harmonies and backing vocals on several amazing albums. Lately I’ve enjoyed her singing on the songs and videos of my big recent music crush Charlie Whitten. This is the magnificent new Erin Rae song Wild Blue Wind. A really moving song about mental health.

Erin Rae Website

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Lilly Hiatt – Trinity Lane (video/single)

Lilly Hiatt’s new album Trinity Lane is coming out on New West Records on 25th of August. The first single and outtake from the new album is the title track Trinity Lane. I really liked the previous album and therefore I’m really looking forward to this one. The excellent lead single also has a lovely music video that features Lilly and her beautiful cat. I love cats more than anything and it feels so nice to watch that bond Lilly and her lovely cat have on this video.

Lilly Hiatt Website

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The Deep Dark Woods – Drifting On A Summer’s Night (single/video)

A long time favourite The Deep Dark Woods from Saskatoon, Canada is getting ready to release a brand new album this fall. I’m extremely excited, because I really love the band. I’ve said many times in the past that their 2011 album The Place I Left Behind is my favourite album of the current decade. I’m not sure have something passed it on that imaginary list during the past few years, but there sure aren’t many that I would rate above it. Drifting On A Summer’s Night is the first outtake from the forthcoming album. A damn fine song and oh how I love the vocals. Ryan Boldt has such an amazing voice and now he has Kacy Lee Anderson (from Kacy & Clayton) adding phenomenal harmonies to the song. They sound spectacular together. Here’s the video for the single that is now out on Six Shooter Records.

The Deep Dark Woods Website

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Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers – This Highway

Brooklyn-based songwriter Zephaniah OHora is a master of classic country music and together with the 18 Wheelers he put together an extremely convincing country album called This Highway. I’ve had it on heavy rotation for a few months and I can’t seem to get enough of Zephaniah’s timeless country balladry. Somehow he can make heartache sound so beautiful, comfortable and truly enjoyable. If you have any interest towards real traditional country music, you’ll need to give this one a spin. It’s out on all digital platforms and there’s also at least a small amount of cd/vinyl available. This is the music video for the album outtake Take Your Love Out Of Town.

Zephaniah OHora Website

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The Parson Red Heads – Blurred Harmony

Oh how I feel the summer in my heart when I listen to the new The Parson Red Heads album Blurred Harmony. Ok, it helps that it actually is summer, but I would probably feel the same in the middle of a snow storm. This is a sweet one and totally the kind of music that I love. Beautiful pop jangle, sunny power pop vibes, folk rock and west coast americana, psychedelic pop, amazing harmonies. A bit of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci over there and a small dose of The Beachwood Sparks here. Actually this song by Blades of Grass pretty much sums up my early feelings towards this album. Not that it’s really happy happy joy joy. Quite bittersweet and even sad at times, but even those moments are wrapped inside heart-melting warmness. It just feels good to listen to it. A perfect album for the summer.

Blurred Harmony is now out on Fluff and Gravy (US) and You Are The Cosmos (Europe).

The Parson Red Heads Website

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Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings

I’m not sure does it make a whole lot sense to keep on buying music, if you don’t even have the time to listen to it. This was pretty much the story for me during the spring and early summer. So I’m catching up now that I’m on vacation and hey I was only kidding about that making sense part. Of course it makes sense to buy the music and support the artists that matter to you. Matthew Ryan matters and I picked up the download of his new album Hustle Up Starlings some weeks ago. This will be definitely be a big part of my vacation soundtrack, because it seems to be rather magnificent. Hustle Up Starlings was produced by Brian Fallon and came out on 12th of May. Here’s a couple of early favourites from this gorgeous album. The music video for album opener and single (I Just Died) Like an Aviator and Close Your Eyes.

Matthew Ryan Website

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