J.E. Sunde – Now I Feel Adored

Hold the press! This is a huge deal. We have a new J.E. Sunde album Now I Feel Adored out now on Cartouche Records. J.E. Sunde is one of my favorite songwriters these days. I completely fell in love with his solo debut a couple of years ago and those songs won’t leave my side for as long as I live. The new album Now I Feel Adored don’t have that surprise factor anymore, but after a couple of spins it seems to be even stronger than its predecessor. Sounds like a remarkable work of art and I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks / months in the arms of these unique contemporary folk songs.

There’s a Finnish connection here as well that I learned after I fell in love with his music. J.E. Sunde’s mother’s side of the family is Finnish descent. Would be a dream come to true to see him play here one day. When I win the lottery I’ll book him and the Canadian Jurvanen aka Bahamas for a Finland tour. However, this Finnish connection is just an interesting sidenote. What matters far more is that he is a magnificent songwriter and just released a brilliant new record. This is the music video for a song called The Works of My Hands.

And here’s the making of the album video. I especially enjoy the last part, because I share the sentiment. That’s kind of why my favorite moment of his songs is that “everyone else seems so together, so beautifully together” part on A Blinding Flash of Light. A top 3 song of this current decade from his previous album.

J.E. Sunde Website

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Hand Habits – Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)

Hand Habits aka Meg Duffy released her debut album Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) a week ago on the 10th of February. Lately she has been playing guitar in Kevin Morby’s great band, but somewhere along the way she wrote and recorded this solo debut that proves that she is also a really good songwriter. This is so good that Kevin might need to start searching for a new guitarist. Hand Habits is more than ready to step under the spotlight. The album is out on Woodsist Records. Here’s a couple of excellent outtakes from the album. The video for Demand It and album opener Flower Glass.

Hand Habits at Facebook

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Philip Lewin – Am I Really Here All Alone?

I don’t cover reissues nowhere near as much as I would love to. It’s been difficult enough to find the time to write and the money to buy all the new exciting releases. I still wanted to make a small exception here, because the song Watercolours by Philip Lewin has been a huge addiction to me during the recent month. Tompkins Square label is excellent at discovering lost folk gems and based on this one song this sure is a loner folk gem. The album Am I Really Here All Alone? was originally released back in 1975 and only 300 copies were made at the time. Tompkins Square is reissuing it on the 24th of February (LP/CD/digital). I haven’t heard the album yet, but I’ve listened to this song Watercolours so many times that I’ve lost count. Ok, with my awful math skills that isn’t really that out of the ordinary, but oh how I still love this song.

More information at Tompkins Square Website

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John Andrews & The Yawns – Drivers (video)

Woodsist is a very trustworthy label who only release good or great albums. Therefore it’s not a surprise that they are starting the year with a couple of extremely interesting albums. Hand Habits album is already out and available and sounds fabulous. John Andrews & The Yawns will drop their new one Bad Posture into our hearts on 10th of March. I’m very fond of this first outtake and I’m so eager to hear the full-length in a few weeks. This is Drivers from the from the forthcoming John Andrews & The Yawns album.

John Andrews & The Yawns at Facebook

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Frontier Ruckus – Enter the Kingdom

Major news on the One Chord to Another scale. We have a new Frontier Ruckus album Enter The Kingdom ready, willing and able to win your heart over. It came out on the 17th of February on Loose Music here in Europe and on their own Sitcom Universe label in the US.

The Posies and Teenage Fanclub are still my all-time favourite bands, but Frontier Ruckus is the band that I’ve loved the most during the last five years or so. Their whole back catalogue is superb and based on first few listening sessions this new Ken Coomer-produced album won’t be an exception. I’ve only listened to it a little bit so far and I’m still a little bit under the weather with the flu. Therefore instead of writing more pointless ramblings about how much I love them and this new album, I’m just going to put the headphones on and I’m going to let Matthew Milia and Anna Burch sing me to sleep in perfect harmony. This song Gerunds is my early favourite because a) it’s a magnificent song b) the lyrics mention two songs that mean the world to me, Matthew Sweet’s Sick Of Myself and Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms.

And here’s a music video for another gorgeous outtake Our Flowers are Still Burning from the 5th Frontier Ruckus LP.

Frontier Ruckus Website

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