Album of the Month – Andrew Combs: Worried Man

Oh my. This is a wonderful country album. I started listening to Andrew Combs on wednesday, bought his album Worried Man later that night and have listened to it around 12-13 hours during thursday and friday. This might not be anything that unique, because during the past ten years, I’ve listened to country songs and heartwrecking balladry as much as my heart can safely consume. But still.. Damn.. This is just so brilliantly crafted and delivered that I can listen to this all day long. Andrew Combs is writing some great country songs in the footsteps of legends like Clark, Prine, Van Zandt and the man sure can sing. If you need some recent comparisons maybe Robert Ellis and debut-era Justin Rutledge comes to mind. Well at least yours truly has been equally excited about them. Anyway, Worried Man is magnificent and it’s certainly good to know that there’s still some fantastic real country music coming from Nashville. A few examples below. Stream/buy the whole album at bandcamp.

Too Stoned To Cry:

Note to self: Check out Carl Anderson. Apparently that marvellous song Heavy is originally his.

Andrew Combs at Bandcamp
Andrew Combs Website

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Video of the Day #114: Pickering Pick

The two artists I’ve listened to the most in 2012 are Chris Bathgate and Pickering Pick. I was really addicted to them early in the year and still listen to them regularly. Just last week I listened the whole Pickering Pick catalogue (or at least everything I have) at work and that was a very enjoyable day at the office (not that I work in an office). Yeah, I think I might said in the past that Pickering Pick works best in small doses, but I’ve gotten over it and eight hours of Pickering Pick works just as well. Anyway, recently Sera shot three great videos of his brother playing magically beautiful songs. This one is Tiger On Your Arm from 2011 Yer Bird release Tiger Balm.

And here’s Stay By Yours (from 2012 album Prayer Flag) and here’s The Smiths cover Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.

Oh and I also have to use this opportunity post one of my favourite 2012 songs. I did write about Pickering Pick’s 2012 album Prayer Flag earlier in the year, but at the time I failed to post or even mention the song Seasons on the Run. It has since become my favourite song of the album and I keep on getting back to it on a weekly basis. It’s just wonderful and that Great Dictator speech fit in perfectly. I love the song dearly.

Pickering Pick Website
Pickering Pick at Facebook

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Jukka Ässä – Mitäs tässä

I should have written about Jukka Ässä’s longwaited debut album Mitäs tässä weeks ago. It came out on GAEA in october and it’s one of those albums that are the perfect antidote against all the stressful things your mind can come up with. As you might very well know, I’m good at that sort of things. Creating a gigantic problem out of some minor thing that shouldn’t have any kind relevance to one’s happiness. To fight that sillyness in me, I need songs and albums like Mitäs tässä that take me away from my stressful everyday life into my beautiful everyday life. That’s the trick. I don’t need a fantasy world. Capturing the beauty of the moments I experience all the time is far more comforting.

The highlight of the album is a song called Juhannus and there’s also a beautiful music video for it. Juhannus is almost too perfect, because the rest of the album have a bit of trouble matching the brilliance of that song. Ole juuri niin kuin oot and Hyvä elämä become rather close and those three form the key trio for me. I do like the whole album, but there’s something magical in those three songs. This one below is the music video for Juhannus.

Jukka Ässä website

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