Album of the Month: Greater Pacific – Incandescent

Time for new album of the month. I’m a bit early with this one, because Yer Bird will officially release this in the beginning of september. I just couldn’t resist, because I love everything about this one. Greater Pacific from Southern California are masters of laid-back americana and their debut full-length is amazingly beautiful. Even though it is very far-fetched to compare folk band to an indie pop band, Greater Pacific somehow reminds me of Trembling Blue Stars. Maybe Greater Pacific’s Kyle Kersten and Bobby Wratten from TBS are just both able to create same kind of little bit melancholic, but extremely comfortable atmosphere. If you need more pointless namedropping, Norfolk & Western’s masterpiece Dusk at Cold Parlours could be located around the same neighbourhood. Anyway, the thing that matters is that Incandescent is a magnificent record. Wonderful vocals, beautifully crafted and arranged songs and a pedal steel. Who could ask for more? This is certainly in my top 10 for 2012 and maybe even in top 3. This is the marvellous opening track And You All Remain With Me.

Greater Pacific at Facebook

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Javier Escovedo – City Lights

I found out about this album on some facebook group I follow a couple of weeks ago and istantly liked it. I was somewhat familiar with Javier Escovedo’s old punk rock band The Zeros from power pop compilations, but I had not heard his solo material. Thankfully I did hear now, because this is totally my kind of music. Power pop, 90s indie rock, even early TFC comes to mind on few occasions. Just damn good songs and really enjoyable record. Also features Brian Young and Joe Bass (who also were the rhythm section on my all-time favourite record, Amazing Disgrace by The Posies). City Lights originally came out in 2008 I think (I’m not 100% sure), but there’s a 2012 release from Folc Records. Maybe this is even the first proper release of this great record. Here are couple of samples from the record, See You Around and Tonight Is Gonna Be Better. Check out more on Soundcloud/Spotify and buy the vinyl from Folc Records.



Javier Escovedo at Facebook
Javier Escovedo at Soundcloud

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Ken Stringfellow – Doesn’t It Remind You Of Something

Last week Lojinx released the first outtake from the upcoming Ken Stringfellow solo album Danzig In The Moonlight due out 1st of october. I found this rather thrilling, because The Posies are my all-time favourite band, Amazing Disgrace is my all-time favourite record and I have pretty much the same kind of affection towards Ken’s earlier solo albums (well only half of This Sounds Like Goodbye is great, but Touched and Soft Commands are perfect from first chord to last word). I also received a digipromo of the new album Danzig in The Moonlight few days ago and I have already completely fallen in love with the album. I could just listen to the last song You’re A Sign for hours and I think I already have. And that’s just one song. This album holds a giant amount of melodic beauty inside. This first single/outtake is entitled Doesn’t It Remind You Of Something and you can listen to it below. Much more about Danzig in the Moonlight closer to the actual release date. And more also when it’s time to select the album of the year. Right now it feels like there is only one candidate for that title. Pre-order Danzig in The Moonlight here.

One more thing and an extremely important one. Ken Stringfellow is once again touring in Finland. In case you didn’t know, Ken is also a magnificent live performer and these concerts will be amazing. Finland tour dates are:

09.10. Tampere, Telakka
10.10. Joensuu, Kerubi
11.10. Helsinki, Bar Loose
12.10. Turku, Dynamo

Ken Stringfellow Website

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