Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil: Catch The Presidents

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil are a great band from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I loved their debut album Victims, Enemies, & Old Friends and therefore I instantly hit the buy now button on their bandcamp store when the new album Catch The Presidents became available a few days ago. It’s a bit too early to make final conclusions about the album, but just like I expected, it does seem to be another great release. Their gritty southern pop (as they describe it) still sound wonderful to my ears and Doc Dailey has such a great voice for this kind of music. This is the opener She Has Her Moments. Listen to / buy the whole album at bandcamp.

Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil at Bandcamp
Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil Website

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Video of the Day #115: Shakey Graves

I just went through some old blog drafts and it seems like I never posted this Shakey Graves video Word of Mouth I found back in april. I thought it was pretty amazing at the time and I still feel the same way. Originally it was meant to be video of the day #96, but better late than never and all the other cliches. Shakey Graves is a folk/country/blues troubadour from Texas. Find more songs/information about him on his facebook/bandcamp.

Video by Be Lie All who have a lot of great videos. Including another great one by Shakey Graves.

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Album of the Month – Andrew Combs: Worried Man

Oh my. This is a wonderful country album. I started listening to Andrew Combs on wednesday, bought his album Worried Man later that night and have listened to it around 12-13 hours during thursday and friday. This might not be anything that unique, because during the past ten years, I’ve listened to country songs and heartwrecking balladry as much as my heart can safely consume. But still.. Damn.. This is just so brilliantly crafted and delivered that I can listen to this all day long. Andrew Combs is writing some great country songs in the footsteps of legends like Clark, Prine, Van Zandt and the man sure can sing. If you need some recent comparisons maybe Robert Ellis and debut-era Justin Rutledge comes to mind. Well at least yours truly has been equally excited about them. Anyway, Worried Man is magnificent and it’s certainly good to know that there’s still some fantastic real country music coming from Nashville. A few examples below. Stream/buy the whole album at bandcamp.

Too Stoned To Cry:

Note to self: Check out Carl Anderson. Apparently that marvellous song Heavy is originally his.

Andrew Combs at Bandcamp
Andrew Combs Website

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