Daisy’s new album was released today. Check out the samples at myspace and then go and buy it. Unfortunately I can’t go to the record store yet, because I have a little bit of flu. I don’t think it’s THE flu though, because I haven’t felt that bad at all. Just some very mild fever yesterday and a sore throat today. I think it’s still best to take it slow for a couple of days.

Daisy Website
Daisy at myspace

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Flavour Of The Month: Burning Hearts & Heartjet

Flavour of the Month club at Pikku-Torre (Turku) on friday 6th of november. I’ll be there. Hopefully you will be there as well. Press release below.

Flavour Of The Monthin sydänklinikka

Turkulaisen indieklubi Flavour Of The Monthin sydän sanoo pum pum pum marraskuun livesessioissa. Perjantain 6.11. klubi-illassa kuullaan livenä laadukasta kotimaista indiekitarapoppia. Esiintymässä ovat harvakseltaan keikkaileva, legendaariselle amerikkalaiselle indiemerkille Shelflifelle levyttävä Cats On Fire- ja Le Futur Pompiste-yhteyksiä omaava Burning Hearts sekä lahtelainen nouseva powerpop-kyky Heartjet. Sydänklinikan kirurgeina äänilevyitä luennoivat Flavour Of The Monthin DJ:t.

Burning Hearts
+ FOTM DJ team
pe 6.11. 2009 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 3€


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Top of the Month: October

Another pointless list of the month aka the things I’ve loved during the month. I didn’t really think about the order. I enjoeyd all of them. As you can see, I went a little “reissue crazy” and pick up a lot of stuff from the Rev-Ola and Now Sounds catalogs. Mostly sunshine pop / soft pop / psych pop stuff. And this isn’t the end of it. There’s more reissues like Dotti Holmberg, Love Generation, Jimmy Campbell’s solo stuff, Tommy Roe and The Rationals already coming my way. This is actually one of the reasons I haven’t updated this blog lately. I’ve spent all of my spare time searching music like this. I think the only new albums I bought were Monsters Of Folk and Kings Of Convenience. Both sound good, but I haven’t spent enough time with them yet.


1. Big Star: Keep an Eye On The Sky (Box Set)
2. Curt Boettcher: Chicken Little Was Right
3. Tee and Cara: As They Are
4. Rockin’ Horse: Yes It Is
5. The Peppermint Trolley Company: Beautiful Sun
6. The Blades Of Grass: Are Smoking
7. The Lemon Pipers: Love Beads and Meditation
8. The Long Ryders: The Best Of The Long Ryders
9. Sandy Salisbury: Sandy
10. The Canterbury Music Festival: Rain & Shine
11. October Country: October Country
12. The Parade: Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings
13. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Part One
14. The Family Tree: Miss Butters
15. The Gordian Knot: The Gordian Knot
16. The Deep Six: The Deep Six
17. Bobby Jameson: Color Him In
18. Chris Lucey: Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest
19. Lee Mallory: That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be
20. Where The Action Is? Los Angeles Nuggets (Box Set)


1. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: If You Want This Love
2. Tee and Cara: Waiting List
3. The Lemon Pipers: Rice Is Nice
4. The Canterbury Music Festival: First Spring Rain
5. Curt Boettcher: Out Of The Dark Of The Night
6. The Blades Of Grass: The Way You’ll Never Be
7. The Deep Six: Paint It Black
8. October Country: End Of The Line
9. The Parade: Sunshine Girl
10. Rockin’ Horse: The Biggest Gossip In Town

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