Tonight’s love affair is Blue. I noticed a bunch of their records at the front page of with some extremely monstrously high praises from Bruce Brodeen. As usual, Bruce was right and this is truly wonderful scottish pop music from the seventies. Pure melodic bliss and vocal heaven in the vein of Badfinger. I don’t know how have I managed to miss them before, but thankfully I now did notice them. Unfortunately the debut is already out of stock at Not Lame and the store at NB music doesn’t seem to work either at the moment. Therefore I have to settle for these youtube videos like these below for the time being.


Other than that, I today bought The Munsons album from 8raita and I’m really loving it. They’ve really recorded a killer version of ZZ TOP’s Rough Boy. You’ve got to love that one. But it’s not just that one song, the record is full of fabulous rootsy music. Anyway, I’ll get back to them later. If you are impatient, you’ll find their myspace here. However, a word of warning is in order. After visiting that link, you also might need to visit a record store.

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