The Lucksmiths call it quits

lucksmiths on a ferry

A few hours after writing that previous entry about those two australian pop bands, I stumbled upon the website of The Lost and Lonesome Recording Co and some sad news from the australian pop front hit my heart. The Lucksmiths have decided to break up next fall after a farewell tour.

They’ve been around for a long time and done more than their share in the holy quest of filling the world with perfect pop songs. They can fully enjoy their retirement after such a career, but it’s still hard not to feel sad when we lose one of the most consistent performers in the pop field. None of their records failed to deliver and they were always on the top of their game. Now they are ready to enter the indie pop hall of fame (or should I say hall of no fame but an incredible amount of wonderful pop songs) and I’m ready to take a game misconduct for using hockey jargon in an entry dedicated to the legendary australian pop group The Lucksmiths. Shame on me. I’ll leave you with one of my own favourite The Lucksmith songs Untidy Towns.

The Lucksmiths website

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