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Just before hitting the sack, myspace alerted me with a friend request from Emitt Rhodes Band. It appears to be that Emitt Rhodes is back in the studio making new  music. Other big news is that there is also a documentary coming out and last but not least. Universal is planning to release a four cd box set of Emitt’s solo albums. Now that would be worth of one of those onechord.net imaginary culture awards. Emitt was a truly magnificent pop songwriter (often compared to Paul McCartney) in the early seventies and especially his self-titled album is a true classic.  Unfortunately most of his records are nowadays out of print. Is there anything other available than Rev-Ola’s The Merry-Go-Round best of that has The American Dream as a bonus (The Merry-Go-Round was Emitt’s band before solo career. That is excellent stuff as well). Therefore it has been a struggle to get hold  of these masterpieces. I’m actually still missing the Farewell To Paradise album. I sincerely hope that plans of the box set are true and some myspace geek isn’t just winding me up. It would be about time to let newer pop generations learn the greatness of Emitt Rhodes.

The Emitt Rhodes Band at myspace

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  1. I have all 4 of Emitt’s albums!
    I have TWO of his first, all on vinyl, and all mint!

    I’m glad that people are finally discovering this guy all over again!

  2. The comment that is above,is from a man that I’ve been working with off and on for years.He hit the nail right on the head as we are both huge fans of Mr. Rhodes.And I too am glad to hear that he is active again.

  3. any further news???
    I cannot find Emitt Rhodes Band on myspace, and no updates anywhere!
    Would LOVE to hear the new recordings, and also hope to find a copy of Cosimo Messeri’s documentary; ‘One Man Beatles.’

    meanwhile, I am enjoying the return of Gerry Raffery, see http://www.hypertension-music.de/?p=581

  4. http://www.myspace.com/theemittrhodesband

    That’s the myspace for Emitt Rhodes Band. There’s no new recordings available though. At the moment, I don’t think it’s possible to hear the new songs anywhere (of course I could be wrong)

    I don’t think One Man Beatles is out on DVD yet. I’m looking for that too and I will definitely buy it when it comes available. I’m not sure are you on facebook, but there’s a page for One Man Beatles documentary there.


    I’m not sure can you see that if you are not on facebook. Anyway, there’s recent messages from the producer?:

    On February 10
    “Still waiting for the best chance of distribution, to get it to europe and america in dvd and hopefully TV.”

    On February 17
    “Thank you guys, i’m sure i’ll be able to tell you when and where to buy it soon, just wait and stay connected.”

  5. thank you so much, the myspace link is great.
    have also added the facebook page to my profile, and hope that some more info comes forth soon.
    kindest regards

  6. my wife and i just went to see the Zombies at the paramont in denver the other night (great great show by the way) with a musician friend of mine his name is emmett and we were talking about the spelling of his name and how few emmett’s their are. and of course emitt rhodes name came up and we were wondering what happened to him , he was great back then and i’m looking forward to hearing more from him. i know it will be excellent

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