I mentioned Natuson in the forum a while ago, but this is worth another praise. Actually there were songs that I had not heard before on his myspace, so it was obviously a good thing I remembered him. A guess someone could say that these are just demos, but these songs have certain fragile beauty and down-to-earth warmness that make them already stand out. To be honest, if someone released these demos officially, I would buy the record on the day it was released. That’s how much I already like these. He might not have the strongest voice, but still his tender vocals beautifully carries the songs to my heart. The vocals are a big part of the charm. Sun and a Star might still be the most captivating song, but Only Angels and I’m Not Afraid are equally uplifting. These are great acoustic folk songs. Vulnerable, warm and oh se everlastingly beautiful.

Natuson at myspace

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