The Avett Brothers live in a gondola

The Avett Brothers’ major label debut I and Love and You will be released in august. The Avett Brothers has been my favorite non-finnish band since I first heard their previous album Emotionalism about 18 months ago. Tonight I (again) ended up watching their videos and thought I’ve never mentioned this one at It’s The Avett Brothers playing St. Joseph’s from their Gleam II EP in a gondola.

Oh. And while I’m at it. Here’s the music video of Paranoia In B Flat Major. This is the song that started my The Avett Brothers addiction. This is the song I heard first. This is the song I fell in love with.

I’m guessing that you will see a lot of The Avett Brothers news and songs here in the autumn when the Rick Rubin produced major label debut hits the store. I can hardly wait.

The Avett Brothers at myspace
The Avett Brothers Website

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