The Duke & The King


Being a big fan of Felice Brothers it isn’t any wonder that I instantly fell in love with this. The Duke & The King is Simone Felice’s new band and their debut album will be released by Loose Music in july (in the uk) and by Ramseur in august (in the states). A seven inch single is already out on Loose and there’s a bunch of great songs from the album on their myspace. Sounds like an album that is worth all the hearts in the world. I can hardly wait to be able to hear it. So beautiful..


The Duke & The King at myspace

Oh.. and because I mentioned The Felice Brothers I have no other choice than to add this beautiful video of Felice Brothers plaing on some field for a few people. I so wish I had been there and I’m so jealous to that small audience. This might well be my favourite music video at youtube and I can just watch it over and over again..


The Felice Brothers at myspace

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