Top of the week 26

Time for the most useless lists of the week aka the things I loved during the week.


1. Dinosaur Jr: Farm
No reason to change a good concept. It sounds oh so familiar and it’s a great album.

2. The Lemonheads: Varshons
I love The Lemonheads, but I’ve got to admit that this cover album isn’t very good as a whole. It has its moments like the opener I Just Can’t Take It Anymore, but there just isn’t enough great material for an album. It’s not terrible and one could gather up a very good cover ep out of the material, but it’s still a very dissapointing release.

3. Kiss: Kiss / Dressed To Kill / Destroyer / Love Gun
Kiss addiction didn’t go away in a week.

4. Radio City: Class of ’77
This lost power pop gem is still on the playlist.

5. College Fall: 2009 European Tour EP
A tour EP that also contains a few tracks from their upcoming album.


1. The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You
2. The Lemonheads: I Just Can’t Take It Anymore
3. Kiss: Strutter
4. Duke & The King: If You Ever Get Famous
5. Dinosaur Jr: Over It

According to I’ve listened to I and Love and You 54 times so far. It seems I’m rather excited about the upcoming The Avett Brothers album. It’s again a really great song eventhough I don’t think that it’s is even close to reaching my imaginary top 5 songs by The Avett Brothers list.

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