Top of the week 27

The most useless lists of the week aka things I enjoyed during the week.


1. Haruko: Wild Geese
I’m totally addicted to this album and hardly listened to anything else during the week. She is a great folk singer-songwriter from Germany and this debut album is simply stunning.

2. Wilco: (The Album)
Eventhough this was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, it has to settle for the second spot for the time being because of my Haruko addiction. I need more time to make up my mind, but based on early listenings I like it a lot. Seems like they are going back to the right direction. Everything until Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was great. Ghost Is Born wasn’t very good at all, Sky Blue Sky was already a lot better (apparently they realised that it would be an okay idea to actually have some songs on a record) and this new one seems like a return to the good old days. Looking forward to spend more quality time with this album during this week.

3-5. The Gaslight Anthem and Calexico back catalogues
I was just getting prepared for their Ruisrock concerts. The Gaslight Anthem was the better one this time around. Some have said that it isn’t that great live band, but I enjoyed it a lot. Nothing to complain with Calexico either. Just that I would have made a completely different set list myself. Out of my imaginary top 10 Calexico songs, they probably played just one or two.. But that’s just pointless fan boy talk. Sorry about that.

Other Ruisrock acts:

First Aid Kit was really good
Faith No More.. well part of it was good if not really good, but part of it was incredible shit. How about having some melodies and songs and not just shouting your lungs out.


I could just list all the songs from Haruko’s album..

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