Top of the week 28

I’ve been on holiday mode lately, but let’s add this useless list anyway:


1. KISS: Paul Stanley / KISS: Ace Frehley
2. KISS: Hotter Than Hell / Rock and Roll Over / Dynasty
3. Wilco: (The Album)
4. Haruko: Wild Geese
5. The Leftovers: Eager To Please


1. Paul Stanley / KISS: Wouldn’t You Like to Know Me
2. Paul Stanley / KISS: Tonight You Belong To Me
3. KISS: Goin’ Blind
4. Brendan Benson: Don’t Wanna Talk
5. The Leftovers: Get To Know You

My KISS addiction is just getting worse and worse. Last week I bought 6 more albums and the book KISS: Behind The Mask. New additions were Hotter Than Hell, Rock and Roll Over, Dynasty and Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons solos. I’ve listened to all of them except Gene’s solo (I left that for last because I’ve red that it isn’t very good) and I really like them. My favourite of this bunch has been Paul Stanley’s solo and not only because you could file Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me under the best power pop songs ever. Maybe the album is kind of borderline cheesy, but I love it.

I really enjoy the other ones too. Well Dynasty does sound a bit suspicious at times, but I’m starting to like it as well. During these early stages of my Kiss addiction my favourite KISS albums are probably KISS, Dressed To Kill, Love Gun and Paul Stanley’s solo, but things might change and all of the 70’s stuff is great. I think I need to add Unmasked and Creatures of The Night to my collection pretty soon.

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  1. At least Gene seem to think that it’s not good, because he gave it 1 star out of 5 in this book I’ve been reading. And I’ve red other bad reviews about it as well. I still haven’t listened to it properly myself, so I can’t form an opinion yet. I’ve only played it a few times on the background, but haven’t paid enough attention to it. However, it does seem to have a lot of good stuff on it, so I definitely can’t agree with Gene’s 1 star rating.

  2. Gene is an idiot. Mr. Makebelieve, See you tonight, Always near you… It’s a great pop album, maybe that’s why Gene is badmouthing it.

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