Top of the week 29

Nothing much to report, because I was away for a week. Here’s what I listened to while I was away.

1. KISS back catalogue
2. Willy Vlautin & Paul Brainard: Northline (soundtrack for the book I’ve been reading)
3. Haruko: Wild Geese
4. Curtis Mayfield: Curtis
5. Aretha Franklin: Aretha Now

Also some Otis Redding, Slade, Leevi and The Leavings, Tim Buckley, Buffalo Springfield, Wilco and The Leftovers…

Today I’ve been really enjoying Rhett Miller’s new album that arrived in the mail. First impression is that it’s pretty great. There’s one song that I don’t like at all, but the rest is thoroughly enjoyable.

But now I’ll continue reading Willy Vlautin’s Northline. Willy Vlautin is also Richmond Fontaine’s frontman. A great band whose new album is out next month I think.

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