The Shazam: Meteor

Final Meteor Layout 6

A great rockin’ power pop band The Shazam returns with a new album called Meteor. It’s also a return of Not Lame label. For a while Not Lame has not released any music and have only focused in being the finest power pop record store in the world. However, new The Shazam album probably sounded so mouthwatering that Bruce just had to bring Not Lame label back to the front. The sound clips indeed sound great and I already ordered a copy. I settled for the “normal” version, but until wednesday morning one has a possibility to get the limited edition with bonus cds etc.

By the way. I already failed with my promise to buy at least one album from every month. I don’t think I ordered any during july. But my excuse is that I was waiting for july’s new releases which never came, because Bruce was on well deserved holiday. I will make it up by making at least two orders during august. Tonight’s The Shazam order was the first one and I’ll make another one when the next bunch of new records hits the front page.

Not Lame Website
The Shazam Website
The Shazam at myspace

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  1. I hope you follow up on this. I got the full set last week and it is rocking and hilarious and seriously great.

    don’t. look. down.

    It’s hard to comprehend how thoroughly they can own classic power pop with such a fresh twist.

  2. I’m seriously interested in hearing what you think of this album. I’ve got mine, and I can’t stop playing it. It is not only the best thing this year, but maybe the best thing in several years…

  3. I’ve had it for about a week or so and I really like it. I’ll try to write some kind of review within a couple of weeks. Short version is that I really like most of it. Disco at The Fairgrounds is way too goofy for me and gets a bit annoying. Not a big fan of Dreamcrush Machine either, but the rest is pretty awesome. I especially enjoy Don’t Look Down, Let It Fly, Always Tomorrow, A Little Better and So Awesome. Oh and Latherman is a whole lot of fun as well. It’s not the best thing of the year for me, but it is definitely a great record.

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