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I finally got The Duke & The King album on friday and I’m totally addicted to it. It’s Simone Felice’s new project and I think I love it even more than The Felice Brothers (which is a lot said).

The Duke & The King at myspace

I’ve been a bit of an lazy boy lately and haven’t even done those top of the week lists, but during the last few weeks, I’ve been mostly listening to The Jayhawks anthology, that excellent The Emitt Rhodes Recordings 2-CD set that is finally out there and available for everyone, Haruko’s Wild Geese, Magnolia Electric Co’s Josephine and now this gorgeous The Duke & The King album Nothing Gold Can Stay.

I also have a goal to get this blog rolling smoothly during the fall and winter, but we’ll see how it goes. No more promises that I can’t keep though. Not sure about adding more reviews eventhough I did one “my kind of review” tonight. If I can convince myself that they are worth writing, maybe I’ll do a few once in a while. But they definitely won’t be that frequent that you should start filling my mailbox with promo copies.

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