New Shindig! magazine arrived last friday and like I’ve said before it’s absolutely brilliant psych / garage / power pop / folk etc mag. Actually it’s the finest rock magazine there is and I’m not even the biggest 60’s freak there is. It’s just so refreshing to see cover stories about bands like The Flamin’ Groovies, The Pretty Things, Julie Driscoll instead of that seventh hundred Bob Dylan / Neil Young / Bruce piece. Plus it feels like every story and every tale is written with love, care and passion. The review section is torture for my bank account though. Where can I find the money to buy all those beautiful reissues they are introducing to me? What is that new band I’ve never heard of with all those cool influences?

This new sep-oct issue actually comes with a sampler cd full of songs by these bands I’ve never heard of. Well I do own The Beep Seals, The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder albums and an older El Goodo album. And The Higher State, The Junipers and Jim Jones Revue albums have been on my shopping list for a long while, but the rest is pretty much new to me. There’s a couple of songs I don’t like at all (especially Diagonal is not my cup of tea at all), but most of it is really good. The ones I mentioned above are all great (I should buy The Higher State album asap I think, pretty perfect 60’s west coast / byrds stuff) and the first new band I’ve gotten addicted to is The Magnificent Brotherhood and their song Lifetime. It’s a german garage / psych band whose debut album was released last year. I need to go and spend some time listening to their other songs. Same probably applies to many other artist on this discs.

Shindiq! Website
The Magnificent Brotherhood at myspace
The Higher State at myspace
The Junipers at myspace
The Beep Seals at myspace
The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder at myspace
El Goodo at myspace
Jim Jones Revue at myspace

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