Steve Earle: Townes


Steve Earle: Townes (New West, 2009)

I don’t usually buy cover records, but a great american songwriter Steve Earle covering the greatest american songwriter Townes Van Zandt sounded too interesting to miss. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought it, because it does seem to be difficult for me to enjoy cover albums. I just keep on thinking why am I listening to this instead of all the great originals that both Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle have created during their brilliant careers. There’s no doubt that if there ever was a right man for the job, someone who would be justified to make a Townes cover album, it’s Steve Earle. There’s also no doubt that Steve plays the songs with love and care. He just faces an impossible task. Townes was an exceptional talent and nobody can get even close to the originals. Maybe I’m just a prejudiced prick that don’t really get the purpose of cover albums, but it’s just hard to get excited about this album. I love Steve and I love Townes. I just love them separetely.


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