The Leftovers: Eager To Please


The Leftovers: Eager To Please (Crappy Records, 2009)

I found The Leftovers this summer when I saw this album on Not lame’s front page. The sound clips sounded really good and noticing that it was produced by Linus Of Hollywood made it even more interesting.  I ordered it the same day and I haven’t regretted that decision. Eager To Please is already the fourth The Leftovers album and it’s a whole lot of fun. It’s full of short, energic and catchy pop-punk and power pop songs with singalong choruses. Maybe they are occasionally getting dangerously close to becoming one of those lame punk-pop bands, but their melodic sense and 70’s power pop influences drive them back to more comfortable zones. 14 songs is a bit too big one time doze of this highly energic pop blast for me, because there isn’t much variation. However, it’s all very enjoyable and there’s not a bad song on the album. Maybe not that real killer song either, but Eager To Please is a very fine punky pop album.


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