The Blackeyed Susans Box Set

Räkärodeo mailing list provided some great news yesterday. Australian The Blackeyed Susans is about to release a box set in late october. It looks like it will be two dics of their greatest songs, one disc of rarities and a DVD. A must have box set even though I have most of the albums (I dont’ have Shangri-La, missed it when it came out and soon after that the prices in places like amazon have been ridicilous). It’s a really amazing band like fellow Räkärodeo listeners all know. If there ever was a contest of who has the greatest voice on the planet, Rob Snarski wouldn’t need to go through the qualifying stages. The organizing panel would give him a guaranteed place in the final before the whole thing would have even started.

The Blackeyed Susans on Australian Music Week after the release of Mouth To Mouth (1995)

The Blackeyed Susans Website
The Blackeyed Susans at myspace

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