The Micragirls: Wild Girl Walk


The Micragirls: Wild Girl Walk (Bone Voyage, 2009)

Just fantastic! I knew I was going to buy this, I knew I was going to like this, but I had no idea that this would be so freakin’ marvellous.  Before Wild Girl Walk I felt that they were a bit one dimensional garage rock band. Always able to get the party going on and being a whole lot of fun to listen to, but still nothing to be truly excited about.  Then came the first preview from the new album in form of the single Summer’s Gone. It blew me away and send shockwaves through my spine. The Micragirls with pop sensibility. Whoah! I’m instantly in love.

Now after hearing the whole album, my love has  grown to sky high levels. I was a little bit afraid that Summer’s Gone might be one-off attempt on softer sounds, but thankfully I was wrong and there’s a lot more flavours, colours and variation on Wild Girl Walk than on the debut. Old fans don’t need to worry either. The garage rock side is still going strong and there’s several killer rock tunes like I Know, Electric Chair Twist and Girl Go Crazy. Stunning 60’s girl band influenced pop moments are in the minority, but they are utterly wonderful and give you some breathing space on this rock’n’roll rocket. It’s probably a good thing that the pop moments are in the minority. If I would get a whole record of stuff that sound like Summer’s Gone, Story of Two and the Wanda Jackson cover Funnel Of Love, I probably would go insane. It would be too much love,  I couldn’t take it, I would have to pass it on to someone else. Wild Girl Walk is a fantastic rock’n’roll record.


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  1. I knew the same things as you knew but I had no idea how much I would yearn for more micrasongs right after the album got out. The album could have been a little longer – though I think it does boast a length of over 30 minutes, if ever so slightly.

    Did you catch the Haunted Heart 7″ in 2008? I bet you did. I don’t believe in existence of soul but that song has all the Soul I could possibly dream of.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I actually missed the 7″. It seems that nowadays I only buy albums. Kind of sad though, because seven inch vinyl single is a perfect format for music.

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