The Munsons: Go With The Flow


The Munsons: Go With The Flow (Mufarang, 2009)

The Munsons are two finnish guys Tokela and Tommi Viksten. They spent so much time listening to old country boogie, rockabilly, hillbilly and honky tonk vinyls that they wanted to start making their own versions of the songs. Things moved on and soon they found themselves in Woodstock, recording a cover album at Levon Helm’s studio. The result of the recordings is this beautiful album Go With The Flow. I’m not familiar with all the originals, but most of them are old country and rockabilly favourites. The odd couple being Rough Boy (ZZ Top) and Go With The Flow (The Queens of The Stone Age). Rough Boy is especially a gorgeous version and reveals the beautiful core of the song that the 80’s production partly destroyed in the original.  Other favourites are There’ll Never Be Anyone Else But You, Home Of The Blues, Go With The Flow and Let Me Love You. The guitars sound great and the harmonies sound even greater, but I still keep one heart hidden until they deliver an album full of The Munsons originals.


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