Rhett Miller: Rhett Miller


Rhett Miller: Rhett Miller (Shout Factory, 2009)

Rhett Miller is also the frontman of alt.country / rock outfit Old 97’s, but I’ve been more interested in his solo adventures as a pop singer-songwriter. I missed his debut album, but the previous album The Believer and this third self-titled album Rhett Miller are both very fine pop releases. Rhett Miller seem to be going into a bit more subtle, sophisticated and sensitive direction. Basicly this new album has less instant hit material than The Believer and it doesn’t rock as much (not that The Believer was a big rocker either, but it did have several maybe radio friendly but still rockin’ power pop tunes). Happy Birthday Don’t Die is pretty much the only real rock song on the new album. However, I think that’s only a good thing because that particular track is the only I don’t like on the album. I especially enjoy the latter half of the album. I think it contains some really wonderful mature,  sensitive and melodic pop songs like Haphazardly and Lashes. There’s just some magical subtle beauty in the songs. This is not for those who want their pop delivered with rockin’ lo-fi aesthetics, but if you’re looking for beautiful mature pop music with a truckload of marvellous gentle melodies.. Then you know who to turn to.


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