Gene Parsons: Kindling

gene parsons

Gene Parsons: Kindling (Collector’s Choice Music, 2009)

Gene Parsons is best known as a drummer of The Byrds (1968 – 1972), but he also made two solo albums. This first one entitled Kindling is a small cult classic and thankfully it has now been reissued by Collector’s Choice Music. I’ve been waiting to hear it for several years, but the prices of the previous out-of-print releases were way too high for me. Kindling was released in 1973. Soon after he quit The Byrds and before he joined The Flying Burrito Brothers.  The album doesn’t completely fullfil my extremely high expectations, but it’s still a really good rootsy album that ranges from country rock balladry to bluegrassy songs that have that traditional banjo and fiddle thing going on. Beautiful country/folk rock songs Long Way Back and I Must Be A Tree are my favourites and in overall Kindling is a very fine country-flavoured album.


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