Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers: Songs In The Night


Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers: Songs In The Night (Ramseur Records, 2009)

Ramseur Records succesfully brought The Avett Brothers into our hearts. Now The Avett Brothers have moved on to a major label in order to reach that worldwide stardom they so truly deserve, but also Ramseur is still going strong with great artists like Duke & The King, Paleface and this Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers on their roster.

Samantha Crain is a young talented songwriter (born 1986) who has a rather unique but beautiful voice. Samantha and her band The Midnight Shivers have created a very good debut album Songs In The Night. The heart of the album is hanging out on the field where country singer-songwriters and folk rockers are organizing a barn dance, but the body of the music can’t resist the lures of the indie rock clubs of the big city. Despite often being rather dark and melancholic, Songs in the Night is still amazingly enjoyable and easily approachable. The finest songs on the album like Devils In Boston, Rising Sun and Songs in the Night are already really marvellous, but at this given time I would file about half of the album under the category “good songs but nothing truly special”. Extremely promising stuff nevertheless and I’m looking forward to the next album.


Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers Website

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