Top of the Month: September

Time for the pointless list of the month aka things I loved during september. I hope I didn’t forget anything extremely important.

Top albums:

1. The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You
2. The Micragirls: Wild Girl Walk
3. Janne Laurila: Kultaisia pisteitä
4. Mark Eric: A Midnight Summer’s Dream
5. Richmond Fontaine: We Used To Think The Freeway…
6. Shaun Harris: Shaun Harris
7. Rogriguez: Coming From Reality
8. Langhorne Slim: Be Set Free
9. John Hartford: Looks at Life / Earthwords & Music
10. Gene Parsons: Kindling

Top 5 songs:

1. The Micragirls: Summer’s Gone
2. The Avett Brothers: January Wedding
3. Richmond Fontaine: Maybe We Were Both Born Blue
4. Mark Eric: Move With The Dawn
5. Janne Laurila: Kultaisia pisteitä

Oh.. and I know this review thingy has gotten a bit out of hand lately. But I suppose it’s funny that at least for once the problem is that I write too much stuff and not the fact that I don’t write anything at all for months. I just had this ludicrous idea to review everything I’ve bought during the year and there’s a lot of that stuff. Am I even halfway through yet. I hope I am. I’m also well aware that I haven’t reviewed many finnish albums. I care too much about them, so it’s much more stressful and time consuming to review them. But I will do them eventually. I can fully recommend reviewing for everyone though. My extremely poor reviews aren’t very detailed and have an information value of zero, but writing them still meant that I actually had to listen to the records and pay attention. Yeah, the fact I haven’t even listened to all of them that well beforehand sounds stupid, because I do buy 97% of the music I review and don’t get piles of heavy or rap promos that I’m not that interested about. I know that actually listening to records and not just collecting them is a sick idea, but sometimes it’s worthwhile and reviewing is a good way to force oneself to actually listen to the albums he/she buys..

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